Round 2

We’re up against one of the biggest pioneers in webcomics. Penny Arcade. You may be asking yourself WHY I withheld my A-string characters from my vote graphic for Round 2. It’s because I’m using them for rounds to come. That’s right. I intend to win. With your help!

So how do I, your humble artist, a relative newcomer to the field, intend to beat such a powerhouse? My plan is three-fold.

1. We vote early and often.
2. Hope Penny Arcade readers are asleep at the wheel.
3. Win on a technicality. Let me explain…

You see, a few years back Penny Arcade made a few collages of their artwork evolution. One of the characters was our beloved Gabe. Let’s look:


Very nice, very nice. But you’ll notice some years are missing. Obviously this was posted around the end of 2011, but why no update? That’s where Penny Arcade’s undoing truly lies. Allow me to fill in the gaps in DNA:

Gabe cont

Quite clear now in’t it? Their secret shame. I’m here to bring attention to the world, and the webcomic voting community of my peers. Penny Arcade should not win on the grounds it’s now technically a NickTOON.

Fairly Odd Comic

Here at Shotgun Shuffle, we’re on the forefront of webcomic investigative journalism. Completely unbiased, and 100% fact oriented. An insurmountable amount of useful data has been compiled BY ME to earn your vote for Round 2. Some examples include the following Facts and Graphs:

Facts Proof of Good

Facts about Colors

Your choice could not be more clear. So, I offer unto you, the opportunity your make your voices heard, and vote for Shotgun Shuffle to unabashedly WHOMP Penny Arcade. Just head over to COMICMIX MARCH MADDNESS and cast your vote!!!

There are only 64 comics left. So scroll down below the bracket portion and check my box HERE! Remember, you don’t need to register on Log In. Just load the page and you’re done. AND VOTING ENDS WEDNESDAY!


And as always, THANK YOU!
-Chris Rusche