UPDATE 1/7/21: She’s here! Annalise was born the morning of New Year’s Day, and was the first baby girl of the New Year in Fort Worth. (9:25 am for those who were in the baby pool I noticed in the comments the last few weeks!) She’s doing just fine and already establishing herself as the queen of the house.


A new $10 Patreon comic featuring the future “Rumors” storyline (starts 2 years in future past the current timeline on the main site) is now up, and I think it’s one of the best Chris has ever done. I’m biased, however–so feel free to check it out and make your own judgement, lol! Chris is plugging away at the next main site comic, which should hopefully be up Tuesday. Expect a more detailed blog then about Annalise and other family stuff :) Thanks for all your support and patience – Claire


Guys, I’m flat running out of time to get Patreon done before we have to leave for the holidays. I’ll be driving all day tomorrow, then we’re spending 4 days seeing three different family members, in three different locations, across two states. By Wednesday we’ll be driving back 14 hours. This is the last chance for some of them to see us before baby Annalise gets here and we’re going to be locked in place for several years with an infant/toddler. 

So, in short, thanks for bearing with me. I’m sitting at my computer every chance I get to churn out art but I have a seasonal crunch on top of Claire being due shortly after Christmas and the kids have a great grandmother who wants to see them (and she’s pushing 90.) We have to go now. 

I can explain my frustration through previews if you’d like.

^Me still trying to shade 10 panels

^My ‘well established’ love of distance learning involving 4 kids

^Me before driving 13 hours tomorrow not being able to fit my PC and tablet in the car.

Also I’m nearly done with Ellie Fishnets

But yeah. Distance learning!
I really need to find this horse and beat it again. This crap just does not work.
Every one of our 4 kids has had their grades nosedive after being honorably discharged from school.
For instance:

This is one child. One class.
And they’re all having this problem. They don’t understand assignments, or they can’t find them in the system, or the teachers are just uploading them ‘whenever’ and the kids don’t know WHEN to find them… And if you miss an assignment by a day you gotta email the teacher to unlock it and explain what happened. So 8 teachers times 3 older kids. Then the 1st grader they gave a Chromebook to and wished us good luck. “We understand she’s still learning to read, and occasionally has accidents in her pants, but we’re sure she’ll understand logins and email and Captcha and everything else associated with this computer and the internet.”

You also have typical kid issues with ‘rushing,’ the fact that they’re not stuck in a class room for an hour with nothing to do BUT schoolwork (not as easily distracted,) and the peer pressure from other kids to not look.. frankly.. stupid. I paid attention in class a lot more knowing I didn’t want to look moronic when called upon. No one wants to be the “dumb” kid in class. At home there’s no comparison for the kids. There’s no subtle competition. They’re just an island to themselves. I hate it for me, and I hate it for them. It’s really no wonder National Testing has been postponed for 2 years. Everyone knows the scores would suck.

And bless poor Claire. When she’s not spending entire days trying to ‘fix’ poor grades, she’s spending hours trying to complete one assignment. We had a Rube Goldberg device consuming our kitchen for 24 hours waiting to hear back from a teacher if the device ‘took enough time from start to finish to complete.’ (Turns out it needed to be minimum 15 seconds, but we got a pass.)

I think the duck won science teacher man over.

Also, I don’t know if Claire has commented on it, but we have 42 ducks, 3 geese, and some 50+ chickens. This particular duck is Derpy. He’s one of two indoor ducks we have and he’s kind of a household meme.

He’s a crested duck. The kind with the little pom-poms on their heads. A common issue with this breed is they get irregular fatty tissue growth where their poofball are and it causes them to be severely imbalanced. He, unfortunately, can’t walk a foot without stumbling or falling over. So he has a little cat bed and sits in it by Claire. 

..and then I send her memes while she works.

Our other inside duck is Webby.

She’s a regular pekin. We ordered 2 females and 1 male, but she came in with two broken legs. Neither healed properly so she can’t walk. 
But that didn’t stop Claire..

She made her a little mech-suit. She’s now more machine than duck!
Some kind of..

But she eventually outgrew that and now watches kids play XBox with her custom homemade diapers. (Guess who made them..)

Anyway, I’ll be back to work steadily on Thursday, given that no baby has been born. If anything else comes up, I’ll certainly let you know. Please everyone enjoy your holidays and time with family!


UPDATE 12/30/20: Hey guys! We safely made it back from our trip, but we’ve both been wiped out — myself with days of false labor contractions (baby is still comfy and refusing to come out) and Chris with blown-out blood sugar levels from the limited eating choices while on the trip (I swear, a holiday road trip has gotta be the worst for trying to manage a diabetic diet). He’s finally feeling more like himself again though, and is back to work on the next comic, which hopefully will be up soon. Thanks for all your support, and wishing you all a happy New Year! – Claire