UPDATE: I’m trying to get to my first convention appearance at the end of this month, and I am in a real time crunch with trying to get at least one more print ready for it. I need to get it finished this week to have a prayer of getting it finished in time. I don’t want to go with little to nothing promotion-wise for the comic to sell/giveout and just be sitting in a chair. I’ll show you guys when it’s done. I apologize firstly for a delay of the next strip over trying to get a print done since it’s extracurricular to the comic (but I have to set aside time for these since each comic takes about 12-16 hours to make.) I also apologize for not having an update sooner. I wrote this whole blurb about it last week but apparently I’m an idiot and didn’t actually update the page to show it. #DERP   Regardless, next comic and Patreon will be Wednesday. Thanks for the patience, everyone. :)  *awkward smile*

Ellie went through many typical forms of lying. Tried to use her date’s logic against him (pessimism.) Tried to insert his own wording (“Full disclosure.”) Half-truthed. Tried to play it off. Justified it.

I try to make most of the conflicts in the comic situational versus ‘contrived.’ In this case, Ellie put herself in a bad situation she honestly had no way out of if a date ended up actually working. So she’s learning to develop her most important quality yet. It’s one word. Starts with an ‘I.’