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A Community for Professionals

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61 thoughts on “A Community for Professionals

  1. If I may be forgiven a Simpsons reference here, that doesn’t sound like the Amish at all. It sounds like those shiftless Mennonites.

      1. If you are only working 8 hours a day, then it’s not a bad rate ($12.50 an hour), but how many hours is she working? If she earns $300 per weekend (so 4 times per month) that’s about $14,000 per year, or poverty-level wages.

        1. Depends on where you are. $300 a week for 52 weeks a year is $15,600, which for one person is mostly livable, if you’re in the right area. Remember she’s only paying like $200 a month for rent.

        2. Yeah, but remember the phone. That contract is lunacy. She needs way more dough than 300 bucks a week.

        3. Wow 15,600 is liveable. Where I am the median for “liveable” for one person is 50,000. That is the poverty line.

        4. I actually asked Rusche the question about rent way back, because I was trying to calculate the minimum amount that Ellie would need to make, and I live in one of those high-cost areas that skews my whole perspective. I don’t recall exactly what he said- I think it was around 400-600. It was definitely more than 200 though.

        5. That is nuts. Is that per month? Up here in Maryland the electric bills range from $50-$200. Our last electric bill was like $87…

        6. Especially Lakeland. I live in the next town over and my summer bills run close to $200, Lakeland electric is easily another $50.

        7. In the “summer” it’s about $300 a month up here on the north-eastern side of I-4.

          Greedy power companies + antique A/C unit contributed to that.

        8. I’m pretty sure that the $500 IS her half, so the TOTAL rent would be around $1000 (plus electric).

          If you know where I can get a 2 bedroom condo for only $500 per month, please PLEASE let me know. Because even compared to the inflated rates of the city I’m living in now, that sounds absurdly cheap.

          Also, are the electric bills in Florida so much higher because electricity is more expensive or just because people use so much of it? For example, the electric bill for my apartment can more than double for June, July, and August.

        9. In the Portland, OR area, rents are $1200+…
          My house payment is over $2400, my electricity bill in winter is $450-600, Summer $175-250. We’re still “paying for Enron”. (From my understanding, that will always be the case. Who thinks the electric company will lower their bills, permanently, by 50%???)
          Colorado was half of all that, easily, even with tougher winters…

          Looks like Florida is more affordable! Too bad it’s on the other side of the country…

        1. Dude, ALL hobos are free-range hobos. If they’re not free-range, they’re not hobos any more. They’re just bums.

        2. I think hobos in jail are still hobos unless they get a new job upon release from the holding cell.

        3. Nah, a hobo in jail is worse than an umpire who continuously makes bad calls. Besides, being in prison revokes their ability to be free range.

    1. Remember he’s running around with a debit card backed by a couple Canadians, who are not at all happy thus far with his marketing plan. And are likely growing progressively unhappier this entire time.

    1. LinkedIn works awesomely if you really don’t need it to find a job. You can find jobs without it, but there’s been times where I would get contacted by one of the top tech companies for a possible position.

      When I had no experience, I hardly got any LinkedIn messages. After getting it, it’s completely different

  2. Called it. Ellie has caught on to his perving ways. And I like the bait and switch Amish punchline.

    But what made me almost choke on a handful of sunflower seeds was the “urine for sale” guy being on linked in. I was expecting her to refer back to when they had a business arrangement. This was much funnier than the expected.

    1. And whoa.. the replies are WAY wonky. Shuffled to the middle of stack? Weird… at least now it looks like I managed to post sooner than I really did.

    2. I think it’s more of a cutting it off before it goes too far. Her statements to Pumpkin at the Hotel Room indicate she was already well aware of what’s going on.

  3. Nice to know Ellie isn’t quite cold enough to let him keep up the charade, even though she could use the money.

    I kinda want to see her take HIS job, though. She’d probably do a much better job of it.

  4. I’m proud to see Ellie is growing up and making sure to keep track of the people who she’s worked with in the past that may be able to help her again in the future.

    So now I’m wondering, since Ellie values her business connectivity with the Urine Salesman, if she’d accept a LinkedIn connection request from Danny or not.

    Also I’m expecting this conversation leads (possibly after he realizes she won’t go for this ploy any more) to gifting her with a webcam-equipped computer and getting her to have her own video channel on the site. Which, once she advertises to her Facebook connections trying to outdo each other, may give the site a pretty massive bump.

  5. Why am I getting thefeeling that Quinn’s gonna show up; say “Don’t I know you?”; and send Danny running for the hills.

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