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All Right Ramblers

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        1. How badly does it burn? Is she just trying to do it to make you less recognizable, or is she really glaring at you?

        2. No, Not Mine is giving you the Hairy Eyeball. Or possibly the Harry Potter. It IS on the left, after all. But cheer up! At least it’s not a Rusty Venture!

        3. (the joke here is, no one knows what a “Rusty Venture” is. if you refer back to the episode, there are at least six different definitions, and none of them have anything in common.)

        1. We were there for the arrest in ’10! ‘Member Halloween? When she punched that guy in the face and kept yelling “No means no!” While he kept saying, “I just asked if you were too old to trick or treat.”.

        2. I got a neat badge. They made too many or something, so they have us one because our “aunt is an extreme bad influence, and unless they do something, we’ll end up just like her.” The badge was really cool. Mom had to take it when Aunt Ellie almost stabbed Aunt Cinnamon with after we got home.

        3. That’s when you tell your aunt that you want your own personal copy of the video for Christmas.

        4. Q video of Aunt #6’s common passtime is significantly more harmless than one of Aunt #2’s inventions, yet still very fun.

          I’m encouraging them to ask for a water rocket instead of C4.

        5. Apparently SHIFT+, and SHIFT+. are interpreted in the comments. In the middle of that comments, in said brackets was, expressed as a stage direction, me imagining a kid on the playground asking the difference between the plasma beam, particle beam, and laser beam settings do on their new toy.

  1. So much awesome in this comic, I don’t know if I can take it!

    Cinna’s bleeding nose, Quinn being called ‘not mine’ (a literal LOL moment), and references to Reservoir Dogs, and From Dusk ‘Till Dawn. Just awesome. And now that I think about it, Herb does kinda look like Joe….

    Alright deal-finders, let’s find some deals!

    1. I would just like to say it was high damn time this comic had a Reservoir Dogs reference. Really. It’s been needing one for so very long now.

      1. I can get onboard with her eyebrow-destination feelings a lot more than her playing coy feelings (thinking McFatFat car trouble expressions).

  2. Oh no… Black Friday in the Shotgun Shuffle universe? This… this can’t end well, can it?

    …though, there’s likely to be less bloodshed and chaos, than in the real world… so maybe it’ll be better than #brawlmart in this world.

    1. I can see that strip being one panel – with Tarra standing triumphantly over a pile of shoppers, Ellie and Cinnamon fighting over something, Anise eating ice cream, and Pumpkin forcing Quinn into the Disney store.

      1. Tarra has her battle plan, strategy and game plans for three of the other girls who need it. Now she has the fun of working up scenarios for Mr. Not Mine.

        The usual stuff, store layouts, camera locations, security measures, guard patterns, bloodhound de-centers and the Dufresne strategy.

      2. You said it, I saw it. Classic Bruce Campbell pose, complete with chainsaw stand-in, on top of that pile, with one of more of the other sisters “fawning” from the bottom of the pile.

    2. What’s bad is that the Child Protective Services may be called because those boys aren’t going to be eating breakfast until next month.

  3. Is it just me, or does Tarra look like she’s preparing to assault the retail world…and relishing the thought?

        1. The Three Stooges, it’s one of the four times of the year that they actually do not have a pie fight planned, nor are there any pie deliveries, or kitchen shots to show pies or cakes in the oven.

      1. Also like how Piebert (only one I could think of… apparently a last name…) has a knife, and only a knife it seems.

    1. This is one of the things I really like about this comic. It obviously uses cartoon violence conventions, but a character who gets their ass kicked, stays kicked for awhile, They don’t die, but they do tend to retain the battle-scars. It keeps it grounded. (See also, the aftermath of the Quinn/Ellie smackdown–in most comics, it would’ve been nothing but a catfight with no actual injuries; instead, we got Quinn nursing an open bite-wound hours later.)

    2. Nothing uncommon for a family get together. I suspect that’s the more normal state than unmarked by sisterly correction.

      Does this mean Anise’s fingernails shine like justice?

  4. …BWHAHAHAHAHA! Not Mine? That is freaking halarious dude, I’m liking Ellie’s poppy more and more with each new page.

    Something tells me he’s like Gauage’s dad from BL2, mostly laidback but more than willing to do just about anything to insure the people he cares about are happy and safe.

    1. No, see seems flushed with… er… enjoyment of a physical… as if the world vibrates… um… as if a plan just came… no… oh, the beautiful agony of this.

      She looks like she is hot to trot, and is shopping for a dance partner.

      I don’t think she has the same problem as “Double” Didi does in mA3, despite the fact that they look a lot alike.

