This comic went through an ungodly amount of drafts, plus I had kids traveling out of state last week, and half my kitchen having to be replaced. I had a leaky faucet, broken sink, and an unworking garbage disposal and dishwasher. But yeah, we all have challenges.

On a separate note, I decided against an idea for a calendar I mentioned last month. I wasn’t happy with the options I found offered online, which were mostly templates designed primarily for “Grandma’s family pictures.” I wanted more control over the size and how it looked, and designing my own days for the months. Nothing overly elaborate, but something that conformed to the picture content of each month. If I wanted to delve that deeply into the project, I’d have to do a custom run of X amount, and etc etc. So I’m recycling the idea into just prints, and I’ll sell them at convention. You’ll see some when they’re done.

Lastly, I’d like to hear some ideas for Pumpkin cosplays I haven’t done for the comic. This is just an “in general” and does not need to work into a storyline. So don’t worry about context before suggesting.  Male, female, any form of media, just not insanely obscure. If someone posts an idea you like, please like the comment of second their motion. That would help a ton.
Thanks everyone! :D

UPDATE: Next comic will be up today (Wednesday.) Coloring now.