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A task off hand

UPDATE: Next comic will be Tuesday, September 5th. Apologies for the delay, everyone.

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    1. I thought it was a steam punk version of Castlevania, but I just woke up and haven’t put on my glasses yet.

        1. Do you honestly think that some one like Frank Castle would eat at White Castle? But then on the other hand, I’ve got their anniversary coffee cup and coke bottle glass.

        2. I don’t know about that. I mean, after he killed the Senator’s relative because he was a crooked cop he went back to Sicily. It was there that he met his Uncle Rocco. The odd, maybe ironic, was that Frank’s uncle met Micro through one of Micro’s games. And that Micro got Rocco to run guns for one of Israel’s enemies that was fighting heavily against one of another of Israel’s enemies. That could have been one of the ironic things. Except that Frank cursed Micro for not having safer computer sex.

      1. -OPEN SCENE – A used car lot. The camera zooms in on Alex wearing half of a clown suit divided vertically with a cowboy outfit. He turns to the camera, takes off his Stetson clown hat and starts his sales pitch.

        “That’s why here at Shuffleverse Used Cars llc, E.O.E., etc, not being first doesn’t mean that you can’t be first.”

        – SCENE TWO – Alex walks towards the camera wearing a half Batman/Superman outfit.

        “With our huge supply to choose from, simply point out something in a panel…”


        “Like, ‘This has got to be the first time that (someone in the panel) has (some action) to [whatever].'” Feel free to use our in house credit approval system. Ten word minimum.


        And you too can have a twenty deep entry that qualifies for being the first post of the comic.

        1. We got her contempt for a patchy beard, but we don’t know how much size matters to Anise as long as it fits in her “respectable” category.

        1. I was remembering that Juniper was the culprit for Anise’s lost eye, but I think I might’ve been mixing it up with her injuring X’s eye (see author post for comic Nightmare Fuel, current post date April 13, 2014). Though that author post also mentions that if X had been an older sister rather than future Tarra, then Tarra would’ve cost X her eye, so maybe Tarra’s a suspect? Also Ginger’s seven sins mapping is wrath. So I don’t know that the list is all that short (even if we assume it was one of the seven sisters).

        2. It would explain why Juniper wasn’t seen at Thanksgiving dinner, but rather staking out the appliance store.

      1. Well, not exactly. It was a forking accident (or perhaps an “accident”) but it was only referenced during Thanksgiving dinner. As far as we know it could have happened any day of the year. Heck we don’t even know how many years ago it happened.

        There’s a theory it indeed was Thanksgiving a few years earlier, but we just can’t say it as a fact.

    1. [puts on archivist hat]

      If you haven’t read through the full archive, some of the below will be pacing-type spoilers to go to directly.

      See comic Family Birthmark (current post date of November 29, 2013) for mention about no sharp utensils for Thanksgiving meals due to not needing more than one glass eye.

      See comic Nemesis (current post date March 21, 2014) for first mention of Anise using a marble in her ocular cavity.

      See comic High Tension (current post date January 22, 2014) for the first glimpse of part of the tattoo Anise has around that eye.

      Finally, see comic Nightmare Fuel (current post date April 13, 2014) for first view of Anise’s fake eye.

        1. * Goes to Ye Olde Timey Candy Store. Buys $1.00 sized gumball. Walks out of store vainly attempting to fit gumball in mouth.*

  1. Um, what is she actually doing with her boobs in the last panel: plumping them up. Like pillows? At least she hasn’t flashed them at him like she did at Santa. …. um: not yet, that is.

        1. Considering Anise’s exit from her place of business due to Ellie’s distress call, I’m not sure what might be playing through her mind for this, but something fairly unexpected and hilarious is definitely within the realm of possibility.

          …though it also may be a bit too far past PG-13 for Rusche to display, so we may never know (unless we find out next post, in which case it’s likely to be GLORIOUS)

  2. If I can just offer a bit of constructive criticism I feel like the panel layout is a bit unintuitive. I think after panel 2 you want the reader to look down but the eye is naturally drawn to continue right. It might have helped if panel 4 didn’t overlap panels 2 & 3 the way it does.

