Vote 1

Okay everyone, I need a quick favor. I need to utilize your love for voting and about 2 seconds of your time. Shotgun Shuffle made the bracket for ComicMix March Madness this year. There are four divisions and here’s our placement:

Vote 2

We have a treacherous road ahead of us, but I’d love to make it to the next round. Now I certainly won’t disparage my current competition, but I do hope to wipe the floor with this furry version of Kenan and Kel. I’m sure the artist is perfectly nice and etc etc, but let’s smoke em!!

It’s super easy to vote. You don’t have to register or fill anything out. Just click any of these images and they’ll link you to the voting page or just CLICK HERE. Then scroll down until you see me, or just hit CTRL+F and type in Shotgun to find me on the page, and vote accordingly. You can also vote for any other comics you like (but please avoid my competition.)

Vote 3

Currently we’re in the lead, but only by two votes. Hopefully we can widen this margin.

Vote 4

Again, just a quick second of your time would mean a lot.. and as always,