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Already Gone

I'm going to have to push back Wednesday's post and double it up for Friday. I've been ungodly sick the last two days and it's delaying me finishing the next post. It'll be up as soon as I stop Wreck-It Ralphing in my sink. :P

83 thoughts on “Already Gone

  1. Lets see, Bender, Raven, Solid Snake, Emit, Terra? and Harley Quinn plushies right? Also I think I see in the first pannel someone from the cast page yes? In the background?

    Oh, and FIRST! Bwhahaha

        1. I don’t know what you’re talking about…servbots look nothing like lego men…no I am not a Capcom employee! Why would you even think that?

        2. They look exactly like Emit when he took his hair off to attach the wagon wheel to his head in the ‘Old West’ chase scene actually lol

    1. That’s definitely not Barrel, and the only unknown blank has somewhat high-ish heels and a hook-like object (unless I’m wrong about which is Vu, but the left-most one is definitely too thin for him).

      Looks a bit like the guy Rusche had in the vote picture that chose this arc before meeting Quinn’s brother. He didn’t show up in the arc itself. Then again might just be Rusche’s generic overweight geek look (looks similar but not identical to “Only pink is cannon” guy from Pumpkin Chunkin’ [01 Jan 2014, possibly misspelled at the moment?] or the guy who beat Temple Run from Product Placement [30 May 2014]).

  2. Man, that phone keeps revealing new tools. Before she was holding it to her face to talk; guess when it’s fully charged, it unlocks more options.

    1. I was actually thinking that that face and it’s grayish color might indicate that the battery was low and it could no longer function in wireless/speaker mode.

      1. Don’t think so; remember that it was in wireless speaker mode at the mall on Black Friday, when it had to drag itself along to catch up to Ellie.

        1. I can’t say for certain what any of the modes mean, but I got the impression that there was a difference between “broken” and “power-saver” modes. And that’s what it currently looks like to me, hence the degradation into an old-fashioned corded phone.

        2. Maybe Ellie is using the manual phone so she can slam it when she hangs up. She looks vexed.

        3. Still, to this day, one of my favorite commercials ever!

          Thank you for linking that and making me smile :)

        4. You’re welcome! Always glad to share. :D

          I’m keeping my eyes out for opportunities to drop links like that.

        1. How fast can I type? Its been years since I actually did any time testing, but back in middle school I was 60wpm, and I’m a quite a bit faster than that now. Still couldnt hold a torch to my old computer teacher though, she averaged around 95wpm.

  3. I was going to commend Danny for still hanging around, but then I remembered they are kinda working together….ah well ha ha.

  4. Little chick? She already has a pet name for Pumpkin? They BONDED! It’s so cute…

    And Ellie apparently is paying better attention to Pumpkins whereabouts then I thought. Good for her.

  5. I can’t tell if Pumpkin is going more for “Zombie” or “biking-accident”. Originally I though they where going for “burn victim” but viewed from this angle it looks like the worlds worst case of road-rash.

    …I might have some personal experience with that.

      1. Attack on Titan as the most depressing? Dude, do you even anime?
        Have you heard of Grave of the Fireflies? Heck, I’d put Wolf’s Rain up against Attack.

        1. I’m aware of Grave of the Fireflies, thank you. And yes, it’s also depressing, but then, I did say ONE of the most depressing. You want to tell me that humanity holed up in medieval mega-cities that fall apart the first time a person-eating giant leans on them is a happy thought?

        2. Wolf’s Rain might be sad if I could get over the fact that practically every single character seems to be either an asshole or an idiot to everyone else. Maybe I’m wrong; I could barely bring myself to watch it though, which in my book isn’t the sign of a good anime.

          I’ve never seen AoT, but from what I’ve absorbed from the internet via osmosis… yes it seems like it might be a crapsack world, but the anime itself is more gory than depressing.

          Grave of the Fireflies blows both of them out of the water in the “Nothing will ever be colorful and happy again” dept, IMO. Mostly because the characters aren’t evil or wicked or stupid for the most part, but just life seems to constantly crap on the most undeserving of people without it being comical or overdone. Everything is horrible but in way that keeps it really real.

          Just my 2 cents.
          Now I need to go eat some candy or something because thinking about this has gotten me depressed, again.

      2. Hmm, I’m not seeing this as a Female Titan cosplay. For one, FT doesn’t have her brain showing, and she also only has skin missing around her eyes and a few spots along her cheeks. For another, given that this is an actual effects company, they would almost certainly have put a more appropriate wig on Pumpkin.

        I’m thinking she’s just a zombie of some sort.

