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Already ready

So I went out of town this weekend, and on the drive back, my kids had to use the restroom. Naturally. We stop at a rest area, and it was one of the smaller, shabbier ones. There's a complete line out the door since it has the bathroom capabilities of a 7eleven, but servicing a parking lot that can fit 40 vehicles.  I mean, this thing is a closet. So we're waiting for one occupied stall, or two possible  urinals, to finally free up. It was the stall first. My son, who's 4, goes in, locks the door. Finishes, and starts shouting he can't get out. In the dead silence of this cramped facility. He can't seem to unlock the door he was somehow capable of locking.  I'm telling him to hang on, but before I could attempt anything, he does that whole "I'm a kid and completely unaware of germs and generally disgusting things" and crawls out from under the stall. I'm not attempting to have him crawl under the stall again, only to NOT be able to unlock it once more. And I'm certainly not sending my 6 year old daughter under it. So I'm like, "Let's just go!" pulling out the impatient-father card. Then we walk out with about 20 wonderful death glares, as I realize I left all these people down to two urinals only. Suffice it to say, we walked swiftly to the car.

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  1. I am surprised that Quinn is so surprised that Ellie has already got her stuff packed. Did she really think Ellie would put up with this abuse forever?
    But I am quite curious to where Ellie will be going now.

    And my little brother has done the same thing before, locking the bathroom door. But in his case the lock was stuck. He crawled out from under the door and mom washed his hands like she was trying to get rid of his skin. But I have to admit, it was a pretty dirty restroom.

      1. If it was anything like the locks at my local library, you could have unlocked it with a quarter by turning the lock on the outside of the door. Unless it was one of those slide locks, then… no dice. However, someone tall enough and desperate enough could have reached over the top and slid the lock open.

    1. Also… holy crap. I did not realize how big of a chunk Ellie took out of Quinn’s hair until I looked closer at the second panel. DAY-UM!

  2. Nice, looks like Ellie was planning her escape for some time now. Though as Cady Lee pointed out, I too am surprised that Quinn didnt see this coming. Did she really think Ellie was that dumb or is she dissapointed that someone is leaving on their own accord for once rather than being tossed out?

    As for the little tale of your son and the reststop bathroom, I can actually top that one lol

    You ever been to one of those restraunts with a bathroom stall you have to pay a quarter or two to get in? I found one you had to pay to get OUT. Yeah, age old joke about asking someone to pass toilet paper under the stall is one thing, but try asking if someone will give you a quarter, takes longer than you’d think, and thats saying something lol

      1. Hmm, that brings up some rather troubling possibilities. Quinn does seem to be quite a control freak, but I didnt think it was to that extent.

        Of course it explains why she got so peeved when Ellie went to Alex and told him what was up, and why she goes to such extremes in her interactions with others. Puts a completly different spin on her character now that I think about it.

        Oh, almost forgot, LOVE LOVE LOVE Ellie’s parting line there, if thats not a parting shot of epic level I dont know what is. Its bad when a blonde can say something like that *snicker*

  3. My big questions is, does anyone else find Quinn’s expression “thoughtful” in the last panel?

    For me, it teeters between the usual “glare” she’s worn for the last few weeks (when not panicking because Ellie was beating on her) and a thoughtful expression that seems to indicate Ellie might have touched a nerve.

    If Quinn is genuinely considering, based on this, that she’s actually so horrible to live with that Ellie was planning an escape even before the fight broke out… well, that impresses me, because I hadn’t pegged her for having that kind of mental flexibility quite yet.

    My chief problem, of course, is that her rapidly-swelling eye could be throwing off the perception and giving a false impression to me!

      1. You had to bring up that series? *sniffles* I cant beleive they’re going to cancle it again while The Simpsons continues to go on and on along with Family Guy and American Dad.

        1. They did that with a string of “movies”… they didn’t sell poorly, either. And when Futurama got picked up by Comedy Central, they aired them all in a marathon, shortly before the new season (prior to this one).

          But I really do hope Futurama can return, again, after this season. It’s really one of the better shows on tele right now.

          Also, holy snipes! Ellie really cut a massive chunk out of Quinn’s hair! I thought it was just a couple of strands… but… yikes!

