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Anise Artflow

..since I haven't done one in some time. Just for fun.

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  1. Ah great stuff. I love Quinn’s expression there. It says “Uh, I have no idea what youre talking about. I’m smart enough to know I’m not into TYPES,” but like so many other people, she does.

    It’s something I’ve discussed with my coworkers. They all have a thing. Sometimes it’s small, as I believe it to be in a lot of people, but other times its an overriding fixation on just a singular factor of that person. It’s a shame that some people are fixated on physical appearances. Though, there are certainly people who “require” certain abstracts from their partners. Some only date idiots (regretfully, I had a friend in high school who did that. Said it ensured that he didn’t have to deal with “baggage,” but the rest of us saw through that), and there are others who seek more intelligent partners, which is probably the better thing to do. Of course, the BEST thing to do is not place such ridiculous prerequisites on potential partners- you’ll shut out the people you NEED to see, and ensure you’ll only meet the people you WANT to see.

  2. Also, on a completely different topic, I predict that Anise and Tarra have probably the worst relationship of all the Buckingham sisters. One is the successful sister that’s the subject of envy and the other is the “misunderstood” one. She has an unusual job. She doesn’t even look much like the others, but then again, we still haven’t seen them all.

      1. Or she keeps it short is protest of the “game”. She refuses to play and give the pleasure of victory to someone else.

        ….and I just made myself lose…..

  3. Hmmm, very interesting. I wonder who the girl crossed out in the yearbook is? That is obviously Quinn’s yearbook from what I can tell.

    Also curious when Quinn is going to turn this conversation around on Ellie and what her type is lol

    Still, as we learn more of the Buckingham sisters, I see a greater and grander possible revenge against Alex for all his little deeds (not just those towards Quinn) I mean really, Ellie has a sister that does tattoos? Do I REALLY need to say more? lol

  4. Okay… it’s bothering me… I can’t remember if you’ve explained the “letters” on the faces of each of the Buckingham girls. It’s driving me crazy trying to remember if it was ever explained… and if it wasn’t, it’s making me want to know what. is. with. the. letters. bro?

      1. How could I never have noticed that?! Pumpkin(still not on the sisters page, though we’ve seen her the most other than Ellie–why is that?) clearly has g’s on her cheeks. Dark haired sister barber has u’s. From the n’s on Ellie’s cheeks, that’s her as a child on the receiving end of the haircut. Anise has h’s. Wow. Now I have to go look at the archive for clues…

        1. Great- now whenever I see any of them, I’m gonna constantly think one of the sisters is gonna get killed. Now, my paranoia has kicked into overdrive. Thanks for that. :D

        2. I think the term “shotgun” in the title refers to things done under duress– like shotgun wedding. I think the girls are all growing up reluctantly as life is forcing them to deal. I don’t think it’s a Columbine thing.

        3. You’re probably right, Jee. I forgot about the shuffling part of wheel of fortune. I just went with the order they are currently in.

        4. No, Bunny – you’re right – after re-reading Rusche’s instructions…

          [hangs head]


        5. Bunny,

          Pumpkin isn’t shown yet since each of the sisters have their own strip they’re mentioned in, and then shown. In fact, Pumpkin will be the only one NOT specifically mentioned when she’s shown. Which will be part of the joke…


          Why would I kill off a sister? =P

        6. I… huh… I never would have thought you were spelling out a secret message.

          …at least it wasn’t: “Drink more Ovaltine”. Then I’d have to hunt you down.

        7. I dunno. A dramatic, meaningful ending? I can imagine a big, suspenseful climax, where one of Ellie’s sisters sacrifices herself to save someone else. An ordinary person, driven either through vengeance or madness to kill someone, because of the actions of said sister. It all culminates with Ellie looking mournfully at the tombstone of her deceased sister, asking “Have I earned this?” a la Saving Private Ryan, only to be comforted by Quinn, who adamantly states “Of course you have.” And the comic ends with a dramatic pan upward, letting the audience reflect on the past and wonder what could’ve been had things been different.

        8. I like where this is going, although if I’m meant to feel anything, the comic will have to dig deep into the character of said sister, where she makes mistakes and I hate her then like her then hate her again then forgive her and realize how she is the best character in the story and then she dies. Can’t wait for the film adaptation.

          Joss Whedon presents “Shotgun Shuffle: The Movie.” Come for the flashlights; stay to watch your favorite character die in a dramatic way about 75 minutes in.

          At the start, KK would step in and say, “I’m not here for the drama,” then stand back and just watch everything unfold.

        9. *spoiler alert*

          I already know the ending: McFatFat foils a bank robbery, KK teaches Blind Guy how to dance, Tired Guy has a tiring day at the park watching squirrels play, and Ellie and Quinn reenact the scene from Kill Bill where they kill Bill. Not the actual kill scene, just the 40 minutes of talking that happens before it.

          I’m looking forward to seeing how it all goes down.

        10. You forgot the bit where mcfatfat retires to the bahamas with his reward money and an infinite supply of food, plus two nurses to defibrillate him as needed.

        11. You forgot that they were learning to dance on the roof of the local Mooby’s O’Jacks franchise mix, along with Ahoof’s Donuts. Three stops in one.

