May be a new addition to the cast page. :P

So someone that works across the room from me decided to pick of the skill of tablettry to help her future husband do pro-coloring and get comics out faster. I drew her while she was working.

She promptly colored it in retaliation.

Which is really not bad at all for her first ever attempt on the tablet. Can’t wait to exploit this to my advantage.

Did I say exploit?
I meant *nurture*

UPDATE 7-26-19 We had a number of hiccups getting the kids back from TN and settling in to our new routines with 6 people in the house. Will update you guys Tuesday. Again, profoundly sorry for the lateness, but new comic will be a long one and up ASAP. We’ve had a lot of little stresses and struggles but I assure you it’s coming together. :) Thanks again.