Alright guys, bare with my current update fails. I’m gonna try and start fresh on Monday and keep my 5 day a week posting schedule. Both Patreon and this site required longer, more complicated strips lately and it’s murdering my time management with posting when I should (versus when I actually get done.) I said on my latest Patreon post I know I’m obnoxiously slow with these, because quality always comes first. That being said, I know going days with no posts at all can bereally annoying and aggravating to my fans. Trust me, I get it. The one person that couldn’t possibly be more aware of that is me. I love you all. Give me this weekend to finally shutter the perpetual feeling I’m always behind, and we’ll be back on Monday.


I’m doing 9 giveaways to make up for all my drag-assery. I’ll pick the winners next week, and for anyone who’s unaware, you have a chance to win one of these sets by donating $5 or more monthly via Patreon.

Set 1
1 2 3

Set 2
4 5 6

Set 3
7 8 9

Set 4
10 11 12

Set 5
13 14 15

Set 6
16 17 18

Set 7

19 20 21

Set 8

22 23 24

Set 9

25 26 27