I know everyone was on the edge of their seats over the whereabouts of Wilf’s glasses. Mystery solved.

So a few things…
I uploaded the start of Quinn’s storyline from the Patreon comics. It’s been a good long while since anything new was posted to the main site from those. Unlike Pumpkin’s storyline, Quinn’s is sprinkled throughout the story. You can find them notated on the archive page as such:


This story is still on-going, and as always, the Patreon-exclusive comics are located HERE, and available to $2.00 pledges and up.

I did a promotional thing for Youtuber Alachia Queen. She’s pretty up and coming, and does wonderful reviews on movies, shows, and occasionally her own life observations. I genuinely like her style, and enjoy the fact she doesn’t go soft on movies.


Also working on a different promotional thingy…
Throne of Skulls

I’d show you more of the image but you’d be terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought. :P