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[Patreon] Another Grand Imposition

7 thoughts on “[Patreon] Another Grand Imposition

  1. Ah the joys of being the youngest child with lots of siblings. After reading these new posts here I can relate with Pumpkin’s frustration so much!
    I really liked the father-daughter time she and Herb had, even if it didn’t go like he planned, at least he told her he loves her and tried to show he cares.
    Also, I love the look on Quinn’s face in that last panel! XD

  2. My spouse likes the Old Man. Says he’s fun. :)

    I do like the father a lot as well, and I hope we get to see a lot more of him.

  3. This sorta shit makes me glad that I was raised by just my mother and cats.

    And I kinda paid that forward… kinda. But still, my ex-wife seems hella strict sometimes. I expect the army training did it. Fuck knows how things would have played out if I’d stuck with her instead of subbing in someone else.

  4. not gonna lie when I first saw the Dad he made me think of a taller Grampa Hino from sailor moon … he gives good advice too …..

    1. Problem with Grandpa Hino (the anime version, anyway), is that he was a bit too lecherous. That’s where the similarity ends.

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