I was going to title this “Blondie…” something something… but I looked it up and Red Lobster is NOT the restaurant that has the blondie. It’s Applebee’s. Which I should know since that’s my favorite dessert. Red Lobster does have the standard cheesecake thing, and some Chocolate Wave whatever. And also those dessert shots that everyone seems to be copying off each other. But dammit get the blondie. Too many chocolate desserts. I’m less and less inclined to get chocolate-anything the older I get. It’s troublesome.

Speaking of which, the biggest thing I miss from my childhood was Crunch bars back when they came wrapped in foil. Man, those were the best. Now, I dunno. Did they change the mix on the Crunch bar? Not nearly as good as my nostalgia has convinced me it used to be. I’m quite sure the secret was in the foil. I was also devastated when they did away with Crispy M&M’s, but now they’re back! And soon… God willing..


Apologies guys, but I have a lot of family stuff I’m dealing with, so I won’t be able to get anything else done until Monday. I have plenty of stuff near completion, but just not enough physical time to complete it. You know I hate making you wait, but I have to deal with it. The good news is, I may have a colorist lined up to help alleviate my workload for each strip (which is thanks to all my wonderful Patreon pledgers.) Like I’ve said, I’m super anal about these comics, and that causes a lot of delays in what I can get done. Hopefully this will counteract my OCD and slowness… or maybe just inflict it upon this poor person.

I’ll let you know how it go’eth.