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The Chain Part IV

Alright guys, bare with my current update fails. I'm gonna try and start fresh on Monday and keep my 5 day a week posting schedule. Both Patreon and this site required longer, more complicated strips lately and it's murdering my time management with posting when I should (versus when I actually get done.) I said on my latest Patreon post I know I'm obnoxiously slow with these, because quality always comes first. That being said, I know going days with no posts at all can bereally annoying and aggravating to my fans. Trust me, I get it. The one person that couldn't possibly be more aware of that is me. I love you all. Give me this weekend to finally shutter the perpetual feeling I'm always behind, and we'll be back on Monday.

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234 thoughts on “The Chain Part IV

      1. I retract this statement, for I misread Danny boy’s descriptions. The gender of the opossum is unknown, but I will suggest that the androgynous person has found a new study to pursue. But is it academic or personal?

      1. I don’t think they can get evicted for being victims in this. While there was the talk in comments for comics past about Danny having documentation of all he did with Ellie previously and making that look like payment, however he’d have to forge receipts to make it look like it was during the period of time the site was active, and with Ellie’s dad being on the police, I think he’d make sure a closer look was taken. Once the girls file a police report and cooperate to remove all the cameras (the only lack of cooperation there might be removing them all before he gets there to verify) then I don’t think the landlord can evict them for the site (i.e. if it breaks zoning laws restricting adult entertainment, possible remaining blue laws on the books, or clauses in the lease restricting running a business period). If the police report were dismissed or a court case lost, then he could evict for those reasons. However I don’t believe he could evict prior to that.

        Now Tired Guy collecting evidence of them breaking their lease and providing the photographic proof to the landlord…well that could do it. On the other hand, I wouldn’t put it past Tired Guy to try to use the site to make Quinn’s life miserable in other ways first/instead. I’m not sure if it’s clear if he has anything against Ellie or not (though he did display an aesthetic appreciation anyway).

        1. I don’t know the laws in Florida, but I know that whatever state your in, getting something untangled once the legal system is involved can be a real pain in the arse, and take absolutely forever.

          It could be something as simple as their being a “no commercial use of this location” in the lease, and that’s all it takes for the landlord to slap a “you have 30 days to get out” notice on their door.

        2. No commercial use in the apartment wouldn’t be unheard of and would be a valid reason to evict. However, if the landlord moved to evict for commercial use reasons, when said commercial use was neither started nor sanctioned by either one of them, then if they agreed to inspections that cameras were removed and they filed a police report about the cameras (nominal proof that they weren’t involved or are willing to risk legal action from lying about it), then they could come back at the landlord that the eviction was on incorrect pretences and if there’s much of tenant’s rights organizations or bloodthirsty lawyers advertising for civil court actions in the area then the landlord would probably back off on the eviction (for that reason) so they couldn’t claim discrimination. Add on top of the lawsuit threat the local police chief showing up and demanding to know maintenance personnel and anyone else who’d have keys to the apartments, how the keys are kept, and possibly calling the landlord a suspect, and I think you’d have a landlord who would back off that eviction. He might then seek to find another excuse and evict them for that, but I wouldn’t see the existence of the site holding in this case.

          If the police report resulted in an investigation stating that the charges were found to be groundless or Quinn/Ellie were believed to have lied or a court action against Danny for doing this ruled that Ellie was aware of what was going on and agreed to it, then the landlord could come back and evict. With Daddy as police chief, I don’t see the first one happening, as he’d probably make sure it was ruled “insufficient evidence to bring charges” or “unsolved” or something as opposed to false. I could see the second one possibly happening, depending on how much false trail Danny’s left, though I also suspect he’s more the type to run instead of stand and face the music, so from that stance a court ruling against Ellie/Quinn would be unlikely.

          My main point is that even if there aren’t strong tenant’s rights organizations in Florida (which wouldn’t surprise me), there is an overpopulation of lawyers most places in the US and lots of stories about people getting law degrees and then not using them for inability to find work. The larger number of lawyers compared to the need for lawyers tends to breed more of the type of lawyers that look for more work that might not have materialized if they hadn’t looked so hard (sometimes called “ambulance chasers” though you can also see them active in non-medical arenas). The threat of a discrimination lawsuit would be there no matter what. Add in Ellie’s dad being the local police chief, so the complaint won’t be laughed off or assumed to be garbage and official docs will at least have a “these girls are the victims” spin if nothing else. The landlord would face some serious problems if he tried to evict for this and they wanted to fight it.

        3. My suspicion was Tired Guy would record them repeatedly breaking the lease agreement and provide that to the landlord once he had enough examples.
          I really doubt the landlord would evict them on claims they were using the apartment as a commercial property, since they’re not actually doing business there. They don’t have non-resident customers or employees coming onto the premises; it’s not commercial use. It’s the same reason telecommuting from home isn’t interpreted as a commercial use of property.

        4. A pay cam site filmed in an apartment is a different ball of wax than working from home for another employer. The line could be drawn on either side, though I suspect the way it’d generally be drawn is the degree it’s a problem with other residents (current or attempted future). Sorta’ the way I’d assume a landlord would ignore a tenant creating odds and ends art-wise if the medium was not intrusive (drawing, painting, needlework, etc) and selling on eBay. Start getting to things that could cause issues with other residents from mess, noise, smell, or hazard (pottery & some metalworking come to mind) or do things like bring large groups of people constantly in and out and that’s likely to cause enough issue to call them on the non-commercial clause and tell them to stop or evict them.

          It also serves as a liability shield if someone tries to blame the landlord for the tenant’s business if it’s prohibited by zoning (potentially some cam sites might be, depending on how zoning laws regarding strip clubs are written), as they can point out that the tenant is prohibited and breaking the lease so they aren’t liable.

        5. TOG’s adjustment rests on Danny boy being clever enough to foresee the need to have forged documents. He did however pay Ellie in cash on the first night of the convention. I postulate that it was all a verbal agreement contact for hire per event. No signatures, no paychecks, no taxes, no signatures.

          The burden of proof will be on the landlord, or the building owner to prove where their information came from. Let’s remember, Quinn’s father is a three star general, and he’ll ask to see the proof and how they got it before he accepted the outcome from this situation. Ellie’s father is the chief of police, so now we have two people who know the basic plumbers truth.

          1) the check comes on Friday
          2) Sh*t always rolls down hill.

          The building’s owner’s can’t prove this, because it’s likely that they received their tip from poor old Dick. And he’s absconding information from an illegal surveillance via illegal trespass with likely no paperwork to support the site. If their were proper documentation, then Danny boy would have answered Barrel differently then he had.

        6. Come to think of it: Quinn’s dad learning of the whole mess might actually result in him ending the agreement with her. With him worrying about the obviously in jeopardy safety of his kid.

