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And Baby Makes Too Many

I'm not falling into bad habits again. Sorry this is a day late. Neighbors had a tree fall over in our front yard and I had to spend way too much time over the weekend, outside in 10 degree weather, breaking it up and hurling the pieces back into his "No Trespass" sign-laden forest. By Sunday night I felt like I got hit by a truck. I worked all Monday night into Tuesday, and it became that thing where the longer you force yourself awake, the less you're actually getting done, until its basically nothing. So I intended to take a quick nap and waaaaay overslept. Got up.. it was like 6pm.. went back to sleep. Anyway.. this is done, and Friday's post is still on schedule. Just got backgrounds left on it. See you then!

89 thoughts on “And Baby Makes Too Many

    1. Not without point, though. This is Ginger’s FIFTH kid, and Ginger’s not yet 30, if I remember the math right. Rosemary was probably into her early 40s by the time she had her seventh.

        1. Remember it’s not just a function of kids out of Ginger, but rather of kids in the house, too. Suggesting Ginger slow down is a function of the realization that her family has one income.

        2. There was some comic where it was mentioned that Juni was either taking back Tag, or starting the process. I can’t remember when it was, though. It was some over the phone update from Ellie, I think?

        3. The last I even remember of it was the Black Friday strips, where Juni went after Ginger over the matter of the stuffed parrot. That was when we got introduced to Angry Ginger, a pretty terrifying force itself.

        4. True, but this wasn’t a threat. This was more a perceived slight. Remember, Ginger got enraged when Juni suggested that Ginger was just “watching” Tag.

      1. Is Ginger under 30? That would put less than 14 years between her and Pumpkin.

        Which means, Rosemary either started later or moved just as fast, when it came to kids.

        Also, for one income, her husband looks to be doing perfectly fine in the money department (maybe the reason Ginger stays with him :p)

        1. One thing I know about car lots…they can go under. Nothing saying that Kensington Motors isn’t doing all right right now, but you probably don’t have a Caleb showing up every day buying two cars.

        2. True, however, he’s doing good and that’s all one can hope. One’s making money don’t tend to think “I should live as if I’m going to lose it all.”

          Maybe they should? Maybe some should and some shouldn’t. I just think it’s silly for the mom to say slow down and for the worry to be about a daughter who doesn’t work when her husband is likely, not only okay with it, but has no need to.

        1. And where the hell have you been. You know that some state passed a law saying that employees can be fired for not getting to work in severely inclement weather.

    1. I think a girl pinky waved at me while she was leaving the gym today. Does that mean anything, or am I going to have to ask our beloved webmaster and daughter in law to the world renowned baker of pecan sandies?

      1. I believe it means you’re engaged. But only in Guam. Are you in Guam right now?

        All I can say is be thankful you’re not in Cambodia. A pinky wave outside a gym in Cambodia is a death curse.

        1. Then you may want to follow up on that, Mr. Blue. Press your good shirt and consider some dining options.

  1. “I’m not falling into bad habits again. Sorry this is a day late.”

    Yeah, that’s one way to look at it. Or you could look at it that even your delays are improving. I remember when it used to be like three weeks between updates. Now you’re off by hours. I’ll take a few hours over a few weeks ANYDAY.

        1. You’re right. The Cinnamon bar IS up one. Well, we know she’s lurking in the background, and so has likely seen both hugs for Juniper and Ginger. Might be making her feel better about striking out.

      1. Nope, those bars are what the sisterhood thinks of Ellie. And on several fronts it’s not looking good. It is, however, improving in some places.

  2. Up until now, I thought this was Ellie’s scale/scoreboard of her sisters.
    Now I see it’s THEIR score of what they feel about Ellie!!

  3. I hate the neighbor’s trees falling into my yard. I’ve had way too many I’ve had to have my brother in law, with chainsaw handy, come cut up so I could throw it back across the fence. Not fun at all. Plus it doesn’t help that the owner is an absentee land owner. Lives somewhere in Texas and just harvests the trees on the property by my house. On a good note, it appears I only have 1 left that I have to worry about right now. If I could figure a way to keep it from falling into my yard, that puppy would be down in a heartbeat. Another plus, no neighbors actually living next to me…Yay!!!

      1. Dead rotting tree carcasses are not good for firewood. The stump was quite literally hollow as was most of the the trunk about 10′ up the tree. And, since I don’t have a fireplace and I wasn’t in the mood to cut it up in order for someone else to use. Plus, it’s a pain to cut up and if you don’t shelter it quickly, it tends to mold and rot out quickly. So, the neighbor gets the big cut up chunks back.

