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To The Fullest

The end of this chapter is still several weeks out, but it's wide open after that. Originally, one of these options came before the other, but after mulling it over, either will work. So please cast your vote in the right sidebar for which of two possible stories you'd like to come after this. I wont elaborate further on each panel, other than they're both about a third of the way through either's storyarc.  You're all smart enough to see one character has already appeared, and one hasn't. But each has a character in the cast panel. So you're voting for which one you want uncovered first (both are to the left and right on Quinn and Ellie.) One is more of a self contained story, while the other is a catalyst to the rest of the panel being unveiled. The blue pill or the red pill   As I've always said, I enjoy everyone's suggestions, comments,  and interactions. This won't be the first poll. So thanks everyone. And please take a second to vote, regardless of how lopsided the poll may be when you end up visiting. I can easily have another hour go by and 200 voters swing it the other way.

111 thoughts on “To The Fullest

  1. That was satisfying. Particularly because in true Alex fashion, Alex McSmarmsalots acts as if he’s the wronged party expecting an apology. You can tell by the expressions on the faces of his friends that he’s told them all how Quinn “done him wrong”. I’m glad Quinn took care of it by herself, a torch-bearing mob can sometimes be counterproductive if you’re going for self-empowerment.

    I realize Quinn’s had a busy day, but she really should do something about those roots. Ellie’s right, they DO look like ass.

  2. Storyline A dude looks rather angry, Stoner guy in B looks more appealing. Though almost went with A simply because of Indy.

  3. Audience participation rocks. Going with B. because that top looks awesome on Ellie.

    And I’m sure that was very Cathartic for Quinn.

      1. Wait……….Indy becomes Blind Guy?????? Dammit, Jim! I let bewbies distract me! Ah, well, prolly wouldn’t have got to see Indy anyhows given the way voting went.

  4. This coming from Obi Wan. wtf

    It’s actually entirely different than the previous crossover, which was in movie format. And is actually involved with the plot in a way. Hince how the character is in it. =)

  5. Almost voted for A– Since I am intrigued by the Yoda Head– but I went with B-just because I feel it would move the story along as well…

    And let me guess (although its not exactly the same– )– you spent weeks trying to work in “Klarissa Explained it All”– which is how I read it at first glance…

      1. I was right there…reading Klarissa explained it all….I did a double take, and started laughing. Awesome reference.

        Then of course there is the ever-classisc “you bent/broke my wookie”…which it this context has slightly disturbing and painfull implications.

        As always, keep up the awesome!

  6. …I flipped a coin…

    Don’t look at me like that! It was a choice between Ellie and a combo of Indy and Yoda. Indy and Yoda suggests possible cosplayers – and I missed all my activities this year that encourage cosplaying!
    This is made worse by having very hot friends very interested in cos-playing…

    1. I’m also thinking that one may have instances of Quinn, however, if it is a convention, and Ellie seems to be a booth babe, then what if these two arcs were to some where cross at a similar event. . .

      1. I was considering something like that too.
        After all, Rusche said both are plot-related, just one is more self-contained.

        Regardless, it’s Shotgun Shuffle, so it’s awesome. ’nuff said.

  7. Jeremy almost has a smile there. Guess he was waiting for some kind of gratitude. Or maybe he was just hoping somebody would walk in to the party and kick Alex. I know I was.

    Stuck-up girl looks scared. Either she is worried Jeremy might have an interest in Quinn (why did he fix her car?), or she is worried about Alex. One option seems less likely than the other.

    And sideburn-chinstrip guy always looks happy. “Hell yeah!”

    Also, as a member of the participating audience, I would have liked to see the option to vote for today’s page: “Where should Quinn kick Alex? A) the head; B) the neck; C) the shins; or D) the wookie.”

    1. Girls kicking wookies tend to not kick guys who have a slightly pleasant neutral face, so. Either that, or he’s trying to not laugh his head off at Alex.

      And, I think that if I knew Alex, and had a few drinks, I would have been wanting to laugh my ass off at this bit of unfortunate relationship evolution status.

    2. (This is actually the second time I’ve had to type this because of my crappy phone!)
      He does, doesn’t he? But it may not have been gratitude. I think he may have had his own problems with Alex over the years. After all, Jeremy (I’ve actually wondered for some time what his name was, or if we’d ever see him again) is Alex’s roommate. It may be possible that, being Alex’s roommate, and dealing with Alex’s entitlement, has lead to some misgivings on Jeremy’s part, even if they are friends. Perhaps he’s been harboring some negative feelings and wanted to see Alex get his, in some way.

      Or perhaps he’s just happy to be thanked for fixing Quinn’s car, on what I believe to be, a regular basis.

