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And then there was none

Obviously Eagan has experienced this before. My thanks to everyone offering their advice and/or help with the site's supposed doom. I still have some of you emailers to reply to. I just need sleep first. =)

91 thoughts on “And then there was none

  1. Wow… I honestly didn’t see that response coming. I honestly expected DJ Cornbread to tell her to get bent…

    …I like where this seems to be going.

  2. I always thought he was kind of a douche. But his response to Quinn and the two “lovely ladies” is a cool move.

    1. If you’re logged in, you don’t have to take them. But if you prefer the simple brain exercises.

      This also rules out my ‘under 7’ demographic from voicing their opinions. =/

  3. Hmmm… so there’s more to him than meets the eye, is there? Good to know.

    I still question his judgment for wanting Quinn to call though.

        1. I’ve got a CD Cover for “Late Night Porkchop” But Transforming DJ Cornbreads. Hmmm, I’m going to have to photoshop/edit a martha stewart in with the Galloping Gourmet and that French cooking lady, can’t think of her name. Stoves, microwaves, and turntables abound with Censor bars on the three peoples faces and noses and explosions coming out of their ears Monty Phython style with Ian as various DJ expressions pop out of the faces on the back cover working the room to becomes the top of the lamest DJs Florida has to offer….

        2. And that fat lady mock up from “Total Recall”, just right when she’s going, “get ready for a big surprise.” Ian looks all dope while walking away from that explosion on the back cover of his fourth album. Whatcha thing?

  4. Friendzoned? Is that what just happened here? Eagen is the man. The man with a side of extra trashy…

    Is this a family DJ thing? Because he’s being treated much more like guest than an employee.

        1. “Honest and decent man”-zoned?

          Nah, doesn’t really have a ring to it. How about “Call me, when you’re hippie-free”-zoned?

    1. I’d say that he didn’t “friendzone” her but rather tell her that he wouldn’t be part of that kind of game. He wouldn’t mind her in his life, but as he said, not until she makes up her mind. He is just being a good person. Also, anyone that asks for extra trashy makeup from two young women…is a great man in my book hahaha.

      1. I agree. Egan does seem to be a really cool guy. I like the fact that he told her straight out to back off, cool down and really evaluate her life before coming onto him again.

  5. Awe! Those two in the last panel are adorkable! Cornbread is such a player lol

    Seriously though, the longer this comic runs, the higher he climbs up on my list of favorites. Not many guys would submit to that, it takes one who grew up with sisters, who loves kids…opr who *really* needs money to do that. But given his laidback attitude and demeaner I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that he’s just a big kid at heart.

    Though it’s possible he is one of those rare people that tries their hardest to insure a kids birthday party is a memorable one. I dont know the term for it, but there are people that can be…grumpy year round and pretty hostile, yet when it comes to a kids birthday party they just turn into these giant puppy dogs that put up with anything and everything for that day.

    Also, love the little cowlick in Quinn’s hair in pannel one lol. You can almost hear her sanity slipping and mind starting to snap..I do wonder if she heard the ‘extra trashy’ comment…*snickers* oh so many possibilities.

    Still, over all, you have managed to define our favorite DJ’s character in less than a quarter of the pages its taken for Quinn and half of what it took to define Ellie. You’re getting better and better dude, keep it up!

  6. He reminds me of myself somehow, couse i have had girls who wanted to use me for something similar and who i refused.
    Seems he’s more lvl-headed then i thought!
    Now the big question,will Quinn have the guts to face her “boyfriend”?? or will she run?

    1. I’d bet she tries to only find him rejecting her while lying to her that he slept with the blonde.

      I just wonder if the story is going to go to cliffhanger mode and swap to another bunch of characters….

      I do like that he ain’t willing to get in between stupid relationship crap for stupid reasons while still willing to support you as a friend.

  7. I just want to be in the room when she gets off the phone so i could say “OOOOOOOOOOOOH! When around burning bridges thinking Eagan was your way out of this lonely mess you’ve made for yourself, but looks like he’s pulling up stakes till you get your shit together. Words of advise before I go; if you play with matchstick don’t be upset when you burn your house down'”

  8. I really love Quinn’s appearance in the first panel. Slightly pathetic, slightly embarrassed, and entirely sheepish. By the way, I’ve noticed lately that Quinn is being drawn in almost chibi-like proportions. Was that intentional, or is she very petite?