        1. Yeah, not so much Titan as zombie or Two-Face-esk but seeing how well my previous comment went over I wasn’t going to push it…..Push it good!

        2. Push it real good.

          Also, Grave of Fireflies is my vote for most depressing. Were we voting?

        3. Fireflies wins in that department, clearly.

          Someways behind, there’s a number of contenders though. Hoshi no koe, Voices of a distant star would be another one that I would place on the list. Or Madoka Magica, but what else do you expect from Urobuchi Gen? ;)

        4. I’ve not seen Fireflies, but Madoka Magica *was* pretty damn depressing (at least in my book).

        5. No, we weren’t voting. Voting implies some sort of actual competition.

          Anyone who doesn’t just straight-up agree that GotF is sadness distilled into it’s purest form and then animated is obviously an emotionless robot and/or lizard-person.

        6. Ive not seen that one, but i personally thought Gurren Lagan was remarkably depressing because of the way it plays out for the main characters. Its like, they win but no one gets a happy ending. That dichotomy was a downer to me, especially given the tone of the rest of the anime. Then again, I also havent watched any anime in years.

        7. I wouldn’t call the ending of Gurren Lagann depressing. Bittersweet maybe if you look at some of the main charas. But others get a rather good ending. And the overall tone is positive, I think. Your mileage may vary of course.

  6. I feel like her calling Pumpkin Little Chick indicates that she isn’t really interested in her in a romantic way. She’s acknowledging her relative youth. i feel like this bodes well.

    Also, yay Big Sister Ellie!

    1. I… have to disagree, the larger member of a pairing giving the younger a youthful pet name often indicates something else.

        1. If Katrina has any kind of crush on Pumpkin, then she’s consciously denying it or trying to fight it, by her behavior. That sort of thing could potentially throw off vibes. Also I doubt she’s a predator in the sense of considering herself to be preying upon others. She might, however, wish to “guide” someone younger to be what she’s looking for, which is mild-ish on the predator spectrum and probably wouldn’t quite qualify if Pumpkin weren’t underage. Pumpkin is likely to be much savvier than Katrina expects (regardless of her intentions), though.

          Not saying I’m convinced that’s the case quite yet, but it is a possibility.

    1. Ellie has said that Pumpkin is her favorite; I wonder if it means that they’ve never given each other the Buckingham haircut, or if it’s more of a “the only one allowed to beat you up is me”.

  7. Huh. So she’s not a titan. Darn. Ok so, Emit, Raven, Snake, Harley Quinn, Bender, and Terra? I’m not surprised.

  8. Pumpkin’s now “little chick” but Ellie’s gone full-blown mother hen. Also, the dolls were a fantastic add. Tarra could totally cosplay as Boss from MGS3 – it’s even a good personality fit.

  9. Kind of funny that the con storyline is wrapping up now, since I have kids going to a con this weekend. Good call on Ellie’s part. And the plushies are really cool!

    1. Yeah, vomit that sounds like John C. Reilly is definitely no fun. Worst I’ve had sounded like Eddie Murphy doing his Buckwheat character from SNL, so I’m only imagining your pain. Just take care of yourself, because no one wants you to end up sick enough for a Gilbert Gottfried.

      1. 10 let B = 0, M = 0, S = 0,
        20 print “Badger”
        21 B = B + 1
        22 If B >= 13 goto 30, if B > 12 goto 20
        30 Print “Mushroom”
        31 M = M + 1
        32 If M = 3, goto 40
        33 goto 10
        40 Print “Snake”,
        41 S = S + 1
        42 if S = 2, goto 45
        43 goto 40
        45 Print “OOOOooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh a Snake”
        46 Print “Snake”
        50 goto 10
        60 End

        1. What code language is that?

          very annoying coding too. Realized it was the badger badger thing before I saw that it was code.

          I could save lines and readout by making it a program call. Use a loop to print badger, once the count hit a certain point, up a second counter and print mushroom. Then call the original badger with the second counter. Once it hits a point print the Snake stuff.

        2. It appears to be BASIC or one of its derivatives. Wrong, “Snake” though; I linked a small YouTube video of the MGS game over screen to clarify which one I meant, but it hasn’t been approved yet.

        3. Is it bad that when I saw this I started thinking of ways to do it in javascript……I’ve been playing on Khan Academy too much…..

          thought I had escaped, but Mr. Blue will send me plunging back down into the depths. Back down into the darkness from which I may not return……

          I hope you are proud of yourself, Mr. Blue!!

        4. Hmm… Shouldn’t line 22 be

          22 If B >= 13 goto 30, if B < 12 goto 20

          if B is less than, it should count up again, right?

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