        7. He is responsible for the apartment, as I’m guessing that he signed or cosigned the lease. Especially with the credit of a traditional student, i.e. a girl being kicked out of her house with nothing or not much to rely on. What father can turn his back on his kids with a sadistic, narcissistic mother twisting the metaphorical knife in the family’s back?

          I’m not of the opinion that the lieutenant general is going to straight up drop Quinn on the curb.

        8. Oh, not dropping to the curb. That’s for sure.

          I was thinking more along the lines of a “Clearly this puts you into too much of a danger, so you’ll be moving *insert suitable place/person here*!”

        9. Not impossible, but I’d expect a general to be sufficiently practiced at risk assessment and have enough connections to ask for opinions that he could see this incident as an outlier and not something to drastically change things on Quinn. Considering that his roommate requirement was intended to force Quinn’s social growth, if he decided Ellie was a good enough influence, he might even talk to Ellie about his concerns and end it with formally “approving” her as a roommate for Quinn. We haven’t seen a lot of Quinn yet to see, but she does seem to have grown a bit emotionally since the start of the comic.

        10. @Mechwarrior – Certainly a question we don’t have evidence for yet since we know so little about Quinn’s dad. I think his requirements for the apartment suggest the general side of reasoning (i.e. “acceptable losses for the goals accomplished” mindset). However considering the hints regarding Quinn’s mom, it’s hard to say what might be an unexpected trigger and what direction his reaction might go.

        11. Three small problems.

          -1a: Her father being a three star general, he’s constantly relocating.
          -1b: He was last reported to have been in Syria.

          -2a: Quinn won’t move back home because of the relationship with her mother.
          –A] Quinn’s mother threw Quinn out for back talk.
          –B] Quinn’s mother sells 1/2 of Quinn’s possessions each month for personal profit
          –C] Clash of personalities.

          3) Quinn is enrolled in college and is estimated to be in a current semester. She is very fervent in accomplishing her goals to the best of her abilities. If she has a scholarship, it will be lost for dropping out for any reason and she’ll have try a non traditional track to cover her school expenses as Ellie’s rent money pays for Quinn’s food.

          It would not be easy to get another apartment mid semester, utilities moved over, get stolen cable again. Plus there is the possibility that this apartment came partially or fully furnished so having to come up with furnishings, bedding, curtains (to keep the peeping toms honest) and various other bits, odds and ends.

        12. Can they countersue the landlord, who rented an apartment to dannydouche, which he used as a base for his criminal enterprise, which has seriously violated Ellie and Quinn’s privacy and has put their safety at risk?

        13. No. They have no damages from that action. They can sue, but they have no losses from that action of his. If the girls find out he was behind the website, that is where the actionable damages emanate from and cause damages to the girls.

        14. This would be my guess as well. I would expect that if the landlord tried to evict them on false grounds, they could file a discrimination lawsuit against them, and if those false grounds were due to Danny’s site, they might even be able to construe that as discriminating against them for being victims of a sexual crime (might be too much of a stretch, might not).

          They could sue Danny for damages regarding the website, and probably wouldn’t have their case thrown out immediately against Barrel or Heather (though I doubt that one against Heather would stand for long). However, civil penalties generally come after criminal cases are decided, so that’d be later on down the line as Danny’s behavior does cross the line into criminal.

      1. It’s a Simpsons reference. Specifically, when Bart imagined himself sufficiently fat to wash himself with a rag on a stick.

        1. Ah, he’s one of those guys who still needs to hold a cigarette (or miniature cigar) out of habit. Gotcha.

          Am I wrong for thinking Camwise is his nephew? Similar skin tone, facial features, and hunched posture…

        2. As a worker of multiple hospitals and nursing homes I can confirm that there are plenty of people who will and do light up whole on the tube.

        3. Yup. Chain smokers on oxygen is far more common than it should be. And, many cigar smokers will chew on one, when they cannot smoke.

        4. It’s kind of sad to see some people who are so addicted to cigarettes that the nicotine has stained their teeth, fingers and goes down to the roots of their mustache.

  1. OH SHIIIIIIIIIII– damn, Mr Blue beat me to it. So second on that and sixth in general, I suppose.

    I think the Identity Thief was my favorite viewer. :D

      1. My provided hometown image was Kirk.

        I think that’s intended as a play on the illiterate thing for him to have his camera up-side-down. Might’ve been a nice joke to have enough background furnature to make it obvious camera is up-side-down and then have another segment which has a right-side-up background and person is up-side-down (with hair showing gravity, of course). Not that any of the other segments used would’ve made that joke quite work.

    1. He said that for the first site at the first con. I’m just trying to figure out how that makes sense for a $30/month pay site.

      1. Strike that. I think I have the idea. In for a penny, in for a pound, but he may have more concern for his unemployed victims.

        Since he probably realizes that charges will be brought against him for the site in general, I’m wondering if he took the credit cards directly and is planning to spam them for all he’s worth to drain them while he’s at it. As long as the charges are obvious, everyone (especially the unemployed, who’d be more cost conscious) would call the credit card company and reverse the charges. So he’d have to have the money out of wherever he put it in a non-reversible fashion and somewhere he could put his hands on it as cash for when he rides off into the sunset to look for his next victim.

        That seems like it might go too quickly to get Caleb & Vu involved enough to be on the cast page, though.

        1. You’re implying that they are unemployed and don’t have money. 1st and 2nd might have disability funds. 3rd would be living with family doing menial chores. As long as he keeps the charges to a minimum, they don’t look. The rest should be left to inference, but the teenager is probably under aged, and tired guy either on a pension or retirement.

        2. I’m more just thinking of the times I’ve been unemployed and a $30/month recurring charge would be way too pricey for me to consider. Sure, I could see spending $30 as a one time entertainment thing while unemployed (and I’ve spent more than that upon rare occasion while unemployed). Now granted, being on disability would definitely change matters, though I’d still think $30/month would be a bit pricey if not having a second breadwinner (which I’m assuming isn’t the target audience, possibly incorrectly).

          Also, obviously, identity thieves wouldn’t have any problem with the price. Though I have heard that merchants can get stuck with the loss at times (not sure if that’s only if it’s shown they didn’t do their due diligence to detect/prevent it or if there’s a way the banks manage to do it otherwise).

        3. Well, all that I can counter with its to offer this: poor people who chain smoke. The person will find a way, especially if there is a pyramid scheme to the fees. Or the satisfaction of down voting someone’s video just because.

          They are going to get their hands on the money somehow. Just because they are unemployed/unimployable does not mean that they don’t have access to money. Maybe that’s the main reason they can’t hold a job, they don’t have a reason to let the need for money be a factor in their working for pay.

        4. By the way, did you hear about the millions stolen from Russian banks whip used malware to monitor banks normal everyday functions and then just mined them to steal money?