    1. Not that I’m suggesting or endorsing trespassing, but you can control the angle at which a tree falls via a “wedge cut”, last I knew.

      1. Not always. If the tree is off balance, then the wedge cut won’t do anything to help. It might even precipitate the thing to break before you make the main cut. I live in an area with a prevailing wind, and many of the trees around here have a natural lean do to it.

        1. Now, I thought you could still use a wedge cut even with prevailing lean if you used metal wedges to backstop it. You make your initial cut, you insert wedges, then you make the wedge cut on the face.

          Failing that, you could always go the cherry-picker route and take slices off the top and work your way down. Cumbersome, no doubt, but it would prevent the whole tree falling.

        2. I got no access to a cherry picker, just a tall 30′ ladder. The tree is taller than 30′. Close to 60, maybe even 70′. I was looking to see if I could get closer to the middle of it and tie a cable off and then run it back to the base of a tree that is in the opposite direction of my stuff and using a pulley to encourage the tree back onto his land. Just haven’t gotten around to it…lazy me.

        3. Can you rent one for the day? Even I have places around here that do that, and I’m in a pretty small town.

        4. And tree service people won’t cut down trees on other peoples property unless you get permission from said property owner who can’t be gotten ahold of so you just make things happen anyway and take your chances cause they suck.

        5. I probably could, but that takes money and I’m a cheap bastard. I will figure a way to take care of it, eventually.

      2. Most of the time. If the tree is off balance, then it can still be altered to fall in a controlled direction to minimize possible damage. The wedge is not always a sure thing.

        But the cherry picker route is not always able to be done. Especially if the neighbor has no trespassing signs to where you would be considered trespassing even if the cherry picker was parked on your side of the fence. However, I’m not sure if you could cut the branches off at the point where it intersects your property line. Power companies do something like that along their right of ways. But not sure how that would work between two neighbors only.

        Is Ginger trying to accuse Ellie of trespassing?

      3. The last one left is leaning like a drunk on Bourbon Street. It’s kinda angles towards where I park my cars but from the looks of it, it is not tall enough to actually hit them. Give it a couple more years of growth and it might. As for wedging it, that won’t work. Right now, the lean is about 20 degrees my way. What I probably need to do is get up in the tree and tie a cable to it then run that line back onto his property and use a pulley to pull it back towards his land and then wedge the shit out of it and then cut it so it falls on his property. I could hook the tractor to the cable and use it to pull while cutting to make sure it goes where I want it to. I just don’t have the time to go climbing the tree to find a good tie point and then running the line to the nearest tree to anchor the pulley. One day, maybe…when I decide to build my parking area where this tree is threatening to fall. Then I will make it disappear. Or I can wait to see when they come out to harvest the trees on the land and have them remove it (if it hasn’t fallen already)

    2. Okay, you know what. Why bother throwing it back into the neighbors yard. If it fell into my yard, I’d cut it up and either use it for firewood, or sell it as firewood. Or spend an inordinate amount of time slicing the trunk of the tree into disks that can be used for crazy end tables, clock faces and or stools to sit on.

      The kind of stools that women with strong muscular buttocks can force said stools into the floor, rather sternly that is.

      1. In FL and the South, there is a high probability that the tree is pine. If used for firewood, it tends to leave creosote condensed in the upper reaches of the flue, increasing the risk of chimney fire. Used for barstools, etc., it needs a steady hand and not-unfavorable location / conditions–but definitely possible. Throwing it back onto the other property puts the termite snax that much farther away from Chris’ house.

        1. Damn it, pine doesn’t have to be burned solely in a fire place. Wood to burn can burn anywhere. But the creosote is a good thing to point out.

        1. I can’t see the hover text on my phone. Stupid phone, stupid sexy dress, half off purple sexy dress, doughnuts, muffins and cake oh my.

        1. Oh, I’m sorry, are your feewings hurt? Who was it who tried to rob the bank Tarra Buckingham was in? Yeah, I got no sympathy. None.

        1. Hey, I just thought of a worse way to go than being in between two buxom sisters. Presuming it’s all platonic and such. But now I’m picturing Martin Short in that weird Ed Grimley character he did going limp and all weird.

  4. I’m sure there are better ways to go, but damn if I can think of any, lol.

    And falling trees suck, especially pine trees. I’ve made it a goal of mine to rid my property of all pine trees!

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