      1. Of course she doesn’t. Tarra has the benefit of being able to stop time, which Didi does not, so a second or two of time the gentleman is capable of reacting to is plenty.

        1. The depth of web comic knowledge amongst the posters here continues to surprise me to the point that I really shouldn’t be surprised by it anymore.

        2. Once you’ve done one archive crawl to catch up with a webcomic that catches your eye, it’s harder to avoid doing so with the next one. That’s how addiction works, after all.

        3. I thought that addiction was attempting to use your will to not do something, while your body wants you to do it, and will make you do it. Like that guy whose hands are controlled by someone else’s ESP, and they keep hitting themselves. And then, the guy with the ESP, keeps saying, “stop hitting yourself.”

  5. Frankly, he should be taking William with. That burly chap looks like he could absorb quite a few elbows on the ladies’ behalf and come out none the worse for it.

    1. While Cinn’s too dumb, the rest all have the good sense to just hide behind Tarra. Also watching Cinn’s blossoming new bruise collection is part of the holiday tradition.

        1. Quinn needs to be told before hand what may happen depending upon which person she chooses to accompany.

        2. Considering the fact that Quinn went to HS with Cinn & Juniper and just got to watch Anise consume God only knows how much of what kinds of food, if she doesn’t stick with her known quantity, i.e. Ellie, or take her advice, then she deserves to learn a lesson from the experience.

        3. We can’t infer that Quinn actually saw Anise in High School. Juniper was held back two years, so there is a possibility that Anise is three to four years older than El— Mr. Lavender.

        4. The way Anise was originally introduced suggests Ellie didn’t expect Quinn to have known her. I was meaning just for this meal for Anise experience.

        5. I don’t know. It was a confusing post and response. It led me to think that you were referring to Anise being in HS with Quinn at some point in both of their academic careers.

  6. Oh my, sooo much comic goodness here, where do we begin? Who says that to their elder parent, I mean…..until I heard a cubicle-mate say it to his 98 year old mother…. “ok mom, just don’t die before Christmas…”
    Then, PI!!!
    Then, dragged by the collar while weilding not one, but two sporks!
    And.. bloody tissue on Reddish-Yellow, aaaand, yellowish-red! hah!
    Annnd finally, not mine! that look on her face. Precious. But enquiring minds want to know, why don’t they just use wigs?

    1. and Anise having three plates aaand to-go plates! and the men-folk being allowed the sharpie pointed objects, and I never really got the dead eyes reference until this line up. Then the eyebrows matching the hair color making Mr Lavender a real blond. OMG! Where’s the oldest sister?

        1. My interpretation was that after the first two (or maybe three as an intentional being a pain about the name change) Poppa B lost inspiration and called them by spice color. Though with author comment I guess the last three were more coincidental.

      1. Yeah, even Percy has a plastic knife. I’m going to guess that plastic tableware makes everything easier on Rosemary.

  7. I love it. More movie references. We aren’t going to have someone dancing around pouring kerosene to an obscure yet culturally relevant song in the background, are we?

    1. Obviously the petroleum-fueled fires come later. How else are you going to stop the later shoppers from getting the same good deals you just got? I mean Black Friday is more about preventing other people from getting things than getting things yourself. We’ve gotta do something to bone up on our yearly supply of malice before a whole month of forced good cheer, after all.

        1. Do you hack the store loudspeakers to play “Pie In The Face Polka” when you do? From a good style stance, I certainly hope so. If you do, do you time the start of the song with before people notice or after the festivities start?

          If you don’t recognize the song, look it up and you’ll curse me when it’s stuck in your head for a day or two. Which you can actually do out loud in most places with the name I choose for this site.

        2. That’s, first, I call into the wal mart store asking for Tom. He then attempts to transfer me to the deli, where I pound *987 repeatedly until I hear the prompt for the overhead announcer proclaiming “Speak, for thou hast earned.” After that, I first play “Peter Gunn” and then I impart the store with flying pies when the polka gets down and dirty.

        3. One time in high school, I was walking through a Meijer (a 24-hour Wal/K-Mart with grocery for those not familiar with the chain) and a phone in a department rang. I stood there for 10-15 rings and no employee came up. I picked it up and answered, “Customer speaking!” The line was quiet and hung up. Every phone around that area rang for the rest of the time I was there. I didn’t answer any, as there were plenty of employees around to do so then, but it did amuse me that they were so upset about someone answering an ignored phone line in an honest manner.

          I’ve also made it a practice to remember the code for the PA for every place I’ve worked for at least a year after leaving. Haven’t used that knowledge yet, but it always made me smile when I would’ve had the opportunity to do so.