    I’m interested in what he means that she’s “stuck in perpetual girlfriend mode.”

    I’m also interested in what he meant by being in 18 clandestine relationships if he took up every girl on where it was headed. Where did he think it was headed? And on that note, was he aware that Quinn was attracted to him the whole time?

    1. “Stuck in perpetual girlfriend mode” to me means a girl who doesn’t ever go single: she hops from boy-toy to boy-toy with no downtime. Which makes every new guy a rebound guy and, depending on *when* the new relationship starts, helping the girl cheat.
      I have a friend who was like that; she felt unable to define herself except by her relationships.
      As for the 18 relationships, I’d guess it’s exaggeration, but it could be real. But it hints at “18” girls who “like” Ian and want more – but they have boyfriends/toys already.

      1. Ok, that all makes sense, but my remaining question is biggest of all- did Ian Eagan already know that she had feelings for him ahead of time?

        1. I’m betting he had some suspicions, but wasn’t gonna jump to that conclusion before (since that might be a bit conceited of him). Plus, he already knew she had a BF, apparently. It would be logical to think he was the first call (or at least before Ian). When that turned out not to be the case, he just put two and two together. Sadly, that was not the math question needed for this comment.

    2. Perpetual Girlfriend means he’s referring to a girl who can’t seem to leave the relationship she’s currently in. Guy’s can tend to do the same. Many times these relationships are long term and have gotten quite stale. In some cases they’re not even fun or interesting anymore for either party. But one or both parties are unwilling to end it since it’s been longterm and they don’t want to give up the time and energies they’ve invested. I think it’s mostly a comfort thing as well. They’ve grown accustomed to knowing what to expect from each other. To them, it beats having to deal with the hurdles that come with new relationships. But with no new lows, come no new highs. The security of a flatlined romance, beats the risk of finding someone better, or more capable of making them happy/happier. Someone more fulfilling… etc etc.

      I’ve seen it a number of times. It’s doubly unfortunate when a reason they should be leaving their old relationship is already known, but they’re just biding their time (i.e. one wants to get married, the other doesn’t.. one wants kids, the other doesn’t.) In that case, both parties already know it’s doomed, but they continue on when they’re time could be better spent.

      “Clandestine relationship” means he’d be in a number of awkward secretive relationships with girls where no one could know about it but themselves, while she continues on with her “I dunno, I just can’t” mentality of breaking up with the former love interest. No matter how good the new companionships might be.

      So essentially, Eagan is saying “Hey, I like you, but I’ve been around alot of girls who can’t seem to leave some current boyfriend that’s not exactly what they want or need anymore. So break up with him and ‘maybe’ we’ll do something.” He’s alluding to this being a reoccurring problem he’s having. The girls that like him aren’t single, and don’t seem willing to be. Nor go through the difficult process of being the one to end it. If he took every girl up on this, he’d be stuck as the male-mistress to several females. And that typically doesn’t get you far. Since we’re not talking about marital affairs. This is something where the interested party could just ‘break up.’ So when the solution is so simple, the clandestine relationship would ultimately be the same. Flirting, going places. The end. It’s a sign they don’t want to get into it too deep in the first place. If they can’t let “shit get real” with their recognized boyfriend, they won’t let it get real with the new interest.

      I think they also enjoy being found attractive, desired, accepted, and flirted upon by someone else.. and maybe they don’t intend to break up the old relationship. It could just be an ego trip. But that’s a whole ‘nother 3 paragraphs.

      1. Excellent- a very concise explanation. I had thought about it at length, but I seem to have only scratched the surface of your intended meanings.

        I had suspected the meaning behind “perpetual girlfriend,” but not the full meaning behind it, nor had I understood that Eagan’s clandestine relationships were directly connected to perpetual girlfriends.

        In retrospect, I suppose I’ve been rather… ignorant about the whole strip. Some of these things should’ve been obvious, but I’ve been a bit thick headed, I suppose.

        I’ve actually known a few women like that are that petite. Grown women that were about… oh, say, 5’5″ if not shorter. They were very thin too. However, none of them had heads as large as Quinn. :P

    3. Also on the chibi- thing. Quinn is drawn to be pretty petite. Like that rare type of girl that’s still shopping in the young miss section in her mid to late twenties. Not that she doesn’t have a figure, but she’s still very lean and small in proportion. Also, I have a tendency to draw her head too large. =P

  9. Yea, my respect for Eagan soars every time we see him. I could tell he was also concerned with what had happened to Ellie too – and part of the reason I think he’s less interested in Quinn is her coldness and lack of feeling toward Ellie.

