This one was worse than the pirate ship. Very complicated to set up. Final panel took me over two days to do from start to finish.

Click for the larger version here:
Usual Suspects

I’ve gotten a decent amount of inquiry about how exactly Rebecca’s suit works. Her design is basically Iron Man, Mystique, and the Flash thrown in a blender. What was planned for this strip is how you see it above, but I took a bit of extra concern to visually elaborate how she can fully pass through walls. Her boots condition the suit to the ground, the gloves can do the same, but provide balance against the suit if she’s say, leaning and looking.
What are the boots and gloves made out of?
I’ve thought of several materials to name it, but you can just insert your own science fiction.

But to fully pass through something, she just takes them off. It’s imperative, of course, that she deactivate before hitting the ground on the other side (see sweat drop.) Ever seen Antman and he tries to pass through the keyhole. Pretty much, that.

Also to confirm, she did pass into Tiredguy’s apartment. The one he lives in. The eSymmetry business location is the apartment across from it.
Screw it, I’ll just draw it.

Hopefully that clarifies things.
I’m fairly sure I’ve had the characters verbally describe this in passing conversations, but I’m sure it’s not the easiest thing to mentally keep up with. I’m sure most of you have lives. :D

Next Patreon will be up soon. I’ve been slaving on that as well. I worked on it a lot as I worked on this one. It’s not OVERLY complicated, but many of the poses are me trying to push perspective. Basically I’m just constantly challenging the hell out of myself. Hopefully up this weekend at some point.

Alachia actually animated my art/fanart thing I made for her. The little circles swirl around at the end of this video. I wondered why she wanted the PSD file. Made my day. Glad she liked it.