When Chris was working on this one, he asked me to help think of a trite-sounding love song title. You know, something that a teenager might come up with and say to themselves, “yeah, this is DEEP.” I immediately thought of a song that’s been dominating pop radio for months, but I couldn’t remember the name. Of course, our older kids were more than happy to help.

Me: “Hey guys, what’s the name of that sappy Harry Styles song about the fruit?” 

Chorus of three tweens: “Watermelon Sugar?”

Me: “That’s the one.”

Sometimes the best ideas are the first ones you come up with. I told Chris he should name it “Honeydew Honey”, but that was too short and not silly enough. Then I said, “Your love tastes like honeydew comma honey,” and he busted up laughing and went with that, “comma” and all.

Another thank you to everyone who has contributed to our baby registry so far, including Jennifer H.– here is one of our duckies enjoying several of your gifts:

You guys are all amazing, thank you for all the support!