        2. Actually, I somehow got distracted by the “Coconut Bonk!” and pervy Tired Old Guy stealing the drawing of Ellie, and didn’t see she’d snipped twice more.

          And it was only in this comic that I noticed: “Whoa… she really got her hair cut up pretty badly!”.

      2. Heh.

        I suppose it’s fair to admit I’m not nearly as good at reading body language as some of your other posters.

    1. I’d have to say that it wasn’t a glare. After all, Ellie was to her side, not on the floor! :D

      So, I’d agree with you. I think that, for Quinn to find out that Ellie was planning on moving out (so casually, mind you), that it hit a nerve. It affected her more than any cat fight could. I think you actually hit the nail on the head- Quinn looks like she’s showing remorse. But just a bit.

      Of course, if I’m wrong, you’ll tell me, right, Mr. Rusche?

      1. I would agree with the inward thinkery here, but also “What the hell?” and “my preconceived notions are starting to shatter.”

        I’m thinking that we’re going to see some of her thought patterns fashioned from childhood being brought to the forefront soon, and because Ellie helped to smash them. More than likely, the one that stipulates “Treat people like crap, and you’ll have people barely left to respect you because they want to be treated like that. No fail there.”

  4. Ok, this IS suprising, seeing Ellie actually packing up her stuff and giong, but my question ofc is where is she giong? couse i don’t think her parents will take her back just like that…

    Also, thats nasty to have happend at a rest place,but i actually have seen worse this weekend at Bospop, a dutch music festival.
    I was working there as part of the scouting cleaning crew(got paid with a weekend ticket and a free t-shirt! :) ) and i had to clean the ground at the urinals of plasic cups and stuff when in a corner i saw that apperently one guy did’t make it to the toilet and took a dump in the urinals…
    talk about gross…
    Made sure i never got to that part of the festival terrain for the rest of the weekend..

    1. At least he had the courtesy to hit the urinals. I’ve seen stalls where everything but the toilet was defecated upon. That included the ceiling.


        1. Horrors like that were semi-common in my fast food days. But none of them compare with one of my fellow assistant managers and his experience with what he called “butt-mageddon.”

    2. One of the things that Ellie’s mom said in complaint was that she didn’t have a job. And I’m guessing that it may bring about a possible tentative arrangement, as long as rent is paid and Pumpkin’s homework is not altered by a certain blonde who should more than likely either have her own computer or given up on it.

  5. Another wonderful comic, Mr. Rusche.

    I am impressed & surprised by Ellie’s forethought! I hope this trend continues and leads her to a prosperous future.

      1. Thank you for making pretties for me. Oh, and I guess these other people, too, I guess.

        But I know it’s all for me. :3

  6. Lol I love Ellie! I’m curious about where she’s going to stay too, I could see her moving in with one of her co-workers or finding a small studio apartment.

      1. Yeah, that’s the big difference between Ellie and Quinn, which is why this situation is so interesting.

        Ellie gets on well enough with a variety of people (such as the bozos working night shift) that she’d probably be able to couchsurf for some time without it being the end of the world. Heck, the nightshift manager might be willing to help her out, if for no better reason than because Ellie is the only person willing to work nightshift who isn’t a complete headcase.

        Quinn… well, if Quinn gets evicted she’s kinda screwed unless her dad intervenes!

  7. ahhh, garbage bags, the perfect packing bag!

    This seems like a small turning point for Quinn. I am happy. I hope we will soon get to like her. It seems like when she finally figures out that she can’t be a dickwad to everyone that she may be a pretty cool person. I just haven’t seen that yet. :P

    Also, HAHA QUINN HAS ASS HAIR. lol, that made me laugh pretty hard.

    Also, I know all about rest stop bathrooms. To this day my family loves to tell people that I was the one that always had to make everyone stop so I could use the restroom, sometimes 20 minutes after the last stop. Apparently I have a bladder the size of a pea. No one ever wants to travel with me :{. I would have definitely crawled under that stall for the bathroom. They say that the kids who get the dirtiest build up the strongest immune system!

    Unfortunately I think I’m exempt from that rule, considering I have the immune system of [insert something that has a terrible terrible immune system here].


    1. inb4: You probably have a terrible immune system because you are willing to crawl on dirty nasty bathroom floors.

