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A Grassroots Movement

Apologies for the delays. That time of year when kids are getting out of school, and everyday has some kind of activity that requires me to be somewhere for hours.

79 thoughts on “A Grassroots Movement

  1. Looks like our little lazy lady has grown up. Now we will have to re-title her. I’ll start us off; How about ‘The Entrepreneur’?

      1. That sounds like a supervillain name. Somebody who sells machines to other supervillains designed to suck the energy out of things. Could even call the series they appear in “The Second Law.”

        1. Well, she IS hanging out with the 52. That strongly suggests supervillain, right there.

        2. She doesn’t know that she’s working for the D52. She only knows that she’s working for a skeevy dating company with bad practices and inept plagirism.

    1. Looking at the sneak peaks of sketches that Chris has posted on Facebook, I’m thinking that’s the direction we’ll be going.
      The Buckingham Sisters 7 to the rescue (and God help us all!!).

      1. Given that Tarra has had dealings with these folks previously, I wonder if there will be recognitions.

    2. I’m not really seeing that as much different than diverting the women’s march. Are her sisters genuinely interested in dating one of these guys? Or are they just there to bail out their sister?

      I admit, they might have friends that are interested.

      1. Well, Anise might be game for anyone with a good enough beard. Cinn might be game for another sugar daddy. Juniper might be game for an evening more generally. So half of them might find someone interesting to them here.

  2. And Wilf needs to go back to keeping his mouth shut and just looking like he might have an idea.

    Also, I think plan “traffic cones” is worth a shot.

  3. I thought it was funny how they just had that map for no reason, but then I remembered they were in a hotel and hotels just have those.

    I like how the situation’s taken on the appearance of a heist planning/war room scene.

        1. If you have to do it then it’s work. That’s basic Conservation of Entertainment! Thick McFly, think!

      1. It must be a regular occurrence, then. You know how many hotel maps list places and events that are nearby?

        “Only one block away is the weekly Women’s March.”

    1. They might be anarchists, or just really, really, enormously vengeful and not terrorists. Generally the label “terrorists” has some kind of political agenda that they’re attempting to use fear to accomplish.

      If they are terrorists, I really wonder what their agenda’s going to turn out to be.

        1. A crack commando unit wrongly imprisoned by the US military? Today they survive as soldiers of fortune and dating website operators? If no one else can help, and you can find them, maybe you can hire D52?

          I don’t know. I think it’s been done.

  4. Due to logistical constraints, I can only imagine Ellie doing a Summoning of her own. (Who knew Dheu had sisters, let alone LOTS of them, and desperate as well?)

  5. I wonder if she’ll be calling on the sisterhood of trashtalking AOLers from the start of the comic.

  6. Apparently Kirk is doing something around here, he’s been seen. Maybe he can go out to Orion and grab some women from there

  7. “We’ll just move some traffic cones and divert them here.”

    Funniest joke you have written so far, I think I scared my neighbors by LOLing.

  8. Is there any hope that the storyline of old tired guy and his stupid website is almost over with? It’s gotten a bit old. And tiring.

    1. After a serious drought, Chris was doing pretty good with his output for a few months there:
      4 strips in March;
      6 strips in April
      4 strips in May
      And one strip this month (so far).

      We’re a bunch of greedy bastards, Chris, so let’s not have a repeat of this past winter.
      Please tell us a story!!

        1. No offense meant, but I really love his artwork, humor, style and story lines.

          Sometimes I feel like a junky: I just want MORE!!

        2. I can understand and sympathize with wanting more, but I’m always leery of the degree stress interferes too. I’m much more likely to go in the direction of an interesting observation that hints towards “more please” than say something outright.

          For example, I might mention that I found very interesting the author post under the comic http://monstersoupcomic.com/?comic=page-64-the-room where she talks about an excerpt in a book with a bit of an empirical experiment which gave an example of pursuit of perfection leading to worse results due to the people pursuing quantity having more practice and ability to improve. Comparing that page (which she said she put on a time deadline and didn’t let herself be as perfectionist with) with the previous page, I can maybe find a few little things where I can spot differences, but I’m not certain of those and I certainly didn’t notice anything until going back specifically to look.

