This is the last of The Chain series, as well as 4 tiers of makeup work. I’d like to promise another post for tomorrow or Saturday, but I’m still two posts behind on Patreon (which I’m planning to be up tomorrow, together or combined.) I’d rather make an effort to get my schedule back on track for next week, and need to stop underestimating how long it takes me to color these these days (which is ridiculous.) Also, my appreciation to everyone who’s voted to make us tied for first place in the Round 3  Comic Mix vote, and those of you continuing to keep this comic high on the Top Webcomics list. Thank you thank you thank you. :D

Lastly, got a great fanart from one of our readers, Boog. Unfortunately my slow ass couldn’t get this up while the vote was going on, but nothing about the ComicMix vote has been timely. I do think we have a strong chance of getting to the final round, and that vote will be sometime in, like.. October maybe. :P