        1. I wouldn’t have expected a move to lower alcohol content beverages. I would’ve expected a picture of at least 80 proof by now. Is the wine at least half drunk by someone else and then filled with Everclear?

  8. I don’t even bother stepping out the front door on Black Friday. Too scary!! also I love ellie’s reaction to the Lavender bit, bahahaha

    Also their dad talks a lot.

    good for him.

    1. I have decided that from this past Thanksgiving that I will never again darken the doors of a box store on the day of or after, nor the day of the eve.

    2. Banena! It’s good to see you again, and you even remembered your password so you could swap out your Cinnamon avvy. Or you just skipped all that BS and went native. Either way it’s good to see you again.

    3. It’s a benefit of being crazy, labeled crazy, or knowing that you’re insane a bit. Not Joker insane, just Twisted Sister insane. You know, for having Needermeyer in the music video.

  9. Given that both Cinnamon and Pumpkin are wearing green and blue respectively, it was kind of an odd choice to go with “Reddish-Yellow” and “Yellowish-Red” as opposed to jumping right to Mr. Green and Mr. Blue.

  10. Lol I think this is my favorite scene. Especially the “not mine” and “Don’t die before Christmas.” Oh and I love the pi symbol on the grandpa!

  11. Sooo I guess we just confirmed that Herb plain ol’ sucks at the whole naming thing. Mr. Brunette?

    I do like “Not Mine” though.

  12. “William” the name really fits the character. Thanks for letting me suggest the name. Hopefully, we see more of him

  13. So, with Grandpappy Buckingham having a pi character, is his generation also special characters or are they numbers?

    1. Maybe it is some sort of educational back hand at the establishment for somehow attempting to set the precedent that boys are better at math than girls because they have bigger brains.

      So, therefore, I eluciate horrifically, elaborately inanely because I got “The Dark Knight” new for less than $2.00.

      Furthermore, girls with letters on their cheeks are just better.

    1. I assume you’re talking about Tar… Mr. Brunette. Her hair isn’t blushing, that’s her birthmark. It’s an O. As to how it stretches off her cheeks, well they don’t call her The Perfect One for no reason. She did win 4 gold medals, in the same event, on the same day. The event was team rowing and her 3 teammates had food poisoning that day.

        1. That will be the battle just before Armageddon on the fight card, on the last night of the triangle fights at the square circle in Madison Square Garden.

        2. I did already posit she could’ve won the Tour de France with two flat tires and a missing chain in a previous comic’s comments.

        3. I’ve actually never even looked at the forum.

          Then again, I’ve always considered the name ‘that one guy’ to be similar to ‘anonymous’, except that a group of people decided to take ‘anonymous’ and make it an unknown but vengeful sort of personification. I like to consider ‘that one guy’ to be unknown but much more good natured, not trying to punish but instead to make a random stranger’s day a little better without there being any expectation that anyone is owed anything or trying to gain any type of benefit from it past thinking to themself that they made someone’s day better.

          If someone on the forum has been using the same alias with the same attitude, then I’m happy to hear it and notionally offer them a hearty handshake (or hug if they prefer, I suppose, though I’m not actually much of a hugger).

  14. It’s a reference to the movie Reservoir Dogs which featured a team
    of crooks, all using assigned color aliases.

        1. Because the pirates look like Johnny Depp and are too concerned about the Black Pearl, the Maine, and the Alabama.

        1. Percy, dad says we need to go to the car. Him and grandpa Pi are helping grandma get picked up.

        2. Get picked up? Does that mean clearing the table, she has fallen and can’t get up, or she has gotten run over by a reindeer?

        3. Sorry, don’t you mean great grandpa Pi? Because Bill’s yer dad, and you’ve got grandpa Herb and grandma Rosemary.

          Hmm, herbs and spices. Whatever happened to Peaches and Herb?

        4. We’ve been helping clear the table, GREAT grandpa pi, and I’m fairly sure grandma could stop a reindeer cold and beat it up. She handled our aunts throughout their entire childhoods.

        1. D’oh! Of course. In my defense there are too many spicy names for me to remember. And I instinctively think of lavender as a color, not a spice.

      1. I was under the impression that a municipal judge was much eaiser to get to allow a name change than the sister council.

        1. That’s true, and there are also bonus points for being able to not breathe potential fire and flame onto the judge during the session.

  15. You found a reason for them to participate in Black Friday that I don’t find morally abhorrent.

    … I… I didn’t think that was possible.

  16. Eh? Am I the only one that feels Anise’s face/nose is slightly weird looking in the first panel? I feel like it’s a little off, but then it reverts to normal in the following panels.

    Just my opinion, Rusche.

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