        5. Not specifically, I’ve been away from the news for a while. There are rather a lot of attacks against banks, though. Russian banks would be a somewhat unsurprising target now, though. External actors could be either acting on behalf of a government with an interest in adding to Russian financial woes or citizens of a government like the previous who believe their government is unlikely to look too hard for culprits. Internal actors wouldn’t be too surprising at the moment either, as there are some fairly large/strong cybercrime operations in Russia and with everything else going on Putin may be losing some degree of his hold on them or they just believe he has too much to juggle and will fall so aren’t worried about his retaliation.

        6. Not sure if I understand you correctly. But if your question is if the annexion of the Krim peninsula and maybe the conflict in eastern Ukraine is at least partially a ploy to divert attention away from domestic problems. Of which modern Russia has more than enough. Then I think the answer is yes.

        7. The theory I’ve seen in a couple of news articles that seems to make the most sense is Russian concern regarding Ukraine joining NATO. While I personally, as a US citizen, don’t see that as particularly threatening or aggressive, I could see a Russian perspective that might consider it so.

          @Mr. Blue – Well, the Ukraine thing is certainly a large part of it, but the state of the Russian economy with the combination of sinking oil prices and the sanctions over Ukraine is what I thought of as the distraction. Foreign troop action alone (especially when disavowed) isn’t something that would tie Putin’s hands or bring him down (unless it turns into WW3). Putin’s need to keep a positive face on things, galvanize Russian citizens to persevere as opposed to revolt, and try to build the economy back up to a point that revolt isn’t so big of a danger is what I would suspect ties his hands to some extent regarding dealing with some of the criminal elements of Russian society. Smaller ones might feel they could be considered too small to be worth the effort with what else he’s juggling, and to the degree they spend money they stole locally they might help the economy to some degree. The larger organizations are going to be some that he’ll need to rely on for trading on the black market for things he can’t get overtly any more along with influencing public opinion, so he’ll need them enough to have a limit to have far he can push them.

          On the other hand, he could always be losing his grip on rationality as well. Sometimes people can be remarkably lucid in public for a long time after that starts kicking in, and it can be difficult, if not impossible, to differentiate an incompletely fathomed plan from a break with reality. Not my strongest suspicion, but not something I ever actually rule out.

        8. Okay, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Hope Diamond, the McRib, the Golden Girls 1/5th scale plushies, pyrite, and wheel spinners on a ’67 Chevy fully chromed body and purple crushed velvet interior with a glossy midnight blue powder coating on the engine components.

        9. Shiny objects? Where?

          The problem I’m having with the NATO theory is this:
          Basically this whole conflict is showing to the Ukraine government why membership in the NATO would be important. And other countries as well. Russia is basically running one huge advertisement campaign for NATO membership.

          And I’m not sure whether Putin is capable or even willing to strengthen the Russian industry and economy. His problem possibly being that any rising tycoon might be opposed to him politically. And if the economy gets to strong, even potential politically motivated trials and rulings won’t be able to prevent their power and riches becoming a factor in politics. (That is if the “willing” part should be true.)

        10. Well, as to the degree Russian action in Ukraine is advertisement for NATO membership or discouragement against seriously trying, I could see either one. Seeing old Warsaw Pact members joining the alliance created to stand against it when your country was the center of it has to be upsetting, more so when they’re a direct neighbor that controls the pipeline for a major export. Also I was seeing it more as a message to NATO as opposed to Ukraine, though. A bit of a, “Are you really willing to start WWIII over this” sort of statement. I’m assuming that Putin’s time in the Soviet Union was as chock full of Mutual Assured Destruction-style deterrence philosophy that I remember, which leads me to see the possibility of it playing that way.

          What Putin had seemed to be doing before oil prices tanked and the Ukraine fiasco was strengthening the Russian economy sufficiently that he could provide things to keep the common people content, and keeping enough control over the wealthy and criminal elements to exert the influence he needed and periodically take one or two down as an example. It’s fantastically rare, after all, for the populace at large to get upset when the government takes down a random rich guy for something (and if just looking for an example, one guilty of something nice and off-putting shouldn’t be that difficult to find). Criminal enterprises are generally even easier PR-wise.

          Granted, this is all just from the occasional casual glace when things came up that pointed in that direction (which isn’t often here in the US, to be honest).

        1. Cincinnati apparently broke their 1979 snowfall record for 18 Feb of 2.4″ with today’s accumulation of 4.5″.

        2. As per the second paragraph of this week’s What If from XKCD ( what-if.xkcd.com/130 for those reading from the future), apparently yes. Also, as is usual, I want one of almost all the fantastic toys he mentions in the article (especially the implausible ones).

  2. Hopefully when tiredguy undoubtedly tries getting them kicked out for this, the truth will come out and Danny will actually face consequences.

    1. That depends. If he picked a screenshot that could’ve been taken from an open doorway of a lease violation, he could claim that he knocked on their door and used a cell phone camera to take a picture and give it to the landlord.

      Though if he succeeds on getting them evicted, then Danny will get to try his luck with whoever rents the apartment next, if the landlord doesn’t find them. I’m pulling for the next tennant in that case to be Rollo’s twin brother.

        1. Unless Quinn went above and beyond in pissing him off (which is possible) I was assuming he lived directly under the girls. But he’s done it once before, and if he’s trying to trick them (and not just the landlord), he’d just have to knock on the door to complain once (and he could check when they were in via the site to not waste the trip).

      1. Now I know that I suggested that Rosemary have the phone recording when confronting Kat in Pumpkin’s room. However this would still be intrusive because who comes to a door uninvited, knocks, and has a camera recording and not expect repercussions from snooping, eavesdropping and peeping?

        I would only assume that eyewitness reports would be valid only. Undateable teenager said that the girls’ apartment looks like his.

        1. Verbal report would require landlord to verify. As long as it seemed that Tired Guy was attempting to take a picture (not an audio recording) of a lease violation and not either of the two girls, I doubt that there’d be any law or repercussions against him standing in the hallway of the building they both live in, outside the girls’ apartment, and taking a picture in while they know he’s standing there (i.e. most likely not naked).

      1. Well, you did kind of group them in with serial killers. And as a generally unemployed lib arts degree holder, I’m definitely not Danny’s target audience. Comics, yes. Reality tv, no. We’ve got some dignity left (the writing is probably horrible!).

        1. Hit the wrong button first.

          How can this be representative of a grouping? Just because a portion of the Internet population as a whole is starting to filter in on this damned website (Danny boy’s) doesn’t mean that these places are linked in any way except that portions of those males from the last strip led these males (so to speak) into Danny boy’s website be seen as a significant grouping beyond the obvious fact that they don’t think for themselves. And I will suggest that their primary description gives credence to the statement that they don’t think for themselves at all.

          The only two with any link are the teenager and tied guy.