    Also, once again Anise gives Cinnamon a bloody nose. Ellie sure is lucky she has Juniper to carry this team.

        1. Still shaky, son.

          After all, that ultrabang covers most of the eye. Your reference picture would possibly have one small star visible, but if the issue of shadow gets involved, or distance, we might still be missing it.

        2. Her hand tattoos aren’t showing either, so it’s certainly within precedent for this appearance.

  3. What surprised me the most, is Anise had to buy her boobs. Judging by the rest of her sisters, one would think they were natural. :p

      1. You know darn well that it’s not the size that counts, it’s all that she ever needs that’s more important. That, and she’s letting the men go goo goo ga ga over her, them, she, etc.

    1. It’s not her fault. Sometimes talent skips an iteration. I’m sure her daughter(s) will grow up stacked!


    1. You want to feel bad for her? My reaction was more, “Good thing Cinn was standing there so someone deserving of it could have her face smashed into the wall like that to complete Anise’s gesture.” I would’ve felt bad if it were a passerby.

      1. I don’t know. It’s not like when she was trying to provoke Quinn and got back handed for it or when she mouthed off to her mom and got her birthday money revoked. Cinn hasn’t really done anything recently to warrant being on the receiving end of slapstick.

        I mean she was more enthusiastic about going to help Ellie than Juniper.

        1. I’m going to say that according to the Jewish mother standards and A Christmas Story, punishment will be administered because the person on the receiving end doesn’t know if they’ve done something wrong or not. And taking into consideration her lack of a filter, Cinnamon may have quite a surplus of punishment due.

        2. I didn’t mean Cinn had specifically done anything here. It’s more just my level of sympathy for something bad happening to her is much lower than it would be for a walk-on character.

        3. Agreed, any time something bad happens to Cinn it releases endorphins and my soul sighs with contentment.

          Because she’s a terrible person who deserves to have bad things happen to is is the point I’m making in case I was being too subtle.

        4. I have other people who need that kind of attention. Those endorphins are released with impacts of pepper balls.

    1. Statistically, this was likely to happen. I don’t think votes have fallen off so much as we just don’t have the people to go much farther. Remember, we went from down around 125 to here in like a few days. Now we’ve lost the early-month advantage and we’re playing it straight.

      1. Perhaps we’re bouncing around 37 for the current time. However, I did just vote off site using the library. Let me go crunch a few numbers real quick.
        Right now, 19:30 CST, 8/17/2017, we have 999 votes on TWC. This translate in to a rough 58 and just over 3/4’s of a vote per day. However, with school coming back into session for almost everyone, the chance to vote may either expound or slowly gain due to the ability of people to vote per network source. I mean, it’s going to suck if one university can only vote once, especially if they are the Fighting Pacifists.

      2. At this current time of posting. SHOTGUNSHUFFLE.com has received an average daily vote of 55.35 votes per day. We have a total aggregate vote of 1107.

  4. I really like that Anise’s mental fantasy of Durkin is somewhat derpier than the real thing.

    I’m also remembering wondering why he made it into the first character line-up in the cast page and wondering if we’re about to see where he has a bigger role to play in the story…

      1. I’m not saying it shouldn’t, I meant it’s an interesting data point for her character (idealized visions of another character are frequently interesting in one way or another).

        1. I was more curious how often you saw that one posted. Based upon the author note under that comic, a LOT of people were linking directly there enough that he put all his intros/provisos about the comic underneath, so I was wondering if it was already well worn or not.

        2. Welcome to the SHUFFLEVERSE. On behalf of the committee of firsting, you are hereby awarded the honorary welcoming laurel and a hardy handshake. Please step forward to accept a handshake from our esteemed member, Oliver Hardy.

        3. *smacks Mr. Blue*

          There is also a WELCOME BASKET.

          …at least, I think there’s one.

          Hang on….

          …oooooh boy. Wow. This is the lowest we’ve hit yet.

          I’m afraid we’re now down to six Jolly Ranchers and a coupon for 10 percent off all you can carry from Irv’s World of Junk.

          I’m very sorry about this.

          But..enjoy! Please….

        4. I hear mR. Blue had his middle name legally changed to confusion about a year and a half ago.

    1. Fake boobs makes her less your favorite? For fictional characters, the fact that they have fake breasts I always found more interesting. :p

      Why I like Emma Frost even more in the X-Men. All the big breasted heroines around her, and she’s fully admitted to having hers done :p

    2. They are only fake because this is a comic. Other than that, there are no such things as “fake boobs”, only cosmetically altered boobs. If you can touch them (with permission, of course) then they are real.

      1. A bra filled with socks or balloons or whatever other odd stuffing object could be touched, but it seems fairly non-controversial to call those fake.

        Yes, I know I’m just being a bit too pedantic and argumentative…

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Cin supposed to marry someone really rich eventually? Wonder id she meets him here.

    1. I can’t say I remember if that was ever mentioned as a future for Cinn or not. I know at the start of the comic she’d shacked up with a “rich boyfriend” and this was mentioned several times (Derek, I believe was his name, though I don’t know that we ever saw him pictured in comic, just mentioned in passing). I’ve skipped comments for comics at times, and I’ve never really spent time in chat or in Google Hangouts or Facebook or any of the other places Rusche has sometimes mentioned these things, though.

  6. This gorram comic, man. My band is in the studio in Nashville this weekend and while tracking vocals on Friday during what is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done I’m still feverishly refreshing this page on my phone. The comic never came and that’s perfectly ok (burnout is no bueno) but just goes to show you how hooked I am.

    1. Go watch the Eclipse man. I already was outside for C1, in 20, I’m going for C2 – Totality – C3. Then I’ll come inside and go back outside for C4.

        1. Bummer dude. what about watching the live stream? Besides, I’m between C3 and C4 and I’m inside waiting for a bit closer to C4 before I go back out. It’s hot outside. But I just found out that my local news station had a chicken outside of their building. lawls.

  7. Thinking about the author’s comment and I’m imagining a teenage Anise hiding pennies and stove pipe hats from her parents the way another teen might hide a porn magazine.

    The picture of her nervously hiding the hat and Rosemary trying to figure out why her daughter’s acting that way is amusing me quite a lot.

    1. Nah; check the archives. She already had beard-related porn; check out “Small Town Saturday Night.”

      Anise is perusing a copy of “Beardy” featuring a burly lumberjack, whilst Juniper has just passed out.

      1. I choose to imagine her a bit younger than that, just because I find the awkwardness and complete and utter confusion amusing.

        But yes, it’s quite possible with Anise’s personality that she may not feel awkwardness all that much. Possibly ever.

        1. If she agrees with my philosophy that giving other people a good story is a good deed, then defeating some amount of awkwardness could be somewhat of a moral issue. Not that she looked like she felt that awkward (unless that was why she just kinda’ laid on the ground for a bit).

        2. Eeeehhhhhhhh, it just means that she’s still working on her powers. Why else would Ginger ask if they’ve formed Captain Planet.

  8. FYI, guys – the TopWebcomics page has a gateway error. Been trying to vote since yesterday and I get the 500 error, ‘bad gateway’. Dang it.


      1. Some guy who’s massively-lovesick-crossing-the-border-to-stalking Anise should show up much later in the story attempting to hit all of Anise’s buttons.

        A buff vampire santa in a stovepipe hat holding a stone tablet reciting the Emancipation Proclamation while stepping on a smashed looking golden calf outside her tattoo shop comes to mind.

        If that’s not already in the plan as actually happening in the story, I think Anise chasing that guy needs to be a background Easter egg in major arc 3 when KK is a main character and things are running parallel to this story line.

