Easily the hardest comic I’ve ever done. This took me two weeks. I had to get it right, because we will touch on it again. There will be a You and I Part 2, but it wont be the next comic (because these are two completely different Fleetwood Mac songs.) Loads of symbolism in this, right down to their color schemes. (Discuss amongst yourselves. :P )

I previewed parts of this to friends over this last week and they kept trying to inject jokes into it, and I’m like NO. NO JOKES. This is a very serious comic about the death of David’s wife.
But since I’m in the blog portion. I can now make jokes. If you wanted these two together..

Congratulations, your ship has sailed.

UPDATED-UPDATE:: Guys, it has been one rough week. I’m forced to push this off again. I am really really sorry to do this. We’ve had so many issues around the house, and I have been colossally fatigued all week. I’ll talk about this Tuesday when I post, but the comic is done aside from backgrounds. I just don’t see having enough time to get this up before I need to leave town tonight. Blergh. It’s good tho. Hang on.