May be a new addition to the cast page. :P

So someone that works across the room from me decided to pick of the skill of tablettry to help her future husband do pro-coloring and get comics out faster. I drew her while she was working.

She promptly colored it in retaliation.

Which is really not bad at all for her first ever attempt on the tablet. Can’t wait to exploit this to my advantage.

Did I say exploit?
I meant *nurture*

UPDATE 7-16-2019: Guys, profusely apologize for being so behind. Still working on multiple comics at once but we have a grueling schedule of stuff to do the next 2 weeks and I’m running out of time for it. I have to leave to go pick up my kids in TN from their mom’s, which is 15 hours away. Have to get the rental car, get them, spend a day or 2 there, drive back 15 hours, then show the kids their new digs for the first time. Show them the property and meet Claire’s family that lives here. Gotta spend time with my family in TN cause this will be the first time we’re not doing upcoming holidays there, then do the all the important ‘new family’ stuff here in Texas. 

After that, I have to get Jackson with a new specialist here for his asthma, and go to all their school to get them enrolled and get their shots caught up before school starts at the beginning of August, etc etc CRUNCH TIME. Claire has one starting Kindergarten, and I have two new to the system in this state. Again, sorry, it’s so much to do at once, but it won’t go on forever. Bare with me. I’m shooting for the 24th to get the next installments up.