Well this was going to be two comics, but I was running so late on it I just kept them together for a singular post this week. Babies are super time consuming. Who knew.

Yes, in case you missed Claire’s update on the last comic, she had Annalise Violet Rusche on New Years. She was the first girl born for 2021 in Fort Worth, and she decided to be born during a snow storm in the middle of the night on New Year’s Eve right when all the bars let out. When she decided to stop trolling us, she was born at 9:25am on 1/1. We are really happy to have her, and she is super adorbs. Since then we’ve been doing all the follow up checkups for mom and baby and trying to get everyone settled in to new routines.

I debated this comic heavily with myself, but I was skewing more towards posting it since it seemed like a subject that would be brought up between these two, and especially by someone like Pumpkin. Claire’s been doing my flats regularly and always unmutes my dialogue folders in Photoshop to read what’s being said. When she reacted with  ‘I like this one’ I was finally 100%.

I have three mild strokes every comic.
1) When I first start shading and it looks like ass
2) When I’m running behind
3) Finalizing the dialogue.

Each one is met with the same reaction from myself, to myself: “God, I suck at this.”