Well Quinn certainly jumped in friends on her FB page. A sure sign I have great readers. Thanks everyone.

I started designing some of these characters forever ago when I was deciding what to make a comic about. What characters, what clothes, what color schemes, etc… The guys in the car I originally started fleshing out about 5 years ago.

These are excerpts from an old comic I was tinkering with. Before Shotgun Shuffle was Shotgun Shuffle, I looked into self publishing my own comic. There were pros and cons to the idea, but the biggest con was the cost for each book. A regular comic book you’d pay 2 bucks for, would cost one of my readers almost 9 dollars (for p.o.d.) There were other avenues to get the cost down, but I eventually went with a webcomic, and much happier doing so.

I’ll do a good Ellie and Quinn run-down eventually, but they’re not even half-developed yet. The girls weren’t  in the original story concept, either. Richard, Eagan and James’ characters actually predate them.

You can see their models evolved even before first appearing on this site. Richard’s abacus stayed relatively the same.