Next comic will most likely be up tomorrow. I’m battling a cold. The good news is, this is a second sickness and this isn’t still the first one. Okay, maybe that isn’t really good news, but this one just involves dizziness and not being able to breath.

Winners for last months 9 drawings were the following. Congrats everyone who won.

Set 1
Melody Gainesville , FL

Set 2
Travis R Tujunga, CA

Set 3
Columbus, OH
Set 4
Pass Christian , MS
Set 5
George C
Severn, MD
Set 6
Steve C
New Lenox, IL
Set 7
David A
Arbor, MI
Set 8
Jeff K
Prospect Heights, IL
Set 9
Roy G
Centreville, VA

Sets can be found HERE.
Thanks everyone who’s helping support this comic and my continuation of it! Even if you can’t, I still love you. :D