        2. Well…unless Gravatarless is correct above. Then there is an unfortunate link between Zeke & Los Leones. Though it’s certainly a link in which Los Leones is blameless and unwilling, so shouldn’t reflect poorly.

          Of all the descriptions here, I’m surprised that was the first one to draw someone’s irritation.

      1. I believe the offence is from the implication that transgendered individuals are masculine featured people in wigs/dresses, which is a caricature frequently used in media, generally for comedic purpose. It’s not a stretch to figure out why that might be offensive, when it’s the only exposure trans people have gotten in media for a long while.

        1. My drawing was Katey Sagal with a mustache. My intent was to have a character that looked as androgynous as possible, and I only added the stubble because the character appeared too feminine (Katey Sagal.) With the mustache removed (see above) I think the character looks genuinely feminine, which was the intent, but not overbearingly so. The character/panel wasn’t created to be offensive or prejudice… and the assumptive use of the words “transphobic/transmisogynistic” are a bit too heavy handed without understanding intent, or simply missing it. The intent of the panel is “Gender Studies Graduates” with a character in the midst of a gender transition. In essence, the gag is “that’s why they took the class,” and/or a play on “Graduating” but still in a form of “transitioning” or being in a process (not completed.) If that cobbles together to be offensive in some manner, then color me clueless.

          I’m one of those types that tell people to “deal with it” in a polite fashion because I can’t safeguard everyone’s feelings in a public format like this comic, nor am I an appease-ist, but I’m also not in the business of making a comic to out-rightly offend people or a group thereof, especially if offensiveness or provocation wasn’t intended. So I changed the username. I actually liked the idea of having a transgender character, but I get the impression they’re going to have to appear fully male or fully female to get passed scrutiny (not that transgender people can’t appear that way, obviously.)

        2. I’ve just randomly decided that cidophobia is a thing and am offended by your depiction of serial killers as messy. Please ruin that joke as well while I set up a Tumblr feed.

        3. I see, the real issue is the one in the individual’s interpretation. A person with hair, a masculine shadow in the doorway. And I think the better joke is that women’s studies is an actual major at some colleges.

        4. I’ll note that as a transgendered person myself, I wasn’t offended. I was simply trying to provide insight into why someone might find it offensive, based on prior experience.

        5. And I appreciate that. I don’t have a problem with someone pointing out something they find off-putting, but I’d prefer “Hey, I didn’t like this, and here’s why” which allows for a constructive conversation. I’ll always be the first one in line to call myself a dumbass, cause I can be pretty damn dense about things… but not to accept claims of prejudice. I see all too often internet people who need to stop, breathe, and verify before they use such accusatory verbiage (no offense to OP.)

        6. Honestly? I didn’t see any reference to transgender at all in that panel. I just figured it was a woman smoking. For serious too.

        7. I belatedly figured that out after going back and looking for a mustache a couple of times and thinking Rusche was slipping a bit as that really looks more like an upper lip.

  3. Oh boy, Danny just gets worse and worse. It’s clear now that he knows the site caters to some of the dregs of humanity and could very easily put not only the girls reputations but their basic safety at risk, and he’s still happy to do this to turn a buck. The more we see of the situation the worse he looks and I don’t see his redemption on the table anymore.

    1. I would have to say that their basic safety is at risk only if some one finds out about their location. Danny would be extremely stupid to let that cat out of the bag.

      1. Then there better not be a landmark visible through one of the windows. At least not if it’s within a camera angle.

        Or any store’s or delivery service’s adress visible on any bag or package they get.

        1. Or mail sitting in camera viewing.

          None of anything Danny has done really makes financial sense to me. I’m starting to wonder more and more if this isn’t intended as revenge for Ellie rejecting him. Then again the financial sense is dependent upon storyline need, so I guess we’ll see.

        2. I can’t see this as revenge. Not with the bread crumbs dropped under the pretense of unmitigated nerd gets lucky against more odds than Romeo and Juliette. However, that ship has sailed and the Peruvian navy called in to sink it. Danny boy’s intent was trolling for camera bait, and the schmuck got even luckier with Ellie’s predisposition to skating along with her genetic lottery winnings.

        3. Oh, depending on the amount of traffic he gets, this could very well make sense financially. Especially since I’m pretty sure he’s expecting to milk this for many months at the least. Maybe more.

        4. I don’t know how many months he would expect to milk this for. With the prep work he did with the apartment and cameras and God only knows what else, I’d think he would’ve asked Barrel how he knows her. From there asking Barrel to spam the link to everyone he possibly can (which was his first request, even if he dialed it back to ladies on the site) it’d seem odd to assume it wouldn’t get to others of her co-workers. If they passed it around otherwise within Lakeland, then that’s getting to be a higher probability of it getting back to her. The route to Tired Guy is certainly not an expected one (also may have delay as his desire to see Ellie naked a bit more wars with his desire to get rid of Quinn, whom he might want to see naked too, given the chance) for him to have planned for, but he’d be somewhat foolish to start with an acquaintance of Ellie’s and assume it’s going to evade her notice for longer than 6 months.

          @Mr Blue – People get odd, entitled ideas about a lot of things I wouldn’t expect and can be quite bitter and vindictive in those events. I’ve certainly seen a few odd events like that myself. Would seem weird, but not impossible. Five of the demographics he’s saying here that he’s targeting (house arrest, drunks, sociopaths, ID thieves, & serial killers) seem low on cash generation quotient and high on “Wow that could lead to bad things” quotient. That’s where him stating, to Barrel nonetheless, that these are desired demographics is just odd and hinting towards revenge over profit.

        5. It would seem to me though that neither Barrel nor Ellie currently have that big of a social circle they actually meet regularily in and around Lakeland (nor does Quinn). And none having any real connection to the site now used to spam the link around. Quite possible Danny used those last weeks to investigate that a little. Also Barrel’s interaction with Ellie has become rather infrequent since not working at the same place anymore.
          So chances that Ellie and Quinn wouldn’t find out for quite a while were actually not that bad. They’re worse now that Tired Guy knows, but still.
          And he knows his clientele and that the link will spread further. Now let’s say that over the first two weeks and thanks to a forum post here, a mailing list there, about two to three hundred people take a look at the site. And a third of them actually tries it out for at least a month. That’s several quid in only those weeks. Further time probably bringing in more subscribers and should it go even only into a second month, he could very well be making a five digit number already.

          That doesn’t necessarily rule out any other possible motives behind this. But financial gain is entirely plausible. And I personally think it to be at least the main, maybe only motive. Especially considering Barrel’s reaction to learning of the site.

        6. For Barrel, not having a large social circle and being bribed to spam something does put any former coworkers he still associates with on the list of recipients, which might go further in that circle. Ellie could be expected to have a friend or two that would notify her if they found out (KK & Tommy seem likely to notify her if they realize she is a victim, and Ashliii would likely tell Pumpkin). Now maybe I’m overestimating the likelihood of a fast food manager associating with his coworkers after the joint closes, but KK did go get pancakes with some of them at least, so it seems not impossible.