        1. wait a minute, I never said I enjoyed it, I said I’d be willing to. Don’t put words in my mouth now! I already made myself look weird as it is! haha

        2. No one’s judging you here.
          You can do that slip n’ slide thing you were telling me about. The one where you zip under 5-6 consecutive stalls….

  8. Banena, i don’t think it has anything to do with “willing” to crawl on such dirty floor as much as having no choice, add to that a child’s ignorance of hygeine and u have a messed up situation no matter how u look at it..

    And Dr Z, thats just nasty! i hope u ran far and wide when u saw that stall :s

  9. I use to work as a dishwasher in a restaurant. As it was a 24 hr place we got a lot of teens late at night and one of their favorite pranks was to lock the stall then crawl out under the door in the men’s room.

    As all shit job fell to the dishwasher I got to crawl back under the door to unlock it again. All 6′ 3″ of me thru a foot and bit gap.

  10. ooopf, brutal arc right now, but I would be lying if I said I haven’t been in a similar situation, while it didn’t come to physical violence, I was evicted from where I lived because of an argument I had with the homeowner.
    but enough of that, I’m interested to see how this gets resolved.

  11. I guess this also rules out Quinn becoming a werebimbo by the time Ellie’s stuff is packed.

    On another note, this seems to me to be the first time Quinn is thinking and not thinking about revenge.

    1. Nah, I imagine that Quinn is going to go ape Sh!t by the time that Ellie gets back, and she’s stuffed two frozen chickens into her bra to look bigger than Ellie. Of course, how they got in there is beyond my imagination.

      However, it’s quite plain to see why they’re still frozen.

  12. I’m late to this party. I just discovered your comic last night and read it all in one go. So the time lapse might have shown me a different view. Quinn has had serious jealousy issues about Ellie since grade school, when the boob fairy came to Ellie in fifth grade and apparently bypassed Quinn’s house. She justifies this hate-on by pointing out Ellie’s lazyness and self-absorption and the unfairness of the genetic lottery being Ellie’s free ride through life. (Except that it’s not). In the beginning she’s not far wrong. Ellie is a stunted personality in a smoking hot wrapper.

    Quinn doesn’t want to notice the similarities between them: Quinn is just as self-absorbed as she accuses Ellie of being. Except that Ellie isn’t really that self-absorbed anymore. In the weeks or month since Ellie moved in Ellie has been making steady, painful, exhausting growth. (I really want Ellie to meet up with blind guy again, I have high hopes there) She’s not a lazy little twit anymore, she’s working every available shift while learning to tolerate all sorts of people. Quinn wants to go on judging Ellie as a parasite, it makes her feel superior. The fact is Quinn’s got a cushy host in her dad (remember, he pays for everything, apartment, tuition, food, fun money–as long as a penis doesn’t live with Quinn). Quinn doesn’t have to work, just go to class and get acceptable grades. So who is the parasite, really?

    And yeah, Quinn is a control freak, she likes to feel like she has power or is better than somebody. If she throws Ellie out it’s a power play. Fear the mighty Quinn. However, If this person that Quinn deems inferior moves out on her own it’s a rejection. Who is the better person? Ellie doesn’t really care, Quinn sure does, and is beginning to suspect it might not be her.

    1. Well thanks for joining us. Youre not late. We’re just getting started.

      I enjoyed reading your breakdown of the characters. It was very astute. :)

      1. Nah, not so astute as that. I just recognized the cast of characters. I raised an Ellie(19 is the worst age for anyone to be), and grew up the younger sister of a Quinn. My Ellie outgrew the personality fails, my Quinn never did. She owns a grand big house and has had a succession of family and friends come live there at her invitation, only to be dramatically evicted in traumatic scenes.

    2. This is the sort of thing that puzzles me. Ellie hasn’t paid rent or put in on the security deposit yet, if I’m not mistaken, and this after lying to get the spot as roomie to begin with. In that respect to Quinn Ellie *is* a parasite, no?

      Furthermore, if Quinn is a parasite now (I don’t know if we’ve heard what ‘acceptable grades’ are), that makes her different how from Ellie? Ellie was doing the whole parasite thing for an entire year while doing nothing of value whatsoever in return for her room and board, and the only reason she is where she is right now is because of desperation. Don’t get me wrong, she’s grown, but it wasn’t voluntary-it was forced.

