When the third round of ComicMix voting drops, I will update the site. I’m in a slightly crappy position to have the new VS piece immediately up considering the vote between my potential competition was so close. If Exiern got a donation of even $5 or so, they’ll have beaten Dresden Codak (who has the popular vote.) While paid-for votes aren’t typically likely, Exiern did have a donation last vote. So.. yeah. Had to come up with material for both. It’s all pending color. I messaged both Exiern’s creator and the guy running the vote three days ago. No response. Why must I CARE so much…


I added a poll to the right sidebar. I have so many story ideas for this comic I can pick them off the floor like dirty laundry. Anyone currently reading the Patreon comic, please feel free to weigh in on what story content you’d prefer to see next. You can pick up to 2 options. While I have plenty of inspiration for these stories, I still have to flesh them out strip-by-strip. We’re a ways off from the next arc, but I’d like to be ready for it.
And for the thousands of you NOT on Patreon, don’t worry. It’s all still one big comic. Any and all of these stories eventually make it into the archive where they belong. The Pumpkin story already has the first 10 comics uploaded in the archives for December. You are not forsaken! :D


I’m working on Patreon and what would be Wednesday’s post currently. I’m going to push them back a day. I’m using my OCD card, because I had panels and dialogue done but I wasn’t totally happy with it. I tend to match dialogue to body language, so redoing that had nothing matching up. Bare with me, I’ll have it up tomorrow. :|