I’m am very grateful to all of you who took the time to vote for Shotgun Shuffle on ComicMix. Not only are we murdering Penny Arcade, we’re #1 by a large margin. Thank you!

For anyone heading to Megacon in Orlando Florida this weekend, please be sure to visit Jessica! She has a booth she’s sharing with another person, and she’s got some goods to sell. So if you’re going, be sure to go by and say hello. And feel free to show her some appreciation for keeping this website functional. I couldn’t do it without her. Here’s a piece of propaganda:

Megacon Jessica

You can also visit her site here.

Her flyer doesn’t show the full map, so for anyone needing better bearing, you can view the full Floor Plan here:

Jess and I are planning on doing this again for 2016… only next time I’ll actually be there. So plan for it now.

AND ALSO… Ginny, whom you all helped send a tablet last week, has a personal letter of thanks to all of you, and you can check that out HERE. :D