Finally bought my first tablet! Time to make Shotgun Shuffle completely digital (once I become coherent with it.) I’ll post a shot of it with the next comic. I feel really behind the times with never having one up until now.

The biggest reason I finally shelled out the cash for it after years of hesitation was time. I finally broke down and spent the money for the sole purpose of being able to make these faster. The most time consuming aspect is redoing the lines for these once they’re scanned (I say scanned, but really I just take a picture of each panel with my Nikon.) It’s too tedious. Time to retrain myself.

I think the most difficult thing about learning on the tablet, is I know for a fact the comic won’t look the same, or better for some time. So I may be still making these the old fashioned way until the tablet and myself come to terms with how I want it.

Till next time.