        1. Canonically justified. Remember the strip Ratchtantulas; Caz got an eyeful of Anise and looked very much like he was wondering what manner of “sexy things” Anise would do that Mrs. Claus apparently would not. Not hard seeing Caz as the kind of guy who’d get a hat, fangs and a beard for lurve.

        2. Anise does have a history of this, so many other years’ elves could also be so impacted.

          While I don’t think we know enough about Caz to rule him out, he didn’t seem particularly affected by Ellie’s appearance, and if he were prone to mammary-based obsession, you would’ve thought being around Ellie for months would’ve resulted in at least a little more creepiness.

          If we want to go with a twist for previously introduced obsessee, I’d have to pick Darryl who faked the events mentioned in comic Poor Darryl (current post date 04 May 2010) in order to pursue Anise full-time.

        3. O_O

          Well Darryl certainly has obscurity going for him. If one is using the reasoning that 5% is unlikely, but one in a million is a sure thing that is.

  9. Not sure, also, don’t forget Klingons, various super heroes such as Logan and Iron Man, and of course The Head of The Demon himself. Many bearded folks enjoy Comic Con.

  10. Okay, well, welcome to the new people to the SHUFFLEVERSE, and a quick reminder that we are currently at #40 on the TWC (Top Web Comic) list. With an aggregate vote count of 1476 at this point in 29 days, we have an average of 50.89655172413793103448275862069 votes per day. Here is a direct link to vote: http://topwebcomics.com/twcout/14850.

    1. Hopefully we’re marshaling our forces for a September 1 update and a nice big return of viewership and voters.


      1. For the current update, 1517 total votes at this time, 30 days, for 50.566666666666666666666666666667 votes per day. . .

        There seems to be some people who may vote on the updates, but there also seems to be a concrete support as well.

        1. Well, yeah, we’ve known that for some time. But it’s likewise clear we need both groups voting to keep us over the 50 mark. And yes, I’ve voted today; took us from 145 to 127.

        2. I try to vote once from my cell network and once from wifi as soon as I get up every day. I try to remember to vote from friends’ & family members’ wifi when I’m there too (I probably remember 35% of the time).

        3. One trick I use is rebooting my router, which generates a new IP address, which spoofs TWC into thinking I’m a new voter. (may not work if you have a dynamic IP address, IE cable access ISP).

        4. sorry, meant Static IP address. Mine works because I won’t pay the extra cost for a Static address.

    1. Last I knew, avatars are randomly assigned. It’s Gravatars that are unique. I know there’s three or four Steel Pancreases out there.

        1. Yep. Best description I can come up with is as follows:

          Rusche uploaded some number of avatars for people who don’t have a gravatar. To make it like math class, let’s say the number of avatars is N.

          WordPress takes the e-mail (if filled in) or the name (if e-mail isn’t filled in) and turns it into an integer somehow (maybe adding the ASCII values of the digits together, maybe something more complicated, I haven’t tested or looked into it). The commenter gets this number to determine their avatar. From past experimenting done by mR. Blue & The Last Outlaw in comment sections, it’s noticeable that changing capitalization, spacing, and spelling does change the avatar received.

          The random avatar a person gets is the (( ${Commenter_Number} modulo N ) + 1)th avatar.

          So, eventually, they’d roll over and there will be avatar collisions.

          I’ve notice two to four others for my current avatar.

  11. Looks like some spam bots have gotten through the current security. I’ve also think I found some in the “It’s weird you never mentioned him before” comment section.

    1. Which now that I think about it is kind of ironic considering the topic of that day’s news post. just thought it would good to point out this is happening in case it might slip by.

  12. Since “To Solve a Mystery” was requested a few strips ago…
    Last night, the historic Le Grande Hotel was reserved for a social event. At 1am, there was a power outage lasting almost an hour. The owner of the MacGuffin Tapestry reported that during this time, she (the owner) was knocked out and the tapestry stolen. The tapestry has an estimated value of $20,000 and was not taken out of the hotel. All of the empty rooms have been searched. Most of the guests have alibis, with a small number of exceptions.

    People of interest:
    Judge McBroom (the go-to person for search warrants), available by phone.
    Judas Benedict (suspect), Room 1703
    Chastity Pureflame (owner of the MacGuffin Tapestry), Room 1508
    Kitty Bergulehr (suspect), Rom 1205
    Lowe Brede (suspect), Room 1116
    Morticia Widou (suspect), Room 802

    This is not enough information to solve the case.

    What is your next step? I will respond to the first person to post a choice/action.

    1. Question. How hot is tapestry owner Chastity Pureflame? As a hard boiled, private detective with a soft spot for red hot dames in distress, this is an important point that determines how much time I spend with her in the beginning.

    2. On second thought, I’m not playing the game correctly here. Sorry. My first move is: Go North to Room 1508 to question Ms. Pureflame.

      1. Thanks for playing!

        Chastity explains that there was a large gathering of people in Room 1508, that wrapped up shortly before 1am. Everyone left, but the door was still propped open. After the power unexpectedly went out, she stumbled towards the middle of the room… and then woke up an hour or so later lying on the carpeted floor with a headache. The lights were on, and the MacGuffin Tapestry was missing. She admits it was possible (but unlikely) that she fell down and knocked herself out. She also admits that she has some debts and that the MacGuffin Tapestry is insured, but states that she had plans to sell it in a week or so to pay them off.

        1. I questioned Ms. Pureflame, the victim, first to get her angle on the caper. However, I found no angles all. Only curves, and each one more perfect than the last. Chastity Pureflame was the embodiment of the beautiful damsel in distress. She seemed to have a heart of gold. Soft, pleading eyes, an angelic face, and a devilish profile to boot. Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell if the carpet matched the drapes, since the drapes had previously been stolen. Nevertheless, Ms. Pureflame had an alibi weaker than a watered down Old Fashioned and a motive built like a brick #&@^house, much like Ms. Pureflame herself. I couldn’t let my emotions get in the way. I decided to check out leads on one Judas Benedict in Room 1703, and see if betrayal followed the namesake…

        2. (I am loving your commentary)

          Judas, a middle-aged man with a shille… with a shyllell… with a walking stick, greets you outside his room, insisting that you get a warrant before even being let it.

          He explains that he was with a large crowd that left the event. Most of them made their way to the stairwell, but he had intended to take the elevator because of his weakened legs due to a degenerative bone disease. When the power went out, he took to the stairs. He made his way up one flight but climbing the stairs was too stressful, especially in the dark. He waited in the stairwell until the power came back on. Once the lights came up, he left the stairwell and took the elevator up to his room. He has no alibi, but insists that knocking someone out and stealing a tapestry would be beyond his abilities.

          (anyone is free to join in)

        3. Judas Benedict was supposedly a human house of cards. Ready to collapse at any second, even with the support of a shille… shyllel… a walking stick. Only he claimed to lack the entire suit of clubs, as supposedly a man of his frail framework couldn’t possibly wield a bludgeon to knock out Ms. Chastity Pureflame… even though he constantly did with his cane. Unfortunately, I’d left my medical x-ray back at the office, so I couldn’t confirm Benedicts degenerative bone story. I told him to stay put and made my way to Room 1205 to see if suspect Kitty Bergulehr might let the cat out of the bag in regards to the missing tapestry. This case was getting meatier than a can of Fancy Feast.

        4. (Okay, it looks like I have to select ‘Reply’ twice in order to Reply to the correct comment)

          Kitty allows you into her room for questioning. Most of her possessions are packed. She travels with several large pieces of baggage that would be capable of holding the MacGuffin Tapestry. Despite her delicate and refined demeanor, she travels with a set of weights and the DVD player in her room has an instructional Tai Chi DVD case next to it.