          As for Ellie, when you consider that she spent a whole year taking provocative photos of herself on Facebook and posting them for random guys following her and other girls trashing her back, that really does up the likelihood of someone asking her why she never posted her cam site (possibly linking to it publicly too). Danny would’ve likely looked her up on Facebook and found that. It’s not impossible to set something in the laptop & phone to delete/hide any posts referencing the site or certain keywords, but that would be somewhat sophisticated and would either need to answer them in a way that would shut them up or risk one of them getting frustrated enough to yell at her for not responding in a way that bypassed the bot (eventually one would get through).

          Though really my revenge tinglings are more from his proposed desired clientèle here than the discovery likelihood.

        7. Yet Barrel was not bribed to spam everyone he knows, but a specific group of people. Of which his former coworkers, as far as we know, are not part of. So that eliminates that.

          As for a facebook follower of Ellie stumbling across the site and recognising her. That might very well happen in the long run. Maybe even earlier. The question is, would he talk to her about it? The site is known to be new, so the question why she never mentioned it before falls kinda flat. What might arise is the question why she does not try to push it over her facebook account. If and how fast it would be posed is anyone’s best guess.

        8. True on Barrel I suppose. I hadn’t really thought about Danny specifying the “point it out to users of the site.” However, putting myself in his shoes, if I were still in contact with another guy that knew Ellie in whatever way (such as MMORPG in same group), I’d mention the site in passing. Maybe as manager vs peon with Barrel’s personality he’d be unlikely to associate with any of them, though.

          For Facebook, I’d see the male followers who think the site is Ellie’s choice asking why she wasn’t publicizing it or the female followers looking to trash her posting screenshots of her doing something awkward.

        9. Wait a second. We’re on the page that Ellie is the one who is the key person upon which the connection is made. And that would be through a former co-worker. But there is a bit of a problem there. She’s had more than just the one place of employment. And since there are male and female viewers, it’s quite possible that one of the later places of employment might be the link there.

          But, there is also a possibility that Quinn might be the girl who someone stumbles across. I don’t think that James would be that infatuated to be looking, but what, just what if one of the other guys walks past a guy in public who has the place on his computer, which has the living room selected and Quinn is taking a nap on the couch and her physics book is on the floor. But then, I seem to, well, be playing devil’s advocate.

        10. I watched one of the tinted lenses people today on Steve Wilkos. Guy was 44, unmarried, 11 kids and would continue to hit on any girl who he could get drunk and bed. Said he didn’t believe the DNA results which was positive for number 12. And claimed that Dan was lying on the lie detector exam because his (Dan’s) lips were pursed. And the guy was trashing two of his children’s mothers. The ladies however claimed solidarity because of the weak link in the latent sperm donor connection.

          That guy was only half as bad as Danny boy here.

  4. Saints alive. I fear the approaching days that they will face. I beseech thee “Tiredguy” to extend a motion of mercy to those poor souls. I wish protection upon them, for with murderers, sociopaths, and other delinquents alike lending a lecherous eye they are in grave danger.

    1. That would be because it’s him.

      Whoever called it in previous comment sections, get yourself a cookie! *offers open cookie jar*

  5. 10/10 would laugh again.

    Now we just sit back and wait for Tired Guy to proceed with the eventual legal action to evict our heroines… followed by the massive “KILL!” rage sequence/montage that will follow when Danny is found out.

      1. That, I’m looking forward to.

        On a side note, this series of events forced me to add “Men missing an eyebrow(s)” to my “Don’t trust” list. With the only exclusion being Time Lords (preferably wearing bowties).

        1. To that I reply with a Dave Attell joke: “Who hasn’t had fun with fireworks? … Raise your hook hands.”

          There really are some very nice people out there who love fire, fireworks, and even the occasional amateur or artistic blacksmith who are really very nice people and hope you wouldn’t associate their more innocent mishaps with someone like Danny.

    1. We don’t know if there are cameras in place that would allow for that. He might have placed some in the bathroom, which would, but he didn’t really get the chance to do the bedrooms as well.

      1. He’s definitely got the laptop, which she’ll likely use in her bedroom, may change clothes while it’s on (she is a Facebook addict, after all), and there is the possibility of if she feels like a little porn surfing now that she’s got a private room and is out from under Mom’s thumb.

        He’s got the iNimbus hacked to some degree. That has the possibilities of the laptop, but also it does have some free roaming abilities, so if he hacked its navigation he could potentially direct it to her (or Quinn) at other times.

        Finally, someone (jeffepp I think) pointed out that Danny has had more than sufficient opportunity to get her apartment key duplicated now too. So he could’ve gone in later for the bedrooms (possibly before the site was live, or possibly taking it down for maintenance while he was in camera range).

        So the question if he’s got cameras that could catch them naked is if he wanted to put the effort in to do it. He hasn’t shown an aversion to effort and he has shown an appreciation for both Ellie’s and Quinn’s bodies. So I’m going to consider bedroom and bathroom cameras as highly likely (possibly not shown or less emphasized on the site during the “get girls to advertise” stage).

  6. Sur, I am offanded that peeple of colour have not be reprezanted here! Well, not really. For all I know, they could all just be suffering severe melanin depreciation due to being shut-ins.

  7. So now we know Tired Guy’s first name. It suits him.

    I wonder what approach he’ll take. I don’t see him pointing the site out to the landlord as evidence to get them evicted unless his attempt is intended to fail. I can see him using pictures from the site to point out lease violations, though I’m not sure if that’s too nice for him or not.

    First question is if he recognizes that the site is against their will or not. If he realizes that, I could see him doing things like posting pictures of Quinn that she wouldn’t want public posted in public (maybe near the college campus that he probably knows she attends, or maybe just random phone poles). He might try to scare her, using pictures that look like they could’ve come from through the window and putting them on her car windshield or something with vauge/disturbing statements as if she had a potentially violent stalker.

    If Tired Guy thinks they are onboard with the site, I could see him sending the site admin an angry rant about businesses not being allowed in the apartment and finally having the ammo to get her kicked out, which might result in Danny convincing (maybe bribing) him to let it go and letting him know that they don’t know about the cameras (which may lead to the above paragraph). This could also lead to the landlord contact immediately which I doubt would work for an eviction. I also wonder if he knows Quinn’s father and might try making him aware of the site as a “Look what you’re supporting your daughter to do.”

    1. That might not be Tired Guy’s name; maybe he comes from a profane family and replied, “Thanks, nephew $#!thead.”

      Yeah, but it probably is his name. Anyhow my best guess is Tired Guy will sit on his knowledge of the site and record some of the goings on to present as evidence to the landlord Quinn should be evicted. Odds are he’ll also claim the entire site is a business they chose to run out of the apartment building.

