Working on the next Patreon as we speak, and the next main site post will be up Friday. Both are about half done. I’ve gotten into a habit of working on 4-5 comics at once. I’m finding it helps a lot with consistency.
The last seven parts of the comic were the re-introduction of the sisters, and I wanted it to be as ridiculously over the top as I could make it. With how they were introduced, and with detail and art. I did as many full horizontal panels as I could to make it feel as cinematic as possible, with plenty of upward face angles (ala movie “hero shots.”)

I staged those comics back in March, and have worked on them for several months. All incredibly time consuming, but its exactly the presentation I wanted. The sisters will conclude this story and take us through the next arc.

The ending of this current storyline more or less rounds out all the previous stories. Her current job, her past work experience/co-workers, the camsite, and her sisters are all playing a role. Ellie is using all her resources to resolve her current situation. As always, I’m super excited to bring you this comic, and I value your readership. Thank you for bearing with me if I’m behind at times. You only deserve the best comic I can possibly make, and that’s why I spend 16 hours a day in front of the computer toiling over it. :)