      I don’t think the girl is really stuck up. Given the situation she last saw Quinn, it’s not hard to see why she may get the wrong idea of who Quinn is. After all, Jeremy had just fixed Quinn’s car, and rather than coming down and thanking him for that, she sought him out in a cafeteria, demanding where Alex was. When Jeremy didn’t know, Quinn called him useless, saying “Thanks for nothing”, despite the fact that he fixed her car that day (or the day before). It’s not hard to get off on the wrong foot with a introduction like that.

  8. Both story line’s look interesting, but I’m more curious about story line B.
    I love how Alex is expecting an apology or something and then gets knocked off his feet lol.

  9. I’m sad that more people aren’t voting for A. Can’t anyone else tell that it apparently has Indiana Jones AND Yoda in it?

  10. I like that Jeremy knows that Alex is kind of a douche and is just fine with him being kicked through wooden railing.

  11. Went with A, because it just felt right (and I figure we’ll eventually get both, so I’m not worried either way)

    And DAMN, Quinn has one hell of a kick (or the deck was rotting there, breaking through a board that way is crazy hard if its in decent condition)

      1. Looks even smaller than that to my view. Which means they are either shaped/molded 1×4’s or 1×2’s (which you can sometimes get away with in railings…) The thing you can’t get away with (assuming more than a 6-9″ drop into the lake) is the lack of spacers… Those look to be 3-4 feet apart, which isn’t supposed to be done do to the odds of a child simply walking through. And would make the already flimsy construction worse…

        1. I agree with the lack of spacers. Although, I’m only asking if you meant a six to nine inch drop into the lake, or a six to nine foot drop. Personally I didn’t think that there was a lake.

          I just did a quick look at it again to see if there was a splash, none. But the railings looked like they have a sort of plywood texture. Nothing against Chris’ artwork, but that seems to be the suggestion to me via abstract reasoning through visual interpretation of artistic means.

        2. When I was typing that it looked like it was over the lake. Either way the drop distance would stay the same. You don’t want a toddler walking/crawling of even a foot tall drop.

      1. 300 is enjoyable. The most interesting thing about it was the framing device: what you see on the screen is supposed to be the story as told by a soldier giving a pep talk to other soldiers. The story is a tall tale and the visuals give you the tall tale straight. So, the Persian king is shown literally to be ten feet tall, flights of arrows literally darken the sun with their numbers, giant scary beasts attack and are taken down mere inches from the soldiers, that sort of thing.

        People have complained that 300 is not historically accurate. Um… yeah. I think the “tall tale” aspect sort of went past a lot of people.

        There’s a prequel coming out next year, but I doubt I’ll like it. It’s hard to capture lightning in a bottle *twice*.

        1. I liked the movie a lot. It’s definitely worth a watch, but without children around, of course!

          Funny thing, actually. Apparently the legend and the historical stories aren’t too different. The legend says that there were ONLY 300 Spartans defending Thermopylae, while actual record states that 300 Spartans LED 8,000 Athenians into combat. So, the legend isn’t TOO different from real life- it just writes out the other combatants. Also interesting to note, is that Ephilates was a real traitor (not a hunchback person, though), and when Xerxes asked Ephilates what the Spartans had to offer, Ephilates said “Man for man, they aren’t much stronger than anyone else. But as a group, Spartans are nearly unbeatable.”

          That being said, I don’t know if the movie is based off of Dilios’s interpretation, or the legend itself… or perhaps… the legend is based off of what Dilios said! Mind blowin’… Still though, I would rather the story be a straight historical fantasy, than a tall tale because of an unreliable narrator. Either way, the movie was great.

          The way the sequel looks, though, is probably going to show history “as it really happened,” and while not featuring an unreliable narrator, will probably show just as much fantastic stuff. In any case, Rushe- you MUST watch it!

        2. The account I heard was that it was 300 Spartans and ~8,000 SLAVES, which might not have put the Spartans in a very good light.

          Also, the “man-hood’ trial of the actual Spartans was to sneakily kill a slave, not a wolf.

          I think a more interesting movie would be telling the story from the other side, with the Persians being the heroes, and the nasty fascist Spartans or something.

  12. I thought that clicking on the strip suggesting the two possible choices was the vote, and this is now the fourth – fifth time scanning today’s page. I did not see the poll tucked above the side bar strip with the two choices nestled below the lower right hand corner of today’s offering of vendetta.

  13. Ahh, that was highly satisfying. Our little Quinn is all growing up and stuff!

    At least she said Thank you to Jeremy. That was nice of her.

    So excited for the next storyline! yayay!

  14. Well… that was an ACTUALLY valid, polite response (all things considering) to both Alex and Jeremy. I seriously like the girls “little” more since the background of Alex has been revealed… douche

  15. Wow, Quinn is kicking butt(or crotch in this instance) and apolegizing! has the world ended??

    Jokes aside, i love how Alex got what he deserved and that Quinn is growing up :)
    As for the story Vote, i went for B couse i’m curious why Ellie is en what looks like a convention setting and i don’t want another horrible Star Wars rape story…

  16. Jeremy’s face in the last panel screams “please don’t hurt me” XD. But yea my respect for Quinn has gone way up! My vote is also for B. To be honest, I didn’t even look at the gump/star wars strips because I’m more interested in the main storyline. No offense to you, I’m sure it’s good because it’s your material, but not what I’m here for.