      I don’t know what the law on renters is in other states, but in Florida you can’t legally modify a rented apartment without advance written consent from your landlord. The landlord can bill you what they estimate the cost of undoing the damage is, which results in you having to protest the fantasy amount, and will inevitably lead to court where it will come down to how much money you’re going to lose because the case is to determine how much in the wrong you are.

      1. They have to send an itemized list, or I would think that what would apply in my state could apply here. And this list has to be done within a month of their vacating the apartment, which is the normal time frame for the landlord to return the security deposit. Because if the list or the deposit are not refunded, the previous tenants are entitled to twice the deposit back.

        But, I doubt if Quinn keeps her receipts so that would be hard for her to disprove the allegation that they had them installed. However, if she kept her back and credit card statements, that could also help. As it would show amounts withdrawn for cash to hide things. Now, here is where the serial numbers would come into play. Track to the manufacturer, from there to the distributor, from there to the retailer and then to the date of sale. Then the girls would have to show their whereabouts and/or circumstances to disprove that they were behind the purchases and therefore the ones who had the apartment altered.

        And then twice the security deposit back, a fired landlord and an old guy dumped int….. no, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

        1. In Florida they send you a bill. If you challenge it, then you get an itemized list. In any case I am pretty sure their landlord would have no problem doing a tiny amount of paperwork when Tired Guy’s done all the evidence gathering for him.

        2. Well, I’m working on the premise that any evidence presented will have to be dismissed by a court of law, in both trial and civil because it was obtained through an illegal trespass and illegal surveillance. The court case is likely to be either back burner mention in passing, or just a time skip.

        3. As I understand evidentiary rules, I don’t think that Ellie or Quinn’s lack of consent for the site would prevent captures from it being used against them for eviction or even civil charges by the landlord since Danny installed the cameras, made it public, Tired Guy found it, and then he pointed it out to the landlord. No chain of intent for the illegal surveillance to be used to evict so would probably be considered clean if it showed them doing something breaking the lease (such as having a cat in the apartment). I doubt it’d come to a lawsuit against anyone but Danny in that event.

      2. Shithead as a name always makes me think of The Jerk. If I recall, there was a good delay for that joke too.

        Well, a lot of apartments disallow cats and any that don’t pretty much always charge an extra deposit. So that right there is an easy one.

        Is the modification thing something they can evict on? I generally figured that as just a security deposit and possibly small claims court thing, but I’ve never cared about my walls enough to even hang any pictures, let alone do more, so that’s certainly an area I haven’t paid a lot of attention to (or know anything about practices in Florida).

        I’m not sure if Tired Guy would be likely to throw the site in or not. On the one hand claiming it’s a business they’re running from their apartment would be another nail if he believes they know and agree to it. On the other hand, if he has any inkling that it’s not something they’re consenting to, he might want to avoid giving it away to cause them more pain/strife. If he’s wily and thinks they’re consenting, then I’d suspect he’d throw it in as a “here’s where I found all this evidence, my nephew in California told me he thought it looked like my apartment and sent it to me” and pretend ignorance about any problems in running a business from the apartment (and also if it contains nudity if it’s likely to run afoul the various laws intended to regulate strip clubs, which I’ve read an article on how they’re oddly worded from one state to another).

        1. I totally forgot about the Jerk’s dog! Accidental reference for the win.

          As to modification, I don’t think you can always be evicted for it but I’m not 100% sure. I do know you’re legally required to undo any modifications you make that weren’t approved of both in advance and in writing.

          As to a business, I mentioned elsewhere that since they’re not bringing non-residents onto the property (either as customers or employees) it’d be really hard to make a case for commercial use of residential property. Based on Tired Guy’s earlier dialog, Quinn’s broken the lease agreement numerous times but he could never prove it to get her thrown out. I don’t think he’s going to go after the business-use angle.

        2. Ah, yeah, it was in Exclamation Point. He mentioned he popped in to see how many terms-of-lease Quinn was violating because he was tired of all the noise she and her roommates were making.


        3. The only thing that seems like a potential lease violation there is the subletting a room, which is often prohibited in a lease. However he could prove that by taking a picture of one of her posters and having the landlord call her phone while talking to her. For the rest of it, that seems less like breaking lease terms and more landlord complaint items and would take several repeated attempts at landlord getting her to change before it would result in eviction.

    1. That’s a nice one, though I think it’d be odd out of context to someone who isn’t familiar with the scene. To me, the true beauty of that panel is the calm in Ellie’s face in the middle of the fight they’re having. There isn’t a lot of battle damage that you can see in the pencils, and the only hint of violence you have is Quinn straining. Also the disembodies hand in the second one is Alex, so that’s gotta be a demerit for the set.

      Personally I have to consider Set 1 the winner. Tarra vs X fighting stance and an Eldritch being together just clinches it for me. Maybe I just like the “far from Erf” aspects a bit too much, though.

  8. A querry: are there really sites like Danny’s and do they operate as shown and attract the audience shown? In other words, is this arc based on real life (so called) or is it whole cloth? On the one hand, this seems too perverse and sick-making. On the other hand, I’ve slowly learned that the internet … well, you know.

    1. There’s certainly many videos that claim to be voyeur videos made without knowledge of the parties. Though they range from obviously staged to very obviously staged, so there’s that.

      But it wouldn’t really surprise me.

    2. I can’t say I know, but the counts seem really high for anything but a free part of the site, which he does seem to be shilling as advertising for the Premium part, so maybe that’s the case.

      In general, I’d assume that the vast majority of sites claiming to be voyeur videos are staged/consenting (filmed in US or EU anyway). However I’d be surprised if there aren’t some that are truly lacking in consent of the film subject (I am a pessimist). I seem to recall California recently introducing a law against posting “revenge porn” of an ex after a breakup, which probably meant either a lot of people doing that or some high profile or rich victims (to bother with a state law prohibiting the practice). Doing a hidden cam thing on an ex is just farther in the same vein but requires more access (certainly doable if excuses are made to delay returning apartment key or having a duplicate made first). I’ve certainly heard of people doing that with an ex for private use. I’m sure there are people out there who would do it and post it too. I just tend to think they’re likely to get caught and the site taken down within a month or two.

  9. What really gets me here is that Tiredguy is using the name “Tiredguy” for a screen name. Ellie was the first one to “name” him Tired Guy. But he’s actually taking the ball and running with it.

    1. He is following a crowd that’s following the orders of a self described “blonde with boobs,” so it shouldn’t be that surprising.

  10. My God! If Danny’s website is shotgunshuffle as the analytics say, then this whole comic is a voyer site of Ellie?!

    Then… does that mean Chris is Danny?! Then that would make me… wait can you be both an unimpressionable asshole AND a raging sociopath? Asking for a friend.

    1. Also just read all the comments and realized there was no ‘its over 9000’ crack. Now the comment trolling is complete.

