Friday’s post will be up about noonish. My sleep got all jacked this week with antibiotics and pain meds. Had to get out of the routine of not sleeping ever. See you then.

Tarra TvTropes Thank you to whichever readers added an entire page to Shotgun Shuffle on TVtropes. I’m a huge fan of that site. It made my week. You can find this link by clicking on Tarra. I’d assist in fleshing out more tropes myself, but those would probably be better coming from someone less biased since many are of a critical and analytical nature.

Ellie HangoutsI also redirected Ellie’s to a Google Hangout I made. This in place of the old GoogleMaps plotter I had. It’s probably best at this point to set up a time I can be online if anyone wants to talk in some form of real-time. So tonight (Wed) at 10eastern/ 9 central I’ll be on. Any other time zone, do the math yourself. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe I can throw misc images up of random junk my computer has on it.

And now the bad with the good. I found the TVtropes link via Google, but I also found a comment about my site  in a forum on a different webcomic. It read as follows:

Writing Crit

“I’m giving “Shotgun Shuffle” a try, but man the art is a lot better than the writing.


I even got a “but man.” Ouch.

So I reached out to this person on the same forum and thanked them for trying the comic. I also gave my email address and asked what specifically needed improvement in their eyes. They may be reading this now. Who knows. But I certainly hope they email me. It’s the only way I’m going to get better. I don’t need reassurance from any of you thinking that comment needs to be compensated for. I’ve gotten other criticisms in the past, and it’s always with the writing. ALWAYS with the writing. And that’s fine. I’m not the best writer. I’m one guy. And hell, half the time I bounce ideas off friends, they tell me they don’t want spoilers. So I’m left with little feedback. lol.

I had a friend who said once “If you can’t say anything BAD about me, don’t even talk to me.” A very cynical person, but his point was if you can’t say the bad with the good, you’re not helping him better his craft. And that’s incredibly true.

The TVtropes link also has a secondary page (which many do) called YMMV. That stands for “Your Mileage May Vary,” meaning it’s a page for observances that may not reflect what every viewer sees or feels about the content. One of those tropes was “Growing the Beard” (I suggest you look some of these tropes up for your favorite shows, it’s a lot of fun.) It stated Shotgun Shuffle ran a meddling-about/generic tone until Blind Guy came in and convinced Ellie to stick with her job. Then the comic showed merit/picked up. That is the difference in readership I have. And have noticed since that point in the comic. Some of my readers like the manic, out-there, parody silliness I do. Some can’t stand that and like the more down to earth stories. I’ll have both. I’ll always do both. If we’re in a certain storyline you don’t like, don’t give up on me. I got plenty of “whatever I’m not doing” coming up after it.

Judging by the forum post, our new reader may be taking issue with the story we’re in. This story is merely a field trip. It’s a rarity (and possibly the only time) these girls will be written together in one story. So I’m hitting Cinnamon being evil, Anise being weird, and so on. And it’s actually almost over. This is three months worth of strips so far. All of it to convey what’s coming up in another 3 comics or so, which is back down to earth. It’s not necessarily the comic going into outer space, but whatever character the story is revolving around. As such:

Relation to Earth



So with enough of these weightless elements causing a huge $#!t storm at a mall, eventually they’ll come back down to earth. Ginger is there to do that. The Buckingham girls will make reappearances, but they’re not setting any future tone for the comic. The comic will also ALWAYS contain surreal elements adjoining whatever underlying message it has, though. Just not typically as many as we’re seeing now. It may not have anything to do with that. It may be too back-and-forthy. Quinn talking to Ellie around the lake may have been too flash-backy…

In summary, whether you’re a veteran reader of mine, or this is your first visit, always know my door is open. I will never bite your head off for even the simplest of grievances. Feel free to email me anytime. I want this comic to be for everyone. But every reader has different interests. Different types of stories, characters and pacing they prefer. So I know I can’t possibly make everyone happy. But I can try to get to most of you.

I get plenty of praise, honestly. I have the best fans I could ask for. But if your interest EVER wains, you need to talk to me.  This is my first comic-venture.  I won’t get any better in a vacuum.

-Chris :)