The end of this chapter is still several weeks out, but it’s wide open after that. Originally, one of these options came before the other, but after mulling it over, either will work.

So please cast your vote in the right sidebar for which of two possible stories you’d like to come after this. I wont elaborate further on each panel, other than they’re both about a third of the way through either’s storyarc.  You’re all smart enough to see one character has already appeared, and one hasn’t. But each has a character in the cast panel. So you’re voting for which one you want uncovered first (both are to the left and right on Quinn and Ellie.) One is more of a self contained story, while the other is a catalyst to the rest of the panel being unveiled.

The blue pill or the red pill


As I’ve always said, I enjoy everyone’s suggestions, comments,  and interactions. This won’t be the first poll. So thanks everyone. And please take a second to vote, regardless of how lopsided the poll may be when you end up visiting. I can easily have another hour go by and 200 voters swing it the other way.