          I might also throw in a mention of some of Rusche’s previous statements that his art for 10-20 comics ago tends to bother him for not being up to standards he wants, and mentioning that going faster might have a quicker turn for that disappointment with old comics, but would also allow more area for practice in a shorter time period.

          I also generally throw in something recognizing that he has to work as is fulfilling for him.

          Basically I just try to aim for concrete ideas and suggestions and try to leave any stressing factors out if I can. I’ve been burned out from a job before, and it takes so much longer to recover than it takes to burn out. That’s really what I worry about with Rusche.

        3. I know that I can sympathize with Chris. When I was taking Photography and a few other classes that used a technical style of creativity. I wanted to get as much as I could to be more than just that. A teacher was putting pressure on me, and suggesting that I didn’t need the extra time as suggested by my university’s student assistance center (disability etc.). He kept telling me that I needed to get the project’s foundations as quick as possible as well done as possible and then put the finishing touches on the project instead of my taking part a to it’s possible excellence and then going onto part b, part c, etc., etc., and so on and so on. It did take a bit of time to get to the point of adjusting to that. But it seems to be something that keeps cropping up in different instances of life, for me that is.

  9. Delurking to say hi.

    Hi! And I wonder if Ellie’s going to call on. …No, wait. Pumpkin is underage, so are her friends. Quinn doesn’t have any (possibly, maybe).

    Eagan? He’s a DJ, he can drum up a party, probably.

    Or maybe girls from the convention? That she. ..stayed in touch with. ….Okay, yeah, I’m out of ideas. Oh no,wait, the Canadian Whose Name I Can’t Recall! He has a big website! Could put up an announcement on it,mebbe?

    Also, kinda wondering when we get to see the day of doom at the burger place. I remember that being hinted at,way back when. Maybe it’s just because I’ve read Carl Hiaasen’s Bad Monkey, where the main character was a food and safety inspector in Florida. Apparently there’s a rule about counting *live* roaches, so the guy rigs up a vacuum cleaner to a plastic baggie and sucks them up so he can count them and make sure he only gets them once. I’m just picturing the food inspector trying that with the ratanchulas……

    1. For seeing more about what happened with O’Jacks, I think that’ll be a while.

      As per the author post with comic Ratches (current post date October 11, 2013), the third major arc in the story will go back to that point and follow another thread starting from that time (I believe KK was listed as a primary character for that arc, so might follow her). As per the author post with comic Pick your Paranoia (current post date May 18, 2015), we’re currently in chapter 5 of 10 for the first major arc. I don’t remember where it was stated more clearly than the implication in the Rachtes post offhand, but I thought that the second arc followed after the first chronologically. So I don’t think we’ll be back in time to look at what happened at O’Jacks until the third major arc.

      1. This…is egg salad. Loaded with cholesterol. My wife won’t even let me–

        …oh wait. Wrong speech, sorry.

      2. Uh oh, that reminds me. We’ve got to get a welcome basket together!

        We haven’t had one of these in months! All we’ve got right now is a cardboard box half-full of dryer lint and a 10 percent off coupon at Ames! That hasn’t been valid since 2002!

        1. A welcome basket just doesn’t seem like a welcome basket without inedible stale pastry of some sort.

  10. Given the dire situation here, I really don’t see the women’s march diverting plan as THAT bad.

    1. Where else are they going to find almost 800 women on short notice?

      …I mean that literally. Rusche, please tell us!

        1. It’s a well known rule that we are all apparently SUPER attracted to our parallel universe, opposite sex selves.

  11. So… I went back and compared the shot of Ellie’s back from ‘Binders Lacking Women’ dated 5/9/17 with the ones in ‘New Users’ 5/28/14 and ‘You’re not my real mom!’ 7/25/14 and I’m wondering, is Ellie’s hair supposed to be noticeably longer?

    1. Probably so. A long time back, she told Quinn she was still growing it out from the last time she lost a fight to one of the sisters.

  12. So… while checking in today for some sort of update I noticed the joke in the first panel. “At least two Ukranian hookers…” Guess he isn’t sure about the other Ukranian women that he knows.

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