    1. Still, it was good satire, and explained Jackson’s crazy dreams on movie mashups.

      And it shows that people will pay money for that just to go out on a pretend date at second base.

  17. At last Quinn gets to go from sullen to kickey.

    And I went with B, ’cause that dude on the left looks boss.

  18. As a good friend of Alex’s, I’d bet Jeremy knew all about the nude Ellie drawing, and possibly even his hitting on KK and God only knows what else. I’m interpreting his expression as trying not to laugh because Alex deserves it (and Jeremy’s GF doesn’t know enough of the story for that).

    I don’t think A is another crossover. I think it’s walking through a wax museum, Halloween, or something along those lines. I’d guess the angry teen is Quinn’s brother, but the outline on the cast page is the kid, who has too much of an age gap for the previous history. I’d have guessed a flashback for Blind Guy if the kid (still young) wasn’t on the cast page. So I’m mainly curious who that’s going to be and how they’ll be related.

    For B, booth babe doesn’t seem quite right, because new character in the booth is trying to get her attention in a way that seems more like “hey, before you walk away” as opposed to her stationed right next to him for several hours. I’m guessing it’s something like a fall semester activity fair for the college Quinn goes to and Ellie heads there because she wants to get out more/be more social (toss-up if she enrolls and is a new student or decides to a take a cue from Eagan).

    Voting for A because I’m more curious about what it is, and I secretly hope it really is more Blind Guy back story (not that I don’t like Ellie, but Blind Guy’s story has been hanging for a long time now).

    1. Well, if you don’t mind my pointing this out, Jeremy was asked not to come back to the room the whole night, and that was probably when Alex and Ellie were at Subway. And since Quinn tore it down before approaching Jeremy (unknown if he’s an art major as well) I would wager that he had no idea about it. I don’t recall there being any easel/artist/drafting desks in their dorm room, and judging by the suggested size of the paper (11×17 or 18×24) it was from an art sketch pad. Therefore, easily transportable, concealed until posted, and devilishly left from Jeremy’s eyes if he were to come back that night at all.

      1. I’m not saying Jeremy would’ve noticed, I’m saying I think Alex is the type to have talked about it. Not necessarily bothering to add several “in my imagination” or “well, that’s what I was hoping for anyway” phrases to make his statements actually true. I’d have expected Alex to have shown Jeremy the drawing before he posted it.

        From there, if Jeremy believes it, that’s reason for Alex to deserve it, and if he doesn’t but knows Alex was trying, that’s also reason for Alex to deserve it.

      1. Thinking on that while looking at the possible actions involved makes me think that he got it between that point and the belly button somewhere. And I have to wonder if he’s named his fingers.

        There’s more than enough characters for each finger, primary and 1 secondary.

  19. I’ll admit, I was worried about how the uppance would come. It was beautiful. Single swift kick. Polite, well-deserved thank you. Ralph Wiggum-sim. So beautiful.

    Also, the poll made me go check out the cast page. Why don’t we see Pumpkin on the Sisters Buckingham?

  20. I have a question. Is it possible to move some of the comments on the comic posts to the forum? Maybe have a vote for which ones to continue to follow?

    If for any reason at all, just to be able to follow up on old stuff. I don’t want to make re-reading your comics a chore.

    Another reason would be to get more people into the forums!! Then we can all just keep saying, “A funny thing happened on the way to the forum.”

    >crickets. Alex hits the ground<

  21. I… I… I… just… wow… I want to completely high-five the Hell out of Quinn right now. *~THAT~* is what I’ve been waiting for. Whoo!

    Also, my curiosity about this voting thing… it makes me want to see both storylines equally… though I’m leaning towards “B”, only because, while “A”, seems to introduce a bunch of new shiney people, “B” seems to take place at the college… making me think it’s Ellie taking on college life, on top of a job… and then “hilarity ensues”.

    …either that, or she’s just passing out fliers, or something less “life affirming” or whatever.

  22. Now the question stands… did she pause to take a moment to explain to (the likely now very incapacitated) Alex why it was that he deserved that shot to the crotch, or did she simply leave in a huff? I hope she gave him a proper dressing down.

    On another note, as I read the comics, I keep hearing things about a Forest Gump crossover? Is my short-term-memory shot, or did I miss something entirely?

    1. Check out the comic strip titled- Life is like a box of midichlorians. It was released on April 2.

      You can find it on the archive page.

  23. Anyone else hearing, “This is SPARTA!” in their head as she kicked him there? Maybe it would be better to ask if anyone wasn’t? lol

  24. Douchebag needed a good kicking in the wookie……and I think she may of both scared Jeremy and earned his respect lol

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