I have another comic for tomorrow, which is half completed. Last week was insanely busy for me. Concerning the site, and concerning multiple other things in real life, etc etc, better late than never.

I got some fanart from a long time reader, Eric Clements, who runs the Bohemian Nights webcomic.

Eric’s been a friend of Shotgun Shuffle for a while, so please check out his comic here:


Also, I did a housekeeping update on Patreon a while back for anyone donating $50+/month. I have a whole PSD file started for those dwarfed caricatures of Patreons who responded. If you didn’t see the note, go check Patreon, because I did request anyone eligible to do me one small favor for completion. I’m hoping to get everyone at once, bu I’m going to move forward on completing those that responded so far.

Also, I still need to hear from anyone in the $100/month tier concerning their potential story pitch. If you’re not familiar, you get a cameo in the comic, for atleast three comics. One example of this actually happening in the story so far, would be with Heather, seen here:


Those are two snippets, of the three comics she appeared in. So, whatever the idea is, I need to know since I like to plan these out well in advance. It doesn’t even have to include yourself. Something along the lines of “THIS + THIS in a comic, please.” It honestly doesn’t matter. I can make hay out of anything.






Yeah yeah… some of you are sick to death of the vote. I know. But it’s over now and I want to thank everyone who cast one in for me. Or cheated like the devil for me. Or donated for me. Really, thank you all for any vote of confidence. I got some wonderful comments from Minna over at Stand Still Stay Silent, and many of her readers. They’ve really become our extended family through this competition. One of her readers even made this cute video:

I told the SSSS readers on their Disqus that it appeared they won the popular vote, and that if Shotgun Shuffle did get the title of ComicMix 2015 Webcomic of the Year (I guess that’s the title?) after the donations were counted, it would certainly be a shared victory. And if it didn’t, there’s no webcomic I’d rather lose to. Well I’m fairly certain it’s a shared victory. So congrats to both fandoms! I welcome all Minnions, Scandinavian tourists, and assorted trolls.

And while I have no ability to create my own Youtube tribute to celebrate…
This is the next best thing: