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A Hot Girl’s 180

Next one's coming on Wednesday. My apologies for the frequent schedule flops. I ended up being out of town for another weekend.

187 thoughts on “A Hot Girl’s 180

  1. *laughs* Ellie’s man and Quinn’s man together…a nightmare for either of them. I love Ellie’s quick reaction. And Oh! First! I’ve never been first before, awesome. > <<

    1. That was the one benefit of the midnight schedule I was working a few months ago, I got first comment quite a bit. It’s cool isn’t it?

      1. There is the distinction of being first. At least you don’t get chewed out by some of the other people for claiming it, like on a webcomic about an old redhead that I read.

        Insomnia used to work for me a bit helping me to get that spot.

        1. I myself claim first comment on a webcomic about some precocious kids quite often, though I just don’t have the mentallity it requires to say “first”.

        2. I’ve got no problem with people adding an “Oh, and hey! First!” to their comment, myself. Only if that is their whole comment.

        3. Totally agree with this right here^^

          There is at least one web site I know of where an automatic script will put a substantial time post lag to any “First” post. Which I think is hilarious and appropriate.

        1. Sure she would. By the way, you don’t still wash your hair with that Pantene do you? The one you can smell from ten feet away every time you swish your hair?

        2. It’s funny, I never see her shampoo anywhere in the bathroom. Mine must be a new, stronger concentration though because I can always smell it in the bathroom even after she uses i- HEY!

  2. …And the rest of my comment got cut off for some reason. ….*debates about repeating self even though no one would know I was repeating myself since none of the rest of the comment even showed up*…Eh. Good thing hottie-Mr. Steven is blind I said. XD

    1. It got cut off because you used the left/right bracket things. It makes the comment thingy think you’re setting up to do some kind of HTML thing. I did the same thing a while back.

      1. I fell to that once too. It didn’t like another type of bracket either, can’t remember if it was square or curly.

        1. Weird, I could’ve sworn either curly or square brackets got cut out one time. I know parenthesis and single and double quotes are fine, but maybe I hit a different escape character for WordPress and didn’t notice at the time.

        2. A character that software interprets as something other than just plain text in a nominally plain text field. With the angle brackets, it’s probably interpreting them as an attempt at markup (something HTML-ish would be my guess). If I’m guessing right, there will be a paragraph below this that’s bold.

          Attempt at using markup to turn this bold.

        3. Two, maybe three questions. . .

          1. Did it stay that way?

          2. How did you do that?

          3. What will Mr. Lavender and Mr. Not Mine think of it?

        4. Google ‘HTML tags cheat sheet’ or something similar. I looked for ‘markup in wordpress comment’ and found some things that suggest there are some theme dependencies and site configuration bits that may change what is or isn’t available for use. Previous experiments not intending to be markup show that it hoses things a bit and leaves out portions of the comment when it’s an unrecognized tag.

          In general, tags are letters/words inside angle brackets. You mark the start of an area with the word and then the end with /word. Boldface is ‘b’, so the item above (using parenthesis instead of angle brackets) was done with:

          (b)Attempt at using markup to turn this bold.(/b)

          I think ‘i’ is italics, and there are more, but my conclusion a bit over 15 years ago when I looked at HTML was that I could always look it up later if I needed it so I don’t remember much of it.

        1. That apostrophe is not supposed to be there.
          You have either made a contraction of “love is” or said that love possesses ray. Niether of those would be correct in this scenario.

    1. If you’re talking about Ellie’s reaction, it’s showing her and Quinn essentially in the same situation, even after Ellie criticized Quinn for being foolish about it. They both got shut down on their own advances, and now they’d rather avoid their corresponding love interest. They’re obviously both embarrassed.

        1. That’s what I was thinking too. Quinn wasn’t really shut down. In fact, Ian said he liked her. I’m thinking the awkwardness comes from the fact that he saw straight through her, and knew that she was being dishonest. The fact that he could see her so clearly is probably what cut her so deeply, and I’m thinking THAT’S what her problem is right now. Not that Ian shut her down, but the fact that she likes him, he KNOWS she likes him, and he knows the kind of person she is. Quinn isn’t in a good position right about now- Ian holds all the cards (well, that’s probably what she’s thinking), and that puts her in a bad/awkward position.

        2. Well, if she can’t have it her way right now, then she’s shut down until she learns how to handle it right?

          But to take a look at what you’ve said, Ian said that he’d be in like 18 clandestine relationships if he went with the girls who just wanted to be perpetual girlfriends. I don’t think that Quinn has that in her conscious thoughts. Subconscious, plausible. Consciously? Denial, big time.

          I’d say that either she doesn’t know how to handle it per se, or perhaps she wants to finish the semester and deal with the personal growth over Christmas break.

  3. Wow, I’m kinda surprised that Eagan would make a joke like that, or that he would think of it in the first place lol. Either he watches a lot more old movies than one would think, or he’s a lot smarter than he lets on.

    Either way, nice attention to detail :)

      1. November and December are 3/4 of the workload for the year where I work lol, been hectic to say the least. Its good to be back :)

    1. One of his jobs is working in a video store, so I’d imagine he’s watched as many movies as he wants (put them on the monitors on repeat during his shift if nothing else).

      1. Speaking here as a former video store clerk, not necessarily. If he worked at a small mom-and-pop sort of affair, sure. If he worked a chain store, they may have a branded tape of trailers they want shown.

        1. Sandlot and Stand by Me, right? Maybe even the Little Rascals, and every movie that has that house that is next to the empty lot where all the kids trespass and play baseball and hit it into that house next door. Hey Mr. Wilson.

  4. Can someone smack Quinn upside the head? Eagan told her to come back once she’s made up her mind… and she’s not dating anybody anymore. What is she waiting for to talk to him again???

    1. Maybe she doesn’t feel like she’s in a good place in her own head and wants to get a few things straightened out for herself alone first.

      If she hasn’t grown that much as a person yet, she might also want to take more time to be ready to counter his arguments or be the type to decide to want nothing to do with him now.

      1. She does have to keep her grades up and visit her brother as well as keep El — Mr. Lavender as a roommate and be less anti social. So, dating Eagan and being less anti social would be a major chunk of time, movies and dealing with Richard and James, which she’s done before thanks to DDR.

        But I think that if she has any ideals on getting ahead in life academically, she’d have to finish the semester first and then slobber over Eagan during Weekend at Bilbo’s while Richard is stuffing James’ head into his giant tub of overly buttered popcorn…

        1. Depending on her major, her aptitude, and the college, keeping up good grades may not take much effort. I think she’s in first semester of her second year, which is still fairly pre-req heavy for most majors.

          For me in CompSci, which I had good aptitude for and it was a relatively high workload college, I didn’t actually have to buckle down until the second semester Junior year. On the other hand I had a friend who nearly failed out of MechE and CompSci and then switched to Business just to get some kind of degree and then didn’t have to put any work into it. Even in the hardest majors, there were always some people with a good aptitude for the work that had it easy and even some of the easy ones had some who really didn’t and struggled tooth and nail the whole way.

          I don’t recall anything specific story-wise indicating the difficulty of Quinn’s degree program and her comparative aptitude for it.

          James & Richard would also be good practice for being social, as they’ll be relatively forgiving when she screws up and James will take a fair amount of patience at times.

        2. Forensic Science? I’m sure that Quinn has the mathematical and chemical knowledge required. But mixing love and physics? That near Warp Core Breach catastrophic levels.

          We all know that love and chemistry go hand in hand.

        3. James is so blind to Quinn’s attitude by her feminine quotient that he don’t care. He just wants to sit next to her in order to attempt to get one tiny carbon dioxide molecule that was just exhaled from her one of her alveoli.

          I hope that two things happen from this scenario. 1, James gets better radar capacity for decent women. 2, Mr. Not Mine grows a pair and kisses Eagan after growing up some.

  5. Ha ha ha… 180…
    But seriously I’d do that too. Awkward situations are no bueno in my book. Me no likey.
    And I don’t know if I’m just missing something but I was hoping since Quinn and butt face broke up that the Ian thing would go somewhere….sigh….

  6. it took me awhile to realize why Ian looks so different – this is the first time we’ve seen him without his backwards-turned baseball cap

  7. Is it just me, or am I being given an awful lot of verbal abuse this storyline? You’d think the fact I’m here would at least get me a “thank you for helping to shop for a family that isn’t yours” or something.

    1. Really with this, Not Mine? You’re given a nice Thanksgiving dinner, complete with to-go plate, and you complain about everyone else’s lack of gratitude? Besides, it’s a fair bet they’ll spring for that Denny’s breakfast coming up too, so pitch in a little, huh?

        1. Oh please. You just got out of a fight with this girl. You know what name calling is, and this ain’t it.

    2. Probably not. You might get a present out of it. Maybe. Don’t hold your breath. You’ll turn blue, and we already have a Mr. Blue.

      I still think Ellie’s the better candidate for this store. Mr. Steven(s?) will be out in a few minutes. Eagan’s going to be there for hours.

        1. Well, yes, but he’s in the department Eagan is working, which means he might hear her when she gets the Blu-Ray rung up, especially if she has to ask for it to be unlocked or something (depends on which layer of Retail Hell he’s working at). So she at least has to wait ’til he’s out of earshot.

          And since he’s blind, he’s got super-hearing*. So she’ll have to wait for awhile after he’s left the store, even. Hell, it’s amazing he hasn’t just sonar’ed her chest and picked her out of the crowd.

          *: It is possible that everything I know about blindness, I learned from Marvel Comics and samurai movies.

        2. I think their canes are made out of a material capable of cutting several feet of carbon steel or titanium too.

        3. I’ve known a couple blind people.
          It’s not that blind people can hear more than seeing people. It’s that they’ve trained their hearing into a much more acute sense. They are better at Listening.

        4. In the non-joking sense, I’ve heard that there’s some evidence that the brains of people who lose their sight or hearing, at least, will adapt and start to re-map portions of the brain normally associated with the sense lost into areas usable by what remain, and the same should be the case for those born without a given sense. I’m not sure how much that makes the sense “better” but it would have to make it more useful and able to do a bit more. If nothing else it would improve the normal interpolation we use for recognizing things.

          The brain can be kind of amazing in what it can adapt to and heal from, so it makes sense in that light.

        5. so by way of metaphor, it’s not that the chipset gets upgraded, it just has better bandwidth supporting it?

        6. Something like that. If I were going computational metaphors, I’d go supercomputing or VM server route and say that the remaining sense gets the majority of the node/CPU/RAM allocation/shares from the lost sense. I/O channel increase works too, though.

        1. Might have been Pappa B. I’d bet Ellie was the one tasked with getting something for Quinn (or maybe she’s doing so on her own with her own cash).

        2. Considering he didn’t have enough time to come up with a code name, I doubt my name is on a list. He seems like the type to have all of this planned out to the smallest detail at the end of August, with customized gifts for everyone picked out.

        3. Meh. Always so skeptical. If my mom were here, which she ain’t, but that’s not the point. If Rosemary is anything like my mom, then you’d have a gift under the tree whether you expect one or not.

          You just can’t see it, because the girls all went in Mr. Grey’s van. You were there. Maybe she pulled him aside before he left the house and whispered something in his ear.

          Besides, you put up with Ell– Mr. Lavender. So, maybe she got you a gift card for that shampoo and pet food emporium between O’Jacks, the Comic Book Store and Get Mart. You know, the one where they shampoo parrots with the mayonnaise and dogs with the pesto.

    3. I interpreted it as you warming up enough to not push people away before they speak their minds and having some degree of caring/concern enough to want to push you (either friendly teasing or pushing you to improve as a person).

        1. The Mr names were in case of trouble with the law, which makes me wonder if “dead-eyed troll” is a legal alias for Cinn. I mean, I could certainly see it being the case.

  8. Do aunt Ellie and her friend have my present on this list? Please tell me someone competent got me this year.

    1. Say that too loud around your Aunt Ellie and she’ll put you on your Aunt Anise’s list (possibly even going so far as to call her and ask her to “write it down” so she can remember and you’ll get her interpretation of that gift for years to come).

        1. Nah, or not this time at least. I’m just giving a warning before consequences are incurred. Mean would be egging him on to say it louder and to get a bit more passionate about descriptions of incompetence.

        2. Well, it was either that, or “You’re Fun.” from “Megamind.” But I don’t know. How’s the weather where you’re at? I have dangerously low temperatures and a wind chill alert. What’s that? -25 degree wind chill. Instant appendage coloring without proper sartorial coverage, let alone the insurance to pay for it all.


          Well, I suppose that I could wear more than a bathing suit and flip flops to go to the neighborhood $1 store. . . But it won’t be as fun to see their faces when I walk in without having to have used blue body paint.

        3. Yeah, but it’s easy to trend into blackened (permanently) with those kinds of wind chill. Mr. Blackened Blue doesn’t have the same ring to it (though it does have a certain something…).

        4. Dang, I’m having trouble getting my avatar to show up the same way twice (Not sure what email I used to get Anise). This beats Cinnamon, though. Maybe.

        5. Similar. We were lucky not to get the predicted 6-12 inches of snow first (it was downgraded to 1-3 but I haven’t checked what we did get), but it was rain all day just above freezing and waking up this morning to somewhere between -4 and -9 with it supposing to drop to between -12 & -17 overnight. I think we’re getting 35 mph gusts too and that’s active until tomorrow at 1 or 2 AM. Windchill is in the -25/-35/-40 range at different times of day/night. Pretty well everwhere that sold groceries or gas had a busy day around here on Sat. I know I have no intention of setting foot outside today and probably not tomorrow.

          Weather channel currently says -8 feels like -34 and that we got 1 inch of snow. I don’t think I can tell the finer points of how temperatures feel past -10 or so, though, so I’m going to just take their word for it.

        6. I hear you. Where I am, highs are only in the 60s. It’s annoying to have to remember to switch between a/c and heat depending on the time of day.


        7. We get that annoyance too, it’s called fall and sometimes early winter (for us).

          See, I was expecting someone from Alaska to tell me I was a pansy for avoiding such paltry weather, to which I wouldn’t have argued and freely admitted my own lack of heartiness.

        8. You want pansy, how about having a panic attack about who to call about the heat pump not having an emergency heat coil installed with the air mover. And then going to pull the cover off of the thermostat and seeing that the E, W2, W3 slots do not have any wires in them. So, I can just put the slide on emergency all day long and the temperature will go down.

          Although, if I could have gotten my hands on the cash, I’d be in a suite right now, cozy, comfy and waffles for breakfast. Okay, so it wouldn’t be a suite, just a room at the Drury.

      1. I was saying that Aunt Ellie is competent. I can’t speak for her friend, but she survived the sporking of the turkey. I just don’t want to be on Aunt Cinn’s list again

        1. The 15 second improvisation on “Run! The monsters are coming!” is quicker thinking than most anything we’ve seen so far.

      1. I think Andy’s a little young to be speculating about one of his aunts “making Thanksgiving awkward” though Quinn does deserve the speculation for starting it.

        1. What would have been awkward would have been a full scale cat fight in the living room before dinner began. I just wonder how many sisters would aid and assist Mr. Not Mine in that endeavor?

        2. It’s Cinn, I don’t think her provoking people to attack her counts as awkward any more, more just business as usual, possibly even for Ginger’s brood.

  9. I never really saw Eagan after all this, Last I heard, he was wrestling under the name, “The Great Eaganbino”

      1. I heard that he accidentally backed the free flashlight movement, and now the combined efforts of the Duracell, Energizer and Eveready companies have joined together to thwart the threat of snuggies in American University classrooms.

  10. I know it’s artistic license and just for the story, but my first thought reading this was, “Damn! A blind guy managed to get out to do Black Friday shopping safely?” I wonder if he had to punch out any more old men to make it there safely.

    1. Yeah, but who says he’s safe now? That blue light flips on in Aisle 9, boy, and he won’t know which way to jump to avoid the flabby stampede.

        1. Sunglasses? That’s your plan to avoid a Black Friday death by trampling? You’ll charm the scrum of half-mad bargain hunters by…denoting to them?

          Maybe you’re only smart about other people.

        2. I am six foot eight inches tall. Large frame, scruffy hair. I think that I’m taller than Hulk Hogan, but shorter than Andre the Giant.

          So, at least a decent reference would be that one movie where the pirate is always going, “As you wish.”

        3. Dragoon’s gravatar is a suit of power armor from Fallout 3. While it’s not possibly that of the Enclave–a group represented in the game whose motives are much less than pure and more like post-apocalyptic fascism–it was fun to suggest that the Enclave had found its way here. Fallout 3–indeed, the Fallout universe as a whole–has an exciting mythology that’s quite worth catching up on even if you don’t play the games.

        4. I’m sorry; I meant it’s POSSIBLY NOT that of the Enclave. It could be a Brotherhood of Steel piece, or even potentially a New California Republic item. A lot of places have power armor.

      1. Depends on how well he knows the store. As I understand it blind people tend to memorize location layouts, and he would hear the rumbling of the stampede before others.

        On the other hand, memorizing a store layout pre-Black Friday and assuming it’ll help on Black Friday with piles of other random things that wouldn’t fit on the shelf or they’re trying to push in the aisles would be a significant hazard. Would be similar to the blind dog we had when I was a kid. Dad didn’t think about it and tended to park his truck in different spots, which the dog would frequently the hard way running down the hill to the house.

        1. Well, given that I’ve known a few blind people over the years. Two of them personally, although he was very much legally blind. But he made use of the cane a lot. And it was a collapsible cane.

          Plus we only see one of Mr. Stephens’ hands.

  11. Wait until Wednesday?! What do you mean, you actually had something to do on the weekend that makes my free webcomic off schedule?? That’s just… just…

    completely understandable. Hope it was something fun, and not “stuck in a snowdrift.”

      1. I’ve only done that when it looks like it’s been abandoned, and I will still look to see if they updated again every six months or so.

        I do appreciate the post update when comic is missed, as you have today, though.

        I add my well wishes and hope snow and ice weren’t giving you trouble this weekend.

        1. I got caught in a bunch of blinding rain driving 2 1/2 hours back from Nashville. Temperature was dropping about 10 degrees each hour.

          Woke up to my car doors being frozen shut this morning, tho.

        2. You’re also a father with a full-time job. If life gets in the way, we understand you’ve got other commitments that need to come first. Besides, if anyone questions your commitment, the quality of the webcomic speaks for itself.

        3. Chris, you’re miles away from being inconsistent.

          Check into Everblue, or CRFM. I Just dumped Red’s Planet, but that might just have been because it’s kind of dumb.

          SS rocks so it’s worth the wait…

        4. That’s definitely not fun, but I’m glad to hear you just had some transient stress with no lasting/costly negatives (like wrecked car, frozen pipes, ice-inspired injuries, etc). I was pretty lucky myself, but I’m sure some were not with the negative temps and high winds.

        5. Ditto on the abandon threshold; it sometimes takes me up to 2 years of hoping something turns out till I give up the bookmark.

        6. I’ve actually had one webcomic I follow come back to life after more than a year of hiatus. So the same for me. It takes me at least a month of no lifesigns at all to stop checking every two days or so (will still do so once a week though) and at the very least 18 months until I actually give up and delete my bookmark.

        7. I have enough webcomic bookmarks for comics that I intend to get to but haven’t gone through the archive crawl yet and don’t want to start part-way through, that the abandoned comic bookmarks are still the minority, so I just leave them in place. They just don’t make my normal rotation to click them.

      2. I STILL regularly go back and check up on a regular blog that hasn’t been updated since Jan 2012. Just the fact that you always leave messages when you’re going to have a late update is good in my book. Yay!

      3. Chris,

        I don’t think that it’s going to happen. Why? Let me count the ways.

        1. You leave us easter eggs at times.
        2. You have great story telling skills.
        3. 1/3 of the guys love El– La— Mr. Lavender, 1/3 of the guys love Qui– Mr. Not Mine, and 3/4 of the guys want to see the rematch between Mr. Reddish – Yellow and Mr. Not Mine, especially if it’s around the Christmas tree. And then we can get some midget luchadore referees for that.
        4. The most excellent water slides.
        5. Characters that evolve, grow, and screw up royally. Just like 98% of your audience. And for that one guy who doesn’t, well…. I’m wondering if this mention of the moniker will get a response.
        6. You yourself are interesting.
        7. You inspire people to write lists.
        8. What everyone else thinks, says in positive light about Shotgun Shuffle times 22/7.
        9. The Second Amendment.
        10. John Hughes and the rest of the movie and cultural references you bring back to the forefront of popular culture via the Matrix, Neo. You are the One.

        1. Agreed, midget luchadore referees around a Christmas tree would be a good strip 300 addition to match the wheelchair ninja in strip 200 and the rap/country O’Jack’s griller in 100.

        2. If you were referencing me in #5, I absolutely do royally screw up, and when I manage not to that’s usually due to not evolving or growing either. A little initial starting luck and a large amount of laziness does wonders for reducing screw ups, because it really does take a lot of work get to the point where you have the success/failure chance to lead to the screw up.

          On that note, I actually texted a friend about today’s Questionable Content (#2613) that I would have to remember Martin’s last panel reply for future use.

        3. I just scanned that earlier today. He doesn’t know about having fun.

          I’m wondering if J. J. is doing the strip as an attempt to be hip or what?

          But, I made a funny by referencing your moniker instead of implying you. At least I hope that I did. I’m not good at including others when making jokes for all to enjoy. Most of the time, I talk about how a tree walks around, a windowless door is blocking the view, and then, even when I sit down, my Einstein mane ruins the movie for the people in the two rows behind me.

          Not at all like when I went to see, “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.” I wore a Pizza Inn uniform and a haircut.

        4. While he does like his music references, I think he probably did it because he enjoyed it. He did hit his Pratchett Point, though, so he’s also now doing it as his full-time job (or used to). I assume he still enjoys it, and after doing it as his primary job for so long he probably has a lot of his life wrapped up in it, but it might’ve also gotten old for him. No clue, really.

          I hope the Pizza Inn uniform included pants of some form, or even a kilt. Primarily because I like my good stories to not end with “Officer, the cuffs are hurting me.”

        5. No, Mr. Blue did not pull a Pee-Wee Herman. Although, wasn’t that in Florida? I’m not in the correct state, let alone.. I can’t think of anything witty about that.

          Hamburger Harry anyone?

        6. I wasn’t suggesting you were going the full Pee-Wee, just when I hear someone talking about wearing a haircut that usually goes with “and nothing else” or is meant to imply maybe not wearing the things usually taken as assumed, such as items that cover what Monty Python describes as “naughty bits” (or at least the ones not legal to show in public, and they did include boobs and there are varying levels of topfreedom in different states).

  12. He’s blind, he can track by hearing and smell, particularly if she uses a particular hair product or has a favorite pair of shoes.

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