Please use the form if you are having technical difficulties regarding Shotgun Shuffle and Jessica will get back to you.

Technical Support

Technical FAQs by Jessica


Who are you? You’re not Chris!

I’m Jessica. Chris is the artist, author and creator of Shotgun Shuffle. I maintain the Shotgun Shuffle website and color some of the comics.

How do I register?

Go here. You will receive an email with your password.

How do I login?

Login on the right sidebar.

I forgot my password.

Go here.

How do I change my avatar?

Sign up for Gravatar with the same email address as your Shotgun Shuffle account.

How do I change my chat username?

You can change your chat username in the chat by typing in the field your name is in. It will take a little while to refresh the user list. You can’t change your account username.

The chat is lagging. What to do?


The comments are in the wrong order!

This sometimes happens when a comment is removed by an admin or the a new comic is added and someone didn’t refresh the home page and commented on an older comic.

Who are the admins and how do I contact them?

Chris and Jessica. Contact me through the form on this page. Contact Chris through the contact form here.

Why haven’t you responded to my comment?

I don’t always read the comments. The best way to get in touch with me is through the form on this page.

Great job coloring!

Thanks, although sometimes (most of the time) Chris has colored the comic. So great job Chris!

James is a real person??

If he isn’t, I guess my marriage to him wasn’t legal.