          She says that she was heading for the stairs (along with most everyone else) when the lights went out. Rather than wait for the elevator, she felt her way, in the dark, down two flights of stairs to her floor. She found her room, let herself in, and collapsed on her bed until morning.

          She also shows you her the room key the hotel issued her. She explains that the hotel’s traditional use of regular keys instead of keycards allowed her to get in while the hotel was without power, which she was glad of, but complains that the halls and stairwells were pitch black and that the hotel needed some up-to-code emergency lighting.

        5. Kitty was what you’d picture with a moniker like that. Young, athletic, able, potentially deadly if stroked the wrong way. Sitting in her room was a weight more than capable of putting the kibosh on Pureflame’s consciousness. While looking things over, I took in the grandeur of the old hotel. It was one of those posh, kill-em with luxury establishments, the kind that still used the traditional keys, and maintained the superstition of not having a 13th floor, as Miss Bergulehr’s testimony had indicated. No alibi to confirm whether she actually got to her room and stayed there minutes after 1am. I thanked Miss Bergulehr and asked her to remain in her room. I decided to get some exercise and head up stairs to check on that 13 floor point, see if it held water, then slide the banister all the way down to 1116, where I’d find my next suspect, one Lowe Brede.

        6. A quick walk up the stairs confirms the lack of a “Floor 13,” although you have to personally check the room numbers on the floors to find out; the doors leaving the stairwell have no numbers posted on them.

          Lowe Brede, standing in the hall outside his room, seemed to be slipping a cigarette into his mouth from a pack. As he sees you coming, he gives a start and hastens to show that it’s a candy cigarette. He’s wearing a nice London Fog trench coat over ratty jeans and a t-shirt. He’s fidgety and nervous, but insists that it’s because he quit smoking and he’s apprehensive about being in such an upscale place. He felt the need to explain that the coat was a gift from his great aunt.

          He gives his story in quick bullet points. He left the party with the crowd. He was near the head of the pack while waiting for the elevator. Once the power went out, he was near the back of the pack taking the stairs. He felt his way down four flights of stairs. He found his room. He went to bed without talking to anyone.

          He claims to know Judge McBroom and says he’s stingy about search warrants unless it’s a murder case. He’ll probably only issue a warrant for one room. He suggests making a thorough search for the tapestry in room 1508, since you wouldn’t need a warrant to search a crime scene. He also voices his disgust that the police are assuming it’s a one-person job instead of suspecting couples who, of course, would vouch for each other.

        7. Though Low Brede had all of the charm and class of a common pier rat, I had to admit that he made one hell of a spirit medium. It was as if I was so much like talking to old Ironsides McBroom himself I could swear I could smell his cologne. At any rate, things were heating up. Low Brede said he went down, back of the pack four flights of stairs! With no 13, that didn’t add up. Brede would have only needed to travel down three flights, just one more than Kitty.
          I thanked Brede for channeling all of Judge McBrooms thoughts through his psychic walkie talkie brain, and decided to ignore McBrooms prodding from beyond to question my last suspect two floors down, Morticia Widou in room 802. Only once I’d gotten the skinny on the entire clan, would I make a thorough search of the scene of the crime. YOU HEAR ME, McBROOM!?!?!

  13. I questioned Ms. Pureflame, the victim, first to get her angle on the caper. However, I found no angles all. Only curves, and each one more perfect than the last. Chastity Pureflame was the embodiment of the beautiful damsel in distress. She seemed to have a heart of gold. Soft, pleading eyes, an angelic face, and a devilish profile to boot. Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell if the carpet matched the drapes, since the drapes had previously been stolen. Nevertheless, Ms. Pureflame had an alibi weaker than a watered down Old Fashioned and a motive built like a brick #&@^house, much like Ms. Pureflame herself. I couldn’t let my emotions get in the way. I decided to check out leads on one Judas Benedict in Room 1703, and see if betrayal followed the namesake…

      1. It won’t let me Reply to your final Reply to the mystery I’d set up, but you had solved it; Brede’s story was the one that hadn’t added up. Congratulations! It’s the first mystery I’ve ever written and it was always intended to be simple. I hadn’t expected you to pick up the 13th Floor detail that early, but I didn’t want to alter the guilty party to prolong things. You ended things on a nice dramatic note, although Widou’s room would have been three floors down, and I never intended McBroom to be dead and/or implicated in the theft. Brede would have confessed if faced with a warrant; searching Room 1508 would have been an unnecessary detour.