      As for judging herself superior, I can’t argue with that-clearly she thinks she is superior. But in the balance of the pair of them, can we really say that Ellie feels any differently? The entire strip she’s been sneering (openly or privately) at the various customers and employees she’s been working with, with only a few reluctant exceptions. It’s possible there’s been more growth there, but if I’m not mistaken it’s almost entirely off-screen because Ellie worked…what, a double shift at a restaurant? Sure she’s grown, but I can’t help but remember that it’s only growth because the bar for that was so low initially.

  13. OK, having reread some of the strip, I’m…yeah. Quinn has a good stiff dose of heinous bitch in her from time to time. Perhaps something to do with an evangelical (preacher?) family, but who can say for sure. And she’s been a low-to-medium skeezy on the whole with one guy but angling for another.

    All of that said, I’m having trouble now that I’ve reread discovering just what *Ellie’s* criticism of Quinn is. That she’s too mean? If I’m not mistaken, Ellie lied about her (non)employment to get the place, and hasn’t yet paid any rent. When moving in the first thing she did was invite gads of strangers with her without running it by her new roomie. She regularly *goes into Quinn’s room* and screws with her stuff, wearing her clothes and using Quinn’s computer.

    Those little personal ‘quirks’ alone would be enough to earn a nice sized bowl of bitch pudding from me, I think. But then there’s Ellie’s (apparent) history of leveraging her gender and physique for unearned bennies such as passing grades in school, and if she did that and didn’t seem to blink at it I have a difficult time imagining she lived the rest of her life very differently. That’s something else which would perhaps not unfairly rub someone raw who actually, you know, puts in work at the whole academic thing.

    I mean, given all of that…why would Quinn care exactly? She’s no relation of Ellie’s at all, and Ellie has done more than a little-this was before her putting hands on her, btw-to aggravate her.

    I’m still interested and waiting to see how things play out, but previous whiffs of authorial bashing don’t seem to be fading. It just feels like we’re supposed to think Ellie is the one more justified here-not just that *she* feels she is more justified, and I suppose it rubs me the wrong way because she doesn’t appear to be at all.

    Then again, I lost more than a few notches of respect for her when she decided ‘hating what someone is saying’ means ‘I get to hit them’.

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      There are some readers who found Ellie’s slap in the face off-putting. But honestly, how you or I would react is not necessarily the case for other people. Some are passive aggressive. Some are based fully on emotion (like perhaps these two 19 year olds.) It wasn’t a forced reaction because I wanted to draw it. It’s the reaction of two immature girls. Both with issues. I actually ran that strip through a few friend-filters (all female,) and it passed scrutiny.

      I’m not stating at all that Ellie is “right” or “mature” or anything even close. She’s grown slightly, but not fully. I had stated in comments before I specifically wrote this arc to have neither Ellie nor Quinn completely in the ‘right’ with either of their actions. I may argue she’s the least in the wrong at the moment.

      I’ll also say, that no one wants to live in an uncomfortable situation. No one wants to be judged constantly. No one wants to be looked down upon religiously. Ellie got fed up. She made plans to move out. Quinn’s slight surprise, or maybe even thoughtful introspection, are the result of lost control. In some respects, Quinn had someone around to pressure. But more subconsciously, she had “someone.” Now she doesn’t.

      I’m glad you want to see how it wraps up. Since we’re getting to why Ellie leaving genuinely hurts Quinn. (Tiredguy alluded to part of it.)

  14. Nice ones Raker, but even in reall life a girl like Quinn would be hard to deal with.
    And while Ellie has indeed payed no rent yet it does’t mean she has’t been trying.
    As for the fight, everyone has a breaking point, and when someone like Quinn pushes u past it it does’t matter what the reason was, only that the person cousing it needs a fist in his or her face.

  15. Hm. I wonder what it is that I find so attractive about Ellie’s condescending use of the word “dear”. Maybe it’s that it’s the first sign of her growing up (albeit not maturing) aside from the subtle de-bimbofication of her facial features and the second shot she gave to O’Jack’s.

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