There was a time way way back in the first few years of this comic that Pumpkin was going to be a major wedge issue between these two, but I decided I have one much much better. But don’t go classifying this as doomed or undoomed yet. You shall see.

Also next Patreon is 5 tiers and I’m plugging away on it as we speak. Shooting for next week, and speaking of next week, I will have comics (4th-8th)… but I will be taking off the week of June 11th-15th. Working on remodeling the kid’s rooms, and I want some time to prep future comics. I have a few really really challenging ones to set up that I need to pull off right, and they’re gonna take time. As usual, my vacations are never really vacations because I always eventually land back at the computer. I’m not someone who can just sit and watch TV.

So bare with me, like you always do. Hopefully if you can tell by the art in the last year, I’m pouring myself into these cause this all means a ton to me. And so do you guys. You deserve the best product I can make. Thanks :)