Okay, I didn’t really give away 7 sets of Shotgun Shuffle stuff. I gave away like twenty.
Here’s the drawing winners, including Alicia, who won trivia. Look in your mail. It’s all already in transit.

Winner From
SISTER7 Canvas Rich D Niskayuna
JUST COS Canvas Kyle M Mayfield
4 Set Mugs Ian F Olympia
2 Set Mugs Matt B Shoreline
1 Mug Chris P Portland
1 Mug Shawn S Booneville
Trivia Alicia T Staten Island
Josh B Alpharetta
Greg Z Boulder
John R Hanford
JD Beavercreek
Jenn H Sherrill
Kevin K Omaha
Coy K Hillsboro
Kristy R Pittsfield
Zach L Corona
Ian R Murphysboro
Tim G Bolingbrook
Branden H Powhatan
Tim R Thornton

This is the 4th or 5th time I’ve sent out items from Patreon unannounced. Make sure you have a first and last name (or hide it in your email address you have listed) because I love sending out stuff unannounced and unsolicited. :P
Speaking of mailing..


The four mug set already arrived. Three bit the dust. If you have any shipping issues, please let me know. I have no issues remedying what USPS jacks up. Don’t ever sweat it. These were all reordered.

Also, super importantly, I’ve thought about it for nearly six months, and I’ve gotta be real with myself on how much of this comic I can be anal over, and still post on time. Basically, my next post will be Tuesday, and I’m going to change the site update schedule to Tuesday/Friday. It’s takes it down to two posts per week here, and two on Patreon. It gives me some breathing room in the middle of the week to allow for errands, and other misc life events. I’m not going to bore you with all the thought processes involved, but I don’t want to sacrifice quality, and I’d like to give myself some time to make the strip longer if it requires, without causing myself to get behind all week. If I’m not satisfied with a comic being one tier, and I expand it to two tiers for say, Monday’s post, it destroys the rest of the week. Then I’m just miserable trying to catch up.

So, we’ll see how this goes. I’m going to work on both Patreon and the site comics at the same time, two at a time. So ideally, Tuesday’s site post, will have Patreon’s right behind it. Same for Friday. Also, next Patreon is being finished up currently. Thanks all