      Lastly nice job with the background story with the analytics. You could have left it with just the first frame, but you didn’t so kudos are in order.

        1. No, I meant bipolar from considering the raging to be part of manic phase and the unimpressable to be part of depressed phase. Multiple personality disorder could certainly work too, though. I was just considering bipolar to be a lower common denominator of sorts.

  11. Whew, the legal discussion is making me tired!

    I just like the way Chris is working the story line and I love all the internet denizens; now it’s time for some gratuitous Ellie…

    1. Mr. Blue does not claim to be a lawyer, nor does he practice law. He just gives his opinions based on what he thinks that the common man and Judge Judy would say.

    2. Gravatarless and I are both computer people. Computer Science and Law are two of the main marketable places that rely heavily upon formal logic with abstracts (note that’s practicing law, not making laws that requires logic, sadly). It leaves some of us computer folks as likely to apply computational logic to the law as we know/hear/research, which is sometimes useful and sometimes misses key pieces of legal precedent that an actual lawyer will tell you in two minutes instead of the week long debate computer people will engage in.

      The most interesting distinction I find between lawyers and computer people in the practice of logic is the use of emotion. For a lawyer using emotion in the argument is a winning tactic. For a computer person, it’s a sign of a weak argument and is more likely to lead to that portion of the argument being thrown out/ignored. This makes computer people bastardly irritating on juries (the jury I was on had three computer people, one of the other ones and myself were the ones dragging things out arguing and not convinced by arguments others accepted where the other one had a crush on a nurse he’d graduated with that had made up her mind immediately so he seemed to be siding with her).

  12. Just saying, we should be prepared for a possibly delay in the web comic due to unforeseen weather occurrences that will possibly have a direct/indirect impact upon our favorite author.

    The TV station reported 9 inches at their studios. And they can’t even get their news vans around in this stuff. And this is heading east. So, for people east of the Mississippi River, get the supplies you will need for four days, candles, blankets, and prepare for the possibility of cats and dogs living together, mass hysteria.

  13. Holy chao, I can’t believe I finally got to comment.

    Anyway, for all of you wondering if this is based on real people on a real site, you should know that it is.

    However, I don’t want to disturb the on going comic creation by giving away all the details, so, continue to wonder if you’re just being duped right now…it is a pretty funny story, too, when you look at the whole 11 years of it.

    1. Its too cold outside to overlook the toppling of the frozen kiddie pool… in terms of copyright in terms of cyber marketing of Disney influenced fictional movie product placement filled with solidified water because of the Arctic air masses flowing down around ground level amongst the lower 48.

      I don’t think that Chris has cyber liability home/business insurance for customers or liability for the chat squatters.

    2. Disclaimer: Any resemblance to persons living or dead should be plainly apparent to them and those who know them, especially if the author has been kind enough to have provided their real names and, in some cases, their phone numbers. All events described herein actually happened, though on occasion the author has taken certain, very small, liberties with chronology, because that is his right as an American.

      1. Why do I see/hear your last few words as dramatically spoken by a string puppet in epic lighting in front of a US-flag and the Team America logo? :D

        1. I considered it an argument that time machines should be protected under both the first and second amendments.

  14. Anyone else randomly curious as to what the name on the credit card is?
    Looks kinda like….John F Cayaling? At lease the “…. F Caya….” looks right?
    ….Seriously don’t know what my fascination is with the trivial art details….
    Looks good though. Am I right? Huh? Huh?

  15. My sister told me about El Centro, Ca…..I’m honestly surprised that guy even has internet hahaha…..from what she said its a miserable place where not even a window unit can be found. Also that possum is too cute.

  16. I had forgotten about the whole hometown thing and the fact that I’d told you a town, so when Rosman, NC popped up, I was just like “YOU KNOW OF ROSMAN’S EXISTANCE?!?!” It’s a tiny town that most have never heard of, so I was surprised that someone knew of it, and then I remembered.

    1. The town that I moved to was in an 80’s comedy about beer. Spelled slightly differently though. Just one consonant, where mine has that particular letter doubled.

      Good day, eh?

  17. 9860 viewers (so far).
    Presuming they all sign on at $30 / month rate.

    $296,040 per month (or $3.5 Million per YEAR) is some serious change.
    No wonder everybody want their readers to go to Patreon!!!!

    1. I was trying to decide if “active visitor” means just the members (Barrel + people paying $) or if that’s non-members too.

      1. I’m thinking, that it would be people on the site. Given that TwoBit already paid for the premium, let’s go with the possibility that 3/4’s of the alpha males signed up, but all of the guys that they bring in only yield 3/5’s premium sign ups. Half of the girls sign up for a premium package. Let’s assume a 65% female to male ratio of the viewers. Just to make do with simple numbers, 65% of 9868 is 6414.2, let’s round that down to 6400 females. Half would be 3200 with the premium package for $96,000 a month just from women alone. The male portion of the 9868 would be 3,468 people. This would be 2,081 men (rounded up to the next individual) signing up for the premium package with a revenue of $62,430 a month. The proposed total revenue so far for these numbers is $158,430.

        The only thing unknown at this time is the rate of viewers and the growth rate of viewers. So if this was just a four hour snapshot with 9868, with the others being the first, second and third hours respectfully then perhaps the extrapolated growth rate could be, I don’t know.

        1. Actually, by Danny’s reasoning when talking to Heather in The Chain Part III, it sounds like he’s assuming a greater portion of friends/associates of Caleb/Vu’s site rather than the direct members. So I think your first ratio is too high and your second is probably too high.

        2. The Canadian’s aren’t going to come after him for stealing money out of the American accounts. They’re going to come after him for stealing their clients. Who’s going to be paying double money for a possibly similar web site. Especially with the grandson who was continuously down voting. And if they’re going to go after Danny boy, then they’d also go after Ellie and Quinn just for supposedly having signed up to do the website for Danny.

          Damn, Danny seems to be conceited enough to do that without thinking about the repercussions of his actions. But, it seems that the Erf girls can beat Canadian’s day in and day out. But we may see more haircuts, don’t you think? I’m thinking that Vu, Quinn and Ellie might be fashionably challenged by steel.

        3. Pretty sure the ratios are too high.
          But I noticed that at the “2496 visitors” point, the vast majority (with only 19% new members from the looks of it) were returning visitors. Which implies subscribers.

          I guess he is getting his money worth from the first week only.

        4. The 9.8k one has 91% returning, though.

          If this is a plan that he could get the money he sunk on this whole scheme back in the first week, then that would seem a good gamble in terms of unlikelihood for Ellie to find out and kibosh things too soon.

        5. Dangit, you’re right! I thought at first that the colours were reversed in that one, making it 9% returning visitors. But it’s the position of returning and new that is reversed instead.

