Have you ever wondered if FatFat is as cuddly as he looks? Well, now you can find out for yourself! For a limited time, you can adopt your own lifesized purple cuddle-monster. This very special crocheted McFatFat plushie is made with super-soft velvet yarn and entirely handmade by our very own Hot Female Fan. (I’ve lovingly nicknamed her “Claire.”)

We’re doing a short run of 20 FatFats. Along with each stuffed triple-bypass you order, you’ll also receive a one-of-a-kind 4″ x 5″ graphite sketch card in rigid plastic holder, drawn by local artist Chris Rusche (see above comic.) 
Order yours today on Etsy.

Yes, he is.

We’ve already sent out several orders of completed FatFat, and I really do appreciate everyone that ordered one so far. Anyone who has, or plans to, expect one of these sketch cards along with it. 

(Certain female weeb may have gotten one out of me for doing the hard work.)



All the cards will be included at random. I’m not saying you can pester Claire for which card you want

but you can probably try. :)