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An Ass Like Tendency

Monday's comic getting pushed to Tuesday. Even though it appears I'm still in the weeds with the schedule, I am actually catching up.   Wow did I extremely under-estimate how long it would take to color these.

202 thoughts on “An Ass Like Tendency

  1. Ooh, I forgot for a while that I have a posting account here!

    So. He hacked the iNimbus. For some odd reason, I find that to be worthy of a harsher punishment than had he just used the laptop webcam and the spy cameras. I certainly hope some non-cartoony extreme violence befalls him soon.

    Because I forgot about my account here, here are the highlights of what you would have missed:
    -I still wish I knew the right keywords to search for Tarra’s braid style.
    -She really does look better than Anise. More tacti-gear, less perkigoth.
    -They really are an adorable “old married couple”.
    -OH. Breast cancer.
    -Geez, Pumpkin is so friggin’ adorable it’s almost irritating.
    -The fight wasn’t an unprovoked attack on people who showed too much skin, it was a disproportionate response to verbal harassment!
    -I need Patreon. Patreon costs money. Ergo, I need money.

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