          Even if only half of those are actual subscribers. And most of those only base level. That’s still quite some money in one week, scratch that: One day! Only.

        6. Well, I suppose that the one thing that wasn’t brought in as a factor was the use of other social media platforms. I mean, who uses everything out there. That’s just too much. Might as well just run down the street in Barrow, Alaska in your skivvies at noon yelling look at this weblink on Valentine’s day. And when that guy dies from frostbite, hits the news and the picture of the weblink’s Qcode is shown because of his tattoo, which also has a smaller weblink to Anise’s tattoo studio…

        7. I take issue with the idea that Anise would advertise on a site exploiting Ellie. Personally I think her idea of what to do if paying Danny a visit to talk about that site is second only to Tarra in scariness factor.

        8. Ginger would be in a towering rage, certainly, but I think Anise’s form of payback would have a decent chance of leaving a few layers of sanity stripped away.

    1. Do you consider that association better or worse than the shoutout association from The Kentucky Fried Movie (specifically in the sketch A Fistful of Yen)?

    1. Just going to venture a guess here… you saved your login and password to your browser and are using autocomplete?

      1. Whoops, just realized you’re probably not still here waiting for a reply. If you’re using an autocomplete password, you’re currently victim to jQuery. Whoever fancied up their website set it up so your username and password are individually captured when the fields are changed, which browser autocomplete doesn’t trigger. Then the nothing they’ve recorded is blindly submitted by AJAX– oh, you probably stopped caring by now.
        To work around it, type a single space after your username, then backspace, and do the same to the password field.

    2. I have the QuickJava plugin installed and set to disable cookies on initial browser load. When I forget to go back in and enable cookies, Patreon will not log me in (probably a lot of other sites too, but I don’t create accounts on many websites, so Patreon is the one I notice).

  18. Rusche – A suggestion.

    When you’re doing double/triple/quadruple/++++ posts because that’s what works with the story, instead of stressing on late posts, just post “Next update is N+ comics, so will be delayed until ____. Just doesn’t work as well if I split it.” Then stop feeling guilty. That’ll give people who want a “check back on ___ day” a time, it’ll give those of us who occasionally get concerned that something bad happened to you reassurance that radio silence is expected, and you can have more peace of mind that you aren’t upsetting us.

    Anyone who’s read through the archives can easily find plenty of long posts from the past to show them that waiting for a longer post when you say it’s appropriate is an advantage to trump the desire for instant gratification.

    As Gravatarless previously suggested pick a panel count or some other metric to use along with posts to determine how on or off schedule you are. As a long time reader, I’d guess that 1 post would equal the minimum of one post or 3-5 panels (some one panel posts work quite well, like comic 20/20 Part II and that shouldn’t be considered as 20-33% of a post).

    I ended up getting to work about a half an hour later than I planned this morning so I could read and make a couple of comments on the epically long Patreon post. I don’t regret that and see myself doing so again in the future. While some readers might be more patient than me and been willing to wait and check after work, I don’t think there are many of us (there’s always at least one outlier) who would rather read something like that in the posts it would take if broken down to one row of comic panels and then have to wait days for the next part of the conversation. Seriously just think about the yowls on the comments if you’d broken that into 5-6 posts (i.e. a month and a half). You are making the right call and stressing about making the right call because it conflicts with an arbitrary metric. Please keep making the right call and stop with the stressing part.

    1. Chris, you are constantly improving your art. Your stories are on par with the greats in American as well as international literature. Your characters are better than three dimensional, because they are constantly improving themselves while also staying true to themselves. I don’t know if their is an award for Web cartoonists, and if there isn’t one, I think it should be called the Watterson and the first one given to you. Because you have captured the tenet, “you know that you have read a good book when you finish, because it feels like you’ve lost a good friend.” That is you, Chris. I think that much better than 65% of us understand the pressures of being an artist, and when you combine that with the American work ethic to that, you’ve got something that Arnold Palmer AND Happy Gilmore would be envious of, and that’s an excellent drive for quality, quantity and excellence.

      But also think in terms of being able to continue you out put in terms vs high quality and artistic integrity paired with being a parent. Reprocess, recalculate, and reaffirm everything about Rusche and your Shuffleverse as needed for improvement when not borken.

      If borken, then get a deck of exploding meesa chakka dit.

      1. I am Lukkai and I approve those messages.

        I know that’s just an elaborately worded “Me too!”. But I don’t really have anything to add, yet deem those posts important enough to show my support.

  19. Don’t worry about it Chris. You’ve got the makings of something amazing. If there are several bumps along the way, we’ll understand, because that’s how all great things come to be :D

    1. There are plenty, but print on demand services tend to be pricy compared to doing a kickstarter for a full printing. Also they don’t spare any of the work on Rusche for such things.

      Look at Wonderella, that comic is almost always the exact same size and he had printed two books before he started the Kickstarter for the most recent one and knew he was planning books for future when he created the comics going in the book. The Kickstarter ended in July and he’s been able to update twice (holidays) and books still haven’t been sent out nor is the comic updating again. Now that artist does work a separate full time job, but he’s pretty consistent on getting the comic out each week. So figure for him that it’s six months of comic time for what he needed to do to get his book out/ready. He also mentioned that he needed to get a part done to pay the printer before the end of the year so he didn’t have to count the printing costs from the Kickstarter money as income to the IRS for 2014 and pay taxes on it and then get a refund in 2015 (would probably be pretty pricy).

      Now imagine all the additional time Rusche would have deciding his page layouts (which could turn out to be quite difficult considering his panel flow and the size differences from one post to the next), going back to old files to get higher res for printing, which might also involve some touch-up work for things that looked fine at comic resolution but wouldn’t for printing, aside from the question if he’d feel compelled to update art on any older posts or not (he’s said that he never likes his old art when he goes back to look at it).

      So I’d personally love a dead tree version, but I don’t see it in the cards any time soon. Certainly not while Rusche is trying to put this much comic content out each week.

      1. I personally like the format he has going on DA. The whole “page” concept is outdated, when we are looking at this stuff on tablets and PC screens. I still buy comics from my Friendly Local Comic and Game Shop, mostly to keep them in business. I don’t really need a dead tree format, and would be happy purchasing a pdf version, convenient for off line reading.

        1. I’m old school enough to like something I can get my grubby little paws on in a literal sense, though I realize lots of other people are moving away from such antiques.

          DA’s site tends to irritate me, so I don’t go there often. I have a hazy memory that it was a lot of posts combined to be roughly as long as the combined cosplay-off or the current Patreon strip or so, but I’m not certain there.

          Also I’ve found the PDFs from some webcomics are way too high-res for convenient reading (i.e. I can read them faster than my computer can load the next page). PDF format only would get around the need to make arbitrary post sizes all conform to the same size for printing, though.

  20. Did that Serial Killer murder the Gender Studies? Cuase you can totally see a shadow in the background.

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