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A twotone rainbow

Ellie, party of one. The cat's hoodie looks less like a hoodie and more like a pouch. Also, don't expect Ellie to take this abuse much longer. ;P

43 thoughts on “A twotone rainbow

    1. When making up that line, I never entirely decided if she’s imposing a hoodie rainbow upon them, or if she thought that was Quinn and her “group’s” planned attire for the evening. Either would make sense with her.

  1. Poor Ellie.

    Heck, poor Mr. Fatty McFatFat. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for him to dress himself. And after all that effort no jumbo tub of extra buttery popcorn for him to gorge on.

    And… on the subject of no friends I guess I just realized that despite her people person persona Ellie doesn’t appear to have actual friends either. Or at least they haven’t appeared yet. Hmm…

    The obvious solution to this is Ellie goes to a rave with Fatty McFatFat, she could tape glow sticks to him and he would be like a living disco ball or something.

      1. Bought Taco Bell home tonight.

        First time in a week (or more) my son commented on how tasty supper was.

        He just doesn’t appreciate White Rice with Hot Dogs.


      1. Order NOW, operators are standing idle by while their chairs are being pushed through the drive through by a fattie.

        Order NOW and the Fatty McFatFat Plush Volley Ball Sport Ball can be yours, for the very low monthly payment of 39.99. In just five years, you can own half of your very own Fatty McFatFat Plush Volly Ball Sport Ball.

        Act now, and receive: Certificate of Use, approved by your local ASPCA (American Society of Plush Cat Athletics). Authentic Fatty McFatFat autographed 8″ x 10″ glossy of Fatty McFatFat eating potato chips. Paw print may not be actual size, due to Fatty McFatFat’s obesity.

        Call NOW.

        Offer may not be available in your area, void where prohibited, or horses are ridden. Hoodie colors will vary by state, size and sport ball purpose.

  2. I prefer Quinn’s character, but I’m starting to feel some sympathy for Boobs McGee here. Way to provoke some emotion, Rusche.

      1. I did not expect to laugh so suddenly while reading the comics XD

        Does this mean Quinn is just a ripoff of the original Bitchy Shanahan? :p

  3. Please tell me Quinn starts to loosen up after living with Ellie for awhile. It’s hard being that pessimistic all the time! Surely hanging out with Ellie and becoming, dare I say it, friends with her wouldn’t be such a bad thing, would it Quinn?

    1. I was waiting for someone to use ‘Quinn’ as an alias and respond…
      There’s the ‘slow warm up’ to friendship.. or the quicker way, which is to give them a common enemy. I’ve been tending to like the latter option…. =)

    2. “…becoming, dare I say it, friends with her wouldn’t be such a bad thing…”
      Says Twilight Sparkle, the girl who needed divine orders to look for friends.

  4. Most intriguing.. I came across your site from one of my other web comics and you’ve intrigued me enough to go from start to now.. well done. Bing.. added to list.. now keep me entertained! Muhahahaha..

      1. Done.. and good point.. most intriguing all the doom built into that page. Really interesting that the blind guy is actually a cast member. I hoped he would be good to see that. and the Redact is well done.

        Well played Rusche.. Well played.

    1. I can see Tommy yelling, “Hurry up Fattie,” at the screen when the starlet is on camera, thus causing each and every pair of eyeballs to stare at him and Ellie, and then, we all know where every set of male eyeballs will then look, (minus one, Yay Eagan), and then afterwards, every date of those first pair of male eyeballs will be shooting daggers at the closest ears of those eyes (minus one, yay Eagan). And then Ellie will shrink three sizes smaller than Alice, and Fatty McFatfat will have eaten the Cheshire Cat. And by that time, the usher/manager will have come into the theater and points his/her flashlight at Tommy, thereby causing Eagan to look enviously at the flashlight, and then Quinn stares daggers at Ellie, who then goes, “What”? Fatty McFatfat then has a diabetic fit after having sucked all of the starch out of his hoodie, and Ellie brings out the portable kitty defibrilator and then baby talks Fatty McFatfat out of the theater, trailing the paddles behind her as she coos to her fat cat, which most people think is a plush, and she’s crazy for doing what she did. Then, it’s just a staring contest between Tommy – the screen, the manager – Tommy, Eagan – Flashlight, Quinn – the upper part of her eye socket, Richard and that Asian kid to see who should run crazily back for the safety of the car.

      1. Pat has expressed in a single paragraph what it would take Rusche an entire year to illustrate.

        Amazing !

      1. Consciously she fears that Ellie fills out a hoodie better than she can.

        Also… Panel 1, Quinn with angry face and angry pointy finger, take two shots.

        Panel 3, Quinn with angry face, super angry body language AND growling aka the angry trifecta. Finish your drink =)

  5. Ha. It’s kind of cute that her typically perky bosom sagged a little when she got sad at the end. Good attention to detail there.

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