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I'm not one to be politically correct, but scientists found that while Pluto was originally a planet, it no longer identifies as one. So we need to respect its position as a Trans-Neptunian Object... along with all the other trans-planets.

I do have two new fanarts that I never got to publicly mention before the break, one from Money Guy Money thumb1 And the other from Banena Quinn thumb Banena is working on expanding her creation to include all the Buckingham sisters, so I'll post that when she's completed it. And speaking of Banena, I have no shame in posting this other photo since... Banena


52 thoughts on “Trans-Planets

  1. At least she isn’t Sailor Iron Mouse.

    I like the explanation from Shadowjack’s series, myself.
    *watching History of the Silver Millenium, that shows five gas giant planets*
    “…hey, Pluto’s not a gas giant!”
    “It isn’t NOW.”

    (dun dun dun)

    1. Or this quote that Shadowjack gave us:
      “I am Sailor 99942 Apophis! In the name of the Torino scale, there is a slight but measurable chance that I might punish you!”

  2. Actually Pluto is still a planet. It’s just classified as a dwarf planet, meaning that it is too small to clear junk out of its own way. I absolutely love the sailor cosplay.

      1. Charting the people who went omg like that, there would probably be a large overlap with the people who believe chicken isn’t meat.

        1. W… What. WHAT.


          Blowin’ my mind bro.

        2. Huh? That’s one I’ve never heard. I have heard vegetarians in the lunch line ask for the fish, then claim it’s not considered a meat. I even started a mini-argument over it as I was serving, and got pulled off the line and in trouble. *sigh*

  3. Yay! We’re back! Also, that ending was great. Glad to have you back! Also, something you may want to do, is maybe take all the deleted scenes and move them to their own area, that way when people come back to read they get a continuous storyline. But, will still be able to go see the deleted awesomeness.

  4. Wait, you mean I got it right? She IS Sailor Pluto? Geeze, even I thought I was just joking. Still not a hermaphrodite tho, called that one wrong.

    1. But but but… Pluto had dark green hair. Did she dye it in a fit of identity crisis after the scientists decided Pluto wasn’t a planet?

      1. Pumpkin is Sailor Trans-Neptunian Object, a new scout and leader of the also new: Outer-Outer Senshi. So it can be concluded she’s in charge of all the trans-Neptunian scouts, one of which would have to be Pluto.

        The markings behind her in panel 2 are the astrology symbols allotted to our solar system’s dwarf planets like Eris and Makemake, and so on. So we’re left to assume we meet the Inner Senshi, then the Outer Senshi (Saturn, Uranus and Neptunian) on the show, and finally, all the little dwarf Outer-Outer Senshi (including Pluto.)

        So I guess Pluto kinda got a demotion.. but she’s still there.

        1. Ah, the dwarf planets. Some readers may be surprised to know that at one point (as telescopes were improving in quality) new “planets” were being discovered almost daily. They were exciting (and confusing) times. Most of the largest asteroids in the belt between Earth and Mars were “planets” at one point. Pumpkin should have been the scout who is leader of the inter system orbiting debris. Which by sheer numbers would make her and her crew a force to be reckoned with.

        2. Okay, not just telescopes, but the outer planets were also found via mathematical plotting of the previously found planets, plotting their orbits and finding anomalies that could not be explained by their current knowledge of their observed orbital mechanics.

          I can’t tell for sure, but I think that Neptune, Uranus and Pluto were found through the mathematical way before knowing where to point the telescopes.

      1. Goofy is also a dog – his superior status can be attributed to his ability talk (albeit poorly), and possession of articulated opposable thumbs; both of which may be the result of a “mixed marriage” between his parents, which raises the REAL question: just what kind of kinky freaks were Goofy’s parents?

        1. Both Goofy and Pluto characters originated as a single entity, named “Dippy Dawg”. This gets significantly more confusing once this same “dawg” character is almost immediately specified as a sentient,talking character in one animation, versus a “dawg” creature intended to be a pet (which was first given the name Rover). Considering just how long Disney cartoons have lasted, this is truly first installment weirdness at its finest.

    2. And how long have love and justice been “girly $#!t”? Does that make Pumpkin particularly well-equipped to support such things being as she happens to be a girl? Or is she rebelling against same being the “one who makes Thanksgiving awkward,” she of the “intentional pixie cut and boyish-clothes”?

      1. I assumed “Love, Justice, and Girly Sh#t” were three separate entities. I don’t think “girly sh#t” was a description of the first two things, I believe they were all mutually exclusive. I dunno, that’s just how I read it.

        1. That’s entirely possible. I thought when the third term was separated it was used to describe the first two. But it could be a third term all its own. It doesn’t help that I’m not exactly fluent in Sailor Scout…would Sailor Pluto–now Sailor Trans-Neptunian Object–have a particular enthusiasm for “girly $#!t”?

      1. Yes, and after those eight seasons, Planet Nameck will have gone from only having 5 minutes before blowing up to 4:58.

        1. Remember the 20-episode special: “Gohan Makes a Sandwich”? Man, when that three-parter kicked in where he put mayo on the bread, I think I had a small coronary event.

        2. Dude, spoiler much? I’m still on the “Goku watches paint dry” story line.


        3. *pound a few beers* What about that hot new *hic* guy with the sword. He may have mommy issues but I will love to play as give him a good spanking.

  5. A Level 83 Sailor Scout?

    I’m gonna call it and say “this” is the one who actually fulfills the mutiny that Sailor Chibi-Moon (and the rest of the Scouts for that matter) failed to finish.

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