        Well done; I hope you enjoyed the Mystery as much as I did.

        1. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Thanks! I can’t remember why exactly I know about the thirteenth floor thing… must have been in some book or movie, or game… dunno. Anyway, I used to spend a lot of time on the road for work. There’s a Radio Classics station on XFM that plays Sam Spade, Private Detective and Johnny Dollar, Insurance Detective. I listened to them religiously and love the 40’s style banter. Hopefully I pulled it off.
          I didn’t think McBroom was dead. I just laughed a little at how much exposition Low Brede had going there. It was a good time, and I’m glad you started it. Thanks again! And yeah, whoops. Three floors down, not two.

        2. Comments here are set to a maximum of 10 levels. If you get to the 10th level, you can reply to the 9th level comment to wind up below the previous last 10th level comment, but the 10th level comments won’t have a reply link.

  14. Hello, and welcome to the first of September, the first, 2017.
    At this time, SHOTGUNSHUFFLE.COM is ranked 108.
    This is with 32 votes, and assuming that we have the servers tally with the CST midnight at the start of the month, this would be a rough estimate of 32 votes in 18 hours for an average of 1.7777777777777777777777777777778 votes per hour.

    I KNOW that we have more than 32 people.
    Let’s make C H R I S happy for Tuesday.

    1. It feels awkward after all this time, but whenever you talk about voting, I don’t actually know where this voting is that you’re referring to. I guess everyone is aware, but can you provide me a link? I’ll vote.

        1. As a note, some privacy/security plugins will block that button. You can still go directly to the link (I bookmark it and do that, actually, as it’s frequently blocked by several of my plugins).

    2. I don’t have regular access to a computer, but as a long time reader, and recent poster, I have been trying to do my best in terms of voting, although looking at TWC everything on there seems to have shifted a lot with the month shift, I’ve never paid much attention to the site itself in the past but do they reset the votes or something at the start of the month?

      1. I know that this is going to be insane. But I also think that it’s just a little bit more funny than insane.

        We’ve just lost 0.01587301587301587301587301587302 votes per hour. he he he.

  15. At this time, on September 4th, /00:07 CST, we have an aggregate total of 115 votes for a position on TWC at the 114th position. This translates into:
    28.75 votes per day
    1.1979166666666666666666666666667 votes per hour. We’re falling behind on the hourly vote average by more than 1/2 vote per hour.

    In order to obtain the #40 spot or lower, we need to achieve an average vote per day of 46, and 1.9166666666666666666666666666667, let’s just say better than 1.9166666666666666666666666666667 votes per hour or just two votes per hour at this current time.

    Link to vote: http://topwebcomics.com/vote/14850

    1. Roughly 22 hours and 59 minutes later, SHOTGUN SHUFFLE has received 152 votes and the 115th slot at TWC.
      This translates into:
      38 votes per day,
      1.2773109243697478991596638655462 votes per hour,
      0.0212885154061624649859943977591 votes per minute and
      3.5480859010270774976657329598506 x 10 ^-4 votes per second.

      To get into the top 40 slot or better:
      60.5 votes per day,
      2.0336134453781512605042016806723 votes per hour,
      0.0338935574229691876750700280112 votes per minute and
      5.6489262371615312791783380018674e-4 votes per second.

      Go vote. Let’s try to get our vote per second count up to 0.000625 votes per second people. This might get us to the 32nd slot.

  16. Fairly certain I saw one or two guys in the crowd earlier with much bigger beards than that. She’ll forget him soon enough.

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