Breakfast Club 2013





Gangnam Honor





Worlds worst fictional pet



Taylor Swift runs out of boyfriends

Taylor Swift runs out of people her own age

HE made me eat all those fishermen HE DID


Black Friday Observations Hulk webcam rage


Tandy forgets what movie again

The following strips are where I guide you through the undertaking of watching superhero movies with a small child. My son Jackson, who’s three, and later, Lily, who’s five. If you ever anticipate having children and don’t already, be prepared to guess what the plots of movies are, since you won’t hear jack-squat of the conversations for another 8 years. =)

Captain America with a 3 year old


Avengers with a 3 yr old


9 thoughts on “Supplemental

  1. Watching Marvel movies with your kids… HERRRR LARIUS! I was cracking up. I’m not sure if it was really funny because that reminds me of the latent thoughts in my own head or the fact that every movie I watch with my wife now…. she does the same thing. I’m good at following and predicting story line and she knows it. Sometimes I wonder if she enjoys throwing me off in the most critical scenes to ask me questions… Oh but I do watch movies all the time with kids… oh me… great stuff

  2. Ah, I still love the Taylor Swift ones and the ones with your son’s movie commentary. They never get old. (I forgot this page existed though.)

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