Tired Girl

tiredguy original


Now if you’re wondering what the hell that was, it’s the second Shotgun Shuffle comic I ever drew. Over eight years ago (I draw your attention to the fatass monitors.) This was before I even knew it would be Shotgun Shuffle. Now, while there are 20 “trial” comics I haven’t posted that began the strip (because I grew to hate them) there WERE two comics that predate those. The pre-trial trail.

In that two panel nightmare, we have Ellie talking to Tired Guy in a forum, or chat room of some kind. The exact premise escapes me, and anything in that is certainly non-canon at this point. But you can see each character’s initial design, which is always fun in retrospect. Tired Guy being rode hard and put up wet… eye patch/battle scar and all. Ellie wearing a tank top, which was her first outfit. Quinn’s hair much shorter, and roots completely out of control.

You can see my later attempt at shading MASTERY of this comic HERE. 

After drawing the first two comics, (I’ll post the other one at some point..) I dabbled with a few more that would never be finished. The environment of the comic gravitated more towards online communities. That has since changed, even though we’ll see elements of it eventually.

Overall, I thought the girls’ designs were cute, so I ran with it. Years later.


As for the actual comic, I know everyone’s waiting for Ellie to smack the crap out of Quinn. I can neither confirm nor deny this will happen. Mostly, I can’t deny it.