UPDATE: Comic will be up this evening. We finally broke 100 on the Top Webcomics list. Thanks everyone. :D

Next comic will be Monday since I’m already so late in the week. The idea for it requires it to be a longer strip. Also I want to thank everyone who’s been voting for Shotgun Shuffle on the Top Webcomics page (link and rank are in the right sidebar.) We may actually crack the top 100. Holy crap! I remember back when I was like comic 785 or something. I really appreciate the votes. :D The more votes I get, the higher my ranking, and the more people will see me when scrolling through the list on Top Webcomics’s site.

And for anyone new to the site, I do make a Patreon comic which updates twice a week. Current cast features Pumpkin and Quinn, and follows Pumpkin’s quest to replace her former source of mature female mentoring. Here’s a preview, you know… for the hell of it (and reformatted to fit in this blog portion.)

17 FreeShotgun Shuffle’s Patreon page can be found HERE.
All creations/comics are visible at the $2 pledge level and higher, and located under the “Creations” tab.