You go in thinking it’s only a quick few minutes to get this done, then you can move on to another opportunity. Swing in next door to Bed Bath & Beyond after this to get another prospect in the pipeline, then down the street to a few more. Gotta have them fighting over you, right? Have your pick of the litter. This will only take a few hours for a full day of applying (can’t get TOO MANY recruiters on the hook mind you, that would be silly,) then it’s back home to grab some lunch and loaf around until the phone rings.

It’s no longer that easy. These questionnaires can’t be 20-30 scenarios long. Noooooooo….

They have to be at least 200 to a 1000!  Throw in some about theft, punching other employees in the time clock, and inquiring how angry you might get at management. Hell, hundreds of questions is alot, too. Better make some of them repeat while we’re at it.

If you’ve ever been stuck doing an app at a retailer for hours on end because of this crap, this is for you.

How some people pass it, I’ll never know.