I had to cut this short due to some major computer issues yesterday and this morning. It’s all fixed now, so no worries. This had three more tiers on it, but you’ll see them Tuesday. So we’re set up good for next week since that’s 75% done. I’m wrapping two comic elements between this one and the next comic. James’ personal ‘lovequest’ and an old running gag next week. Ellie left James hanging out there with her DateBait job, like she did many others, but now she’s making it right, even if by happenstance.

I’m still working on two Patreons that are semi-long, and forced to be by their nature. But I will post them as soon as they’re done. There’s a bit of a skirmish transpiring, and fight scenes are not something with which I am very adroit.  But here’s a preview.