I know I do this a lot, but profuse apologies for being so late. I didn’t post an update notice just due to not really knowing. I wont bore you with a long story. Just a lot of the following for over a week:

Yes, this is rearing its ugly head again. I lost count of how many remote accesses I did after six. But it was a ton. Four months has passed since I bought this brick, but many more stories are cropping up online from new members of the Win10 BSoD Club. The less exclusive this club gets, the better for me honestly. We’re band-aiding and doing lots of process of elimination, but mostly holding out hope we see some legit causes and solutions blogged online. I can’t keep losing days on end of potential work with a computer that refuses to stay on for more than 5 minutes.

One piece of good news is I have a loaner coming in the mail from a hot female fan (shameless flirting.) It won’t be a powerhouse, but it can keep me moving.
Again, thanks for your patience. Sincerely. <3