    Kudos to mister Rusche for not only a great comic in the way of art, but in the way of a story. All this and three days a week too – cool!

    GAH! I feel so stupid, I just missed the captcha math problem!

  10. Is it weird that I kinda wanna see Ian after his trashy makeover? Then again, maybe it’s to compare it to the times I ‘had’ to do this for nieces and girlfriends’ little sisters…

    Anyways, Keep up the great work Rusche! I got three friends hooked on you now too lol

    1. I sat confused as to when I made that an icon. Then I realized it was from the current comic. I hate feeling prematurely senile.

      And thanks for telling your friends. Positive word of mouth beats any amount of ads I can pay for.

        1. Actually, I got sick of the one it auto-assigned me, so I went and got myself a gravatar. Since this was at work, I just snagged it from the current comic.
          Sorry for the confusion there Rusche. I just couldn’t stand having the get-mart guy with the know-it-all expression on my posts anymore. I can sound like a smart-ass – didn’t need an avatar that made that pop as well…

  11. Wow, not only is the guy’s attempt at being oblivious a well worn facade, he’s very aware of what’s going on around him and able to contemplate the various meanings faster than a chess computer can beat Gary Kasperov.

    I don’t think that he was doing it to spoil Quinn’s hopes, or to dash them on the rocks of despair. He likes her, but doesn’t want all of the baggage that comes with the looks.

    This is Quinn’s coming of age request. Unbeknownst to her, kudos with the paring on the birthday party. The birthday girl probably has more emotional smarts than Quinn. Hopefully Quinn is able to dust off the crevasses of her brain and see what she’s seen around, and pick up the good stuff.

  12. Heh, “or whatever.” I’d expect nothing less from DJ Disinterested.

    So Quinn, what are you gonna do now? For starters, since all your bridges are sufficiently burned I’d recommend discarding matches. Maybe indulge in a little self-pity and a good cry, then go to bed, and in the morning get some new tools and materials and start repairing bridges? Even the bridges you don’t intend to use. After all, would it be the end of the world if you and Ellie were friends?

    You could even join a fight club together.

  13. I’ve been wanting to say “Becca and Jamie” ever since the third panel. Chris has been doing quality level work since the start of this series. I’ve always had him pegged at “John Hughes” level of work for the longest time.

    This strip, and the ending of the phone call, only puts the icing on the cake for his work with Quinn. Quinn has not burned all her bridges, but she is in a point where she is going to have to get off of her island fortress/prison. Ian Eagan has already established himself. Jackson, maybe not. Richard, yep. KK, yep. Kaz, in transition. Ellie, in transition. Pumpkin and AShliii, former yes, latter, not sure. She’s grounded in too much technology to see if she can function in society on a normal post “Hughes” plot.

  14. Heeeyy, DJ has his head on straight! Good for him! So I’d say you’ve done a good job at making me feel some slight sympathy for Quinn considering how pathetic she is looking lately. At the same time it is all very satisfying. I’m looking forward to liking her as a character. Good stuff.

    1. You know… you bring up a point about Quinn’s current status that was addressed in a previous comic. Given her personality type, I’m actually genuinely surprised she hasn’t been in a ‘rodeo’ before. Her personality comes off as quite grating, so there’s gotta be SOMETHING more to her as well.

  15. For the first time, I look at Ian Eagan and think “I want to be more like him.” His handling of this situation is perfect: he’s sharp and observant, well aware of what’s going on around him; he’s treating Quinn fairly (neither mean nor coddling); and he’s treating the party guests well. (I was wondering if he was able to do a good job of DJing while talking on the cell phone, but I’m going to assume “yes” based on that last panel.)

    Rusche, should I address you as “Rusche” or would you prefer “Christopher” or “Master Artist Rusche, Esquire” or what? I usually call you “Rusche” as that’s how your name appears in these comments. Anyway, I remember you said you hate coming up with the little titles for each of these comics, but I want to let you know I have really liked them in the recent series. “The Only One Left to Call” was perfect, and now “And Then There Was None” is the perfect bookend.

    I give the current storyline and all the recent comics four stars out of four. Really solid story and the art is always good. And I care about the characters and what they are doing.

    P.S. Originally I assumed that Quinn told Ian everything that we saw in the flashback, but the previous update makes it clear she didn’t (she never told him why they fought), so what we saw was an objective flashback that showed everything. My personal preference would have been to have a little caption box saying “20 minutes previously…” or similar. Feel free to ignore my preference, of course.

    Also, when Ellie said “I try to be a ‘cool’ mom” and the spherical cat said “Myeh myeh” she was folding clothes. I had just assumed she was folding laundry, but now it seems clear that she was folding clothes to pack into boxes.

    1. If I remember right, I showed Quinn talking to Eagan right before the fighting. Not before the initial confrontation where she called her a slut. So it gives the feeling of her saying, “OMG, Ellie was pulling my hair and this crazy odl guy was there…” She had no personal interest in telling anything that lead up to it.

      1. You do remember right: you showed them talking, then we got a flashback. What confused me is that I initially thought everything we saw, she was telling him. But no. We got an omniscient flashback that showed the hurtful things she said, that she didn’t want to actually tell to Ian. So, my preference would be to quickly understand what we are seeing, rather than to think we are seeing one thing and later puzzle out that we are seeing another. (Is that clear? I’ll rephrase: I thought we were seeing what she was telling Ian, but later it was clear that she didn’t tell him everything we saw, thus we can deduce that it was an accurate and omniscient flashback. And my preference would be a cue that flags it one way or the other: a box saying “20 minutes earlier” would be a cue that it was accurate. Another way to flag it would be for the flashback to show something and then on the same page have her voice-over misreport or skip over what we just saw.)

        Just my two cents, submitted for your consideration. I hope it’s clear that I like what you are doing and my grumbling about flashbacks shouldn’t be taken over-seriously.

  16. haha…I know the focus of this page was the phone conversation, but I really like how it ended. It’s very awesome of him to go along with the young girl’s party rather than just saying “please don’t paint my head.” Says a lot about his character.

  17. I think that’s the first time “Extra trashy please” has been such a classy response.

    I’m going to go with Ian being relatively balanced/self-aware. Sitting in on college classes but not enrolling seems like “I’m interested in some of this, but not so much the debt and don’t intend to use the degree.” His response to Quinn here seems similar, an honest recognition of “Girl does this to Guy A using me, then chances of her doing this to me later with Guy B are high. I’d rather just stay out of it.” Indifference to the degree he puts on is also something I’ve often seen as a reaction to past emotional pain, so he might be quick to notice things that look like they aren’t heading anywhere positive relationship-wise.

  18. “I’m a good person. I just need to tell him I like him and he’ll jump into my arms and he’ll tell me I’m right about everything and we’ll live happily ever after.” – Quinn’s Mind

  19. I’ve never commented on this comic before, but I just wanted to say that it’s easily my favorite narrative-based comic. It gives me so much nostalgia for my early years of college. There’s something very real about it. Not in the sense that the characters act like people do in real life, but that the personalities are caricatures of people we all know. Thank you so much!

    1. You’re welcome very much. These characters are all based off people I know or have met. Some more closely than others. Even the C-list cast. Thanks for commenting.

  20. Lmao I love Eagan’s reply to the little girls! It definitely wasn’t the reaction I was expecting towards Quinn though, but I like that he’s not totally writing her off.

  21. He’s providing party entertainment for the lady who thinks that she’s his grandma, so that he can continue to live in the basement. If not, one of her friends.

    1. Why do you say that? He is a DJ and if he is making any sort of money at it, he must do a lot of parties like this. And judging by the last panel, the people who hire him probably are happy with his work.

      1. Just extrapolating and theorizing possibilities for guesses against Chris’s actual work based upon the information the we’ve seen the characters give in the past.

        Ian Eagan lives in a basement of a woman who considers herself to be his grandmother. It’s after the “Forrest Gump/Star Wars Ep. III” mash-up.

  22. I imagine a poster of the short girl from the last panel (the one with the curling iron) and the caption: MAKEOVERS ARE SERIOUS BUSINESS

  23. I have this nagging fear that eventually Eagan will do something to make me rate him “total douchebag” but for now – AAA rating, bud. An officer and a gentleman. And being a standup guy to the lil’uns is just icing on the cake.

    Hope he tries not to blow it? Even if just a fictional character, he kinda restores a bit of faith in my own gender, which has been somewhat lacking lately.

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