Had to cut this one short. Kid’s intermediate school has a Covid outbreak. Called us and blew a whole in our week. Third time they’ve done this since September.
And it’s not just ‘some kid tested positive > contact trace to quarantine other kids they were around.’ No. This is the third time their bus driver hasn’t been following policy. All the kids are supposed to wear masks and have assigned seats for this very purpose.

So what does the driver let the kids do? Not wear masks and sit where ever they want. And this bus runs to three schools. Intermediate, middle and high school. So the whole bus gets quarantined while they review grainy videotape trying to figure out what kid is who. Bus driver constantly risks three schools to exposure, and puts dozens of parents out due to their laziness.
He literally looks like this.

..as he sits on his ass.

My 13 and 12 year old are both quarantined to one room of the house for 10 days since this infected girl apparently floated all over the bus and they sat near her one day. Just love rearranging the house for this purpose all the time depending on who is at risk.

Fun, yo.

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Thanks all! Love you guys.