Poor Quinn. At least she’s gaining Facebook friends.

I meant to cover some closing thoughts this last post before we started transitioning over to the next story, but Rosemary only has four daughters. She had Ginger, Tarra, and Anise, then Pumpkin. But before she had Pumpkin, she had Ginger, Tarra, and Anise all over again.

Junction Transfer


Unfortunately her internal cloning machine got borken.

I say this from a writing standpoint for anyone who may not of caught on thus far. The eldest daughters are the potential each of the younger siblings have if they applied themselves (Pumpkin as a bonus.)  Juniper is a less responsible Ginger, Ellie is a lackadaisical Tarra, and Cinnamon is a more hazardous form of ‘fringe sister.’

The sisters are all fragments of Ellie when broken down further, going back to when I first came up with them. Like when Raven splits into all those other colors in Teen Titans. Their initial shells were simply little parallel universe Ellies.

Ginger > Mom Ellie
Tarra > Super Ellie
Anise > Goth Ellie
Juniper > Permiscuous Ellie
Cinnamon > Evil Ellie
Pumpkin > Kid Ellie

One of the commentors had guessed each sister represented a sin as well, which is correct.. but not of any major significance to the overall story, and not all of them have been explicitly covered thus far.

Ginger > Wrath
Tarra > Envy
Anise > Gluttony
Juniper > Lust
Ellie > Sloth
Cinnamon > Greed
Pumpkin > Pride

It’s more of an undertoning ‘you figure it out later when you read wikipedia’ type thing. I enjoyed being able to flesh each of them out more as the last story progressed.

I’ll have some more bits and bobs as we go into the next plot/arc (I think it may take about 4 comics to transition between the two.) But the next arc was the original starting point for this webcomic when I first came up with it, and there have been a few occassions.. that I thought I’d never see the day. :P

Also.. another fanart. This time, Ginger. Like last time, sexified. I’m slowly getting all of them it seems. Surprisingly no Ellie yet. I’m shocked, frankly.

Ginger by pervyangel