        12. Well, Rusche already said that the comic’s end is far off, so there’s more than enough time for character development of any and all sisters, so you may very well get your wish. I hope it doesn’t end the way I said- I’m sure something much better could be done.

          I like Joss Whedon, but his films have a tendency for ass pulls. Remember the ending of the Avengers, where all the Chitauri die off, Phantom Menace style? Whedon defended that, saying that he cares more about a clean wrap up than a sensible wrap up. I remember him saying the exact same thing about the series finale of Buffy. Whedon’s a good director and knows his craft well, but he’s gotta stop using deus ex machina like its going out of style. Alright, I’m gonna get off my soapbox now.

          Mr Rusche- please don’t! I’ve come to care too much about these characters to have it all spoiled now. I’d rather follow the story and enjoy the new plot twists as they happen. Knowing the ending now, twists any and all observations currently made, and diminishes the overall value of the emotional value of the characters. Or… Maybe you were just joking after all? :O

        13. Yes, my comment was tongue-in-cheek. As much as I need to watch things die from a good safe distance (…vicariously I live while the whole world dies…), I don’t want any of Rusche’s characters to end up in any refrigerators. Sure, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if a character died (…or would it?), especially if handled carefully (and if the character lives on in some way, such as through the other characters – e.g. The Comedian), but killing off characters has become such a cheap way to elicit emotion, some works tend to just throw it around. I hear Grey’s Anatomy is up to 4 major characters dying per ‘sode. The viewers must want to kill themselves at this point; I know I would if I had to watch it.

          And I too enjoy Joss Whedon’s work, quite a bit actually (waiting somewhat patiently for DHSAB2), but I won’t hesitate to poke fun at his tendency to kill off beloved characters (I was thinking of a different character in Avengers; also, see Dr. Horrible, Serenity, etc.).

          And I really don’t want Mr. Rusche (sounds like a junior high math teacher) to spoil the ending. As stated in a previous comment by me, I am just enjoying the ride. Any “criticisms” I’ve made of characters or events have been all in good fun and always in anticipation for the next page to see where things go. Any silly comments I’ve made are the same type of comments that I’d make while watching a favorite movie. So I guess you could say I really like the comic.

          But I’m sure he was joking. If not, well, Mr. Rusche, keep the ending to yourself. Err, I mean… you know… until the end of the comic. Then, you know… then tell us. But in comic form.

  5. ANISE! :D I am really enjoying meeting all of Ellie’s sisters!

    I loved seeing your “step-by-step” art process. It gives me ideeaaasss. Even though I’m not really sure what those ideas might be. But it is neat to see how you work! Haha.

    Justin from Junior Year looks exactly like Alex without the glasses and goatee.

  6. And there, ladies and gents, is some depth of observation from Ellie. She has had her moments, but I think this is one of the deeper, “non-blonde” thouhts she has had. I like it. I can only imagine Quinn’s displeasure at having to be “taught” by someone like Ellie.

  7. Hm… I’m gonna disagree slightly with Ellie, here. “Having a type” is pretty bloody common, really. The problem isn’t with having some trait you look for (or even multiples)–it’s with making it your sole criteria. Quinn’s been stuck with a string of losers not because she has a type–losers are common at all hair lengths and body weights–but because once she spots that, she sets aside other possible warning flags. She needs MORE filters, not fewer, and she should be more conscious about them.

  8. A platinum blonde! Interesting.. So is Anise’s hair color naturally like that or did she dye it? I imagine with a moniker like “The Weird One”, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s dyed to set herself apart from her family. Also one thought I had: we only see Quinn drawn with her green eyes every now and then. Since the color green represent jealousy, could it be that we see Quinn’s eyes “green” up when she’s feeling envious of Ellie?

  9. Tarragon, anise… am noticing a pattern here.

    Also, be careful with that window unless you want to get sued for trademark infringment.

        1. Thank you, thank you. (what do I win? :P)

          At first I thought Tarragon was a pun but Anise kind of clinched it. It also makes Pumpkin make more sense.

  10. Yay another sister! I can’t wait to see all of them, I’m really curious about Ellie’s sisters. I also love the fact that the guys getting a Hamtaro tattoo lol.

    1. Also I just noticed, In your step by step coloring thing Anise has a “T” on her face, but in the strip and in the cast page she has an “H”. I’m just curious, but what made you change that?

  11. Thanks Rusche. Now I’m going to have “mall santa” going through my mind with the next woman to turn me down. If she asks me why I’m laughing I’m pointing her at you.

    1. Kinda makes you think. Does Anise watch Duck Dynasty? Or listen to ZZ Top? And what are her thoughts on Frank Beard?

    1. Simple, donate $125 to Chris’ webcomic and a valid photo with identification of said beard, and maybe, just maybe, naughty girls need love too.

  12. A female tattooist into men with forests of facial topiary?

    Someone point me in the direction of the real life Anise, please.

  13. anise 2nd fav, cinnamon 1st. in defence of anise’s luv of facial hair — my own thing is men covered in tattoos w/ aggressive side. i know several like this xx

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