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A Gravitational Constant

Pumpkin used Tank Top...it was Super Effective! And from the looks of things, perhaps a bit TOO effective... Hey guys, it's Claire! Chris immediately crashed into the sleep of 100 years upon finishing this comic, so it's been left to me to give you all your semi-regular dose of Rusche Fam happenings. Things have been pretty busy around here lately, with lots of new baby ducks (some more came in today!), kids activities at school, and the arrival of allergy season in North Texas. Two of our kids are heavy allergy/asthma sufferers, to the point that when we took them to the allergist for a screening two years ago, the allergy sheet they sent back home with us was more of a "here's the measly handful of items your child is NOT allergic to" list. Naturally this time of year is pretty hard on both of them, but this time around the oak pollen is hitting ALL of us hard. All of the kids have been coughing constantly, our normally white car is currently a pale shade of "neon pollen green", and even Chris and myself have been sneezing and congested-- and neither of us has ever had allergy issues before. Hopefully we can get some significant rain soon to help knock this crap down out of the air and bring some relief for everyone.  Little Annalise recently turned 3 months old, and she's a bubbly little fusspot who loves to cuddle all day. Thankfully I've managed to detach her from me long enough to start being somewhat productive again around the house and by returning to some hobbies like gaming and streaming on Twitch. We started letting her try baby cereal and applesauce last night, and she practically wolfed it down before sleeping 5 hours straight. It was heaven. Speaking of Twitch, here's a little animated gif Chris made for my channel that I thought you guys might like: Hope you all are doing well, and I'll post some pictures of our duckies and baby in the next update. See you then! - Claire

41 thoughts on “A Gravitational Constant

  1. Hey, I actually happened in pretty early! Nice to get an update and I will have to add your twitch to my rotation, Claire! As far as the comic goes, it looks like pumpkin has found out the weakness of having exceptional assets sooner than I figured.

    1. Oh hey, that’s nice of you! My channel name is ClaireBere. Been streaming a lot of Dead By Daylight lately, also planning on some Resident Evil soon and a new co-op game called It Takes Two. I will be playing that one with Magus62M, who you may know from the comment section here. I’m generally live sometime starting around 9 to 11pm central and going for around 3 hours or until baby wakes up. Taking tonight off to get some rest and hopefully get over this allergy headache.

  2. With great…uh, topography comes great power. and we all know what comes with great power. Be careful Pumpkin.

  3. Lol the irony of this is considering who won the cosplay contest in the last one she was in, accurate weaponry representation might just work.

  4. It’s painful to watch this go on, mostly because I used to be a teenage boy, and the construction of a flimsy pretext to get best positioned to gaze is all too true for some of us. We even imagined that we weren’t effing obvious about our intentions and actions, though any rational observer would see otherwise. Nothing like looking in the rearview mirror to make one wince and cringe.

    And this might be the last time that Pumpkin pays attention to anything that comes out of Tarra’s mouth.

  5. Cheap follows from broke. It’s a natural condition. When you don’t have it to begin with, you’re very, very careful about what you do with it.

  6. The part I find unrealistic here, is that they’re all just now realizing how hot she is. It’s not like she wasn’t hot in everything else she wore. :p

  7. It took me legitimately researching to figure out that sheet music was the hamster song, which I probably should have recognized sooner once I could hear the notes.

    Love the reference though lol

    1. It’s the whole “Clark Kent’s Glasses” thing. She hid her hot in hoodies, bound her bosom against bounce, and cos-played away her curves. Those in the know weren’t fooled, but everyone else was blind to her bazoombaz, till the blitz.

  8. Behold the power of the “girls” and tremble. One must use the power wisely for we are simple folk and are easily distracted.

    1. I figured I’d hardly be the only one to come up with the Uzaki-Chan reference. Although I’m thinking Pumpkin might be a bit too tall, since Hana Uzaki’s other obvious attribute is her lack of height.

  9. (Amazing what a couple of months and a tank top will do to people’s memories.)

    Just realized something.
    Pumpkin doesn’t have that scared look on her faced from looking at Richard. Her eyes are not focused on her left, rear side. She’s looking forward and into the room.

    There’s something else in that living room that has her horrified beyond words. And its coming this way….

  10. I’m so happy to be a part of this event. Learned a lot from the most influential people and brightest minds within the community as well as countless opportunities for networking, code sprints, and informal conversations.

    1. Next time, perhaps you could learn how to program a bot that speaks coherently and related to the situation. Yours